Friday, February 20, 2009

Pinoy na Pinoy

Have you been to Batha? Chances are, I'll be hearing a resounding "yes!" from all Filipino OFWs and their families in Riyadh.
Batha is the first place I've seen in Riyadh, aside from our flat in Mursalat and the Jarir Bookstore in North Ring Road. And when I saw Batha... "Nasa Quiapo o Divisoria ba ako?!" Yes, Batha reminds so much of home. Not only because it looks like two of the most popular places in Manila but because of the number of Filipinos in the place.

Batha, the Filipino's haven in Riyadh

This is where you'll find most Filipinos, especially during weekends. It's a helluva place during Fridays after pay day! Traffic is so bad you can't even get in, and when you eventually get inside, you'll have headaches looking for a parking spot. Avoid Batha at all cost during payday weekend! Don't say we didn't warn you. (Watch out for a more extensive post on Batha soon.)

Pinoy Supermarket

Anyway, Batha houses one of my favorite supermarkets in Riyadh... the Pinoy Supermarket! This supermarket contains almost all the Pinoy goods we Filipinos love and crave for. I just hate the narrow aisles but that's just a minor incovenience in exchange for the happiness a box of Chocnut or a pack of Eng Bee Tin ube hopia gives. ;)

Vegetables from the Philippines

Pandan and banana leaves

More veggie shots

I have no fruit shots because I was taken aback by the price of banana saba... 28SR per kilo! Huwaaat?! Almost P300?! I miss banana cue but I am not paying 28SR for a few pieces of saba! Haha. And even the price of Philippine carabao mangoes surprised me. I immediately withdrew my cart from the section and moved on...

Junkfood from Pinas

Ri-chee and Moby!!!

Okay, so Lay's and Pringles outshine Ri-chee and Moby with their quality and packaging and taste but whatever! I love, love the chips from Pinas. Don't you? The 2SR price is higher compared to the Pinas price but I don't care. Ri-chee is such a staple snack in my childhood. Also Kirei Yummy Flakes and Oishi Prawn Crackers, they're all-time favorites!

Er, I realized I only took photos of food, hehe. I'll post pictures of non-food Pinoy products found here on future entries. And here's a list of my must-buy Pinoy food products in Batha:

Navarro's Aligue in a bottle (11SR for regular / 22SR for premium)
Eng Bee Tin mungo and ube hopia (11SR for a pack, hell expensive!)
La-la fish crackers (love the sweet chili flavor)
Squidballs and fishballs (they taste different from their street counterpart in Pinas but they'll do for now)
Purefoods Chunky corned beef
Lady's Choice sandwich spread
Kopiko 3 in 1 coffee
Muncher coated green peas
Rebisco choco/cream/strawberry sandwich

What's your fave Pinoy find in Pinoy Supermarket? Share! ;)

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Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

I've never been there, but i heard from Filipino's from Riyadh na parang Quiapo daw or divisoria, and whenever nabobored ka, just go there, at mafefeel mo na nasa monumento ka sa grand central sa caloocan. hehe

But ask Blogusvox of the Sandbox, the ever famous Saudi blogger na nakareside with his family dyan sa Riyadh.

Desert Aquaforce said...

You find in Saudi (5)
Quaipo and Divisoria (7)
In Batha, Riyadh (5)

O parang Haiku poem na with three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables...hahaha

The Pink Tarha Team said...

@mr. thoughtskoto: yes, batha looks like monumento too, and it even looks like downtown cebu. hope you visit riyadh soon too! :)

@desert aquaforce: thanks for the haiku! we've been rendered speechless... remembering what a haiku is! hahah, parang antanda na namin not to know, haha. but now we remember! thanks for the poetry. more? :)

Nebz said...


Number one sa akin: Mama Sita!!!!!!! Hehe.

And Rufina Patis, Marca PiƱa Toyo, Lucky Me.

Me malunggay b jan? Ung bunga at dahon? Dito sa Khobar marami.

(Ayaw ngang maniwala ng tatay ko na kumakain ako ng saluyot dito sa Saudi, tsaka ng tinolang manok na may papaya at dahon ng malunggay).

Medyo ginto nga lang talaga ang presyo but that's fine. At least we get to taste Philippines kahit wala tayo doon.

sugarcoated cynic said...

Note to self: Appreciate home-cooked Pinoy food.

Ikakain ko na lang kayo. ^^

Maricel Mendoza said...

Hi PINOY SUPERMARKET management, would like to now if you had an employee name CARLITO VILLANUEVA, please tell me to text or call asap! Here my CP no.. 0915-4458132 or 0922-5366105. Thank you and more power!

Cel Mendoza

Anonymous said...

Hi to Pinoy Supermarket management, para po sa mga tauhan niyo na medyo bago siguro sa customer service... paki lecture lang po para ma maintain ang mga tumatangkilik sa mga pinoy supermarket.....paki turuan lang po ng tamang asal o courtesy... on all section from Grocery to Restaurant. sa panaderya naman paki lagyan ng camera para kunwari nakikita kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga ibang baker and the room hygiene ba...para maimpress naman ba ang mga mamimili... kahit medyo mahal...

juanitosee said...

Eng Bee Tin Ube hopia has artificial food colors and is banned by US FDA under import alert 45-02 per web page :\ .html

Anonymous said...

HI is there patatim shanghai in pinoy supermarket? and luckyme noodles?

The Pink Tarha said...

There's Lucky Me Noodles in Pinoy Supermarket. Ready-to-cook lumpiang shanghai (beef version) is available in packs. As for Patatim... you can use slabs of beef instead of the usual pork knuckle (pork being a no-no in KSA).

Anonymous said...

May mikeni or pampanggas best ba sa pinoy supermarket?chicken tocino at chicken hotdogs?

The Pink Tarha said...

Yes, we see these brands in Pinoy Supermarket. :)

Jek said...

hello po..meron po bang annatto seed, bulaklak ng saging sa batha?

salamat po :D God bless

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