Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Riyadh Turns Orange

Did a million horse riders decide to visit?

Is it the apocalypse already?

They're coming!

Time to grab my mask!

Shouldn't I be hiding now?

I'm turning into a Cheetos!

I can feel an asthma attack coming...

*cough, gag, cough*

This is Riyadh today. This is probably the weirdest sandstorm that hit this city.

Photos from Jorge, Val and Co.

5 had something to say:

Cara said...

Its actually beautiful if it weren't suffocating us. Wow! What a sand storm!

Maryhadalittlehump said...

@ cara: Yes you are right. I was amazed on what i've seen lately. It really made its rare appearance and amazed everyone who witnessed it.

mightydacz said...

wow beauty and madness!!!nice one u captured it by ur camera.

Maryhadalittlehump said...

@ mightydacz: akala ko delubyo na nga, correction po, it was taken by my dad's friend..

Nebz said...

I love your captions (and of course the photos as well).

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