Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CITYMAX: They Got It All For You (Quite)

For the first edition of our newest category "Shop Spotlight," I'm bringing you the "SM" of Riyadh! Shoegarfreeruby has already talked about this shopping stop on the first Spend vs. Save entry of this blog and I'll just have to gush about it because I too found this a fantabulous shopping haven!

Maryhadalittlehump said she misses the "scent" of SM‭ Department Store. ‬Who doesn't? We Filipinos grew up in SM! We were hoping SM will open in Riyadh‭. ‬Of course‭, ‬that's only wishful thinking‭. ‬The truth is‭, we already found a sortta like little SM here but they carry their own brand‭ - ‬CITYMAX‭. ‬

This entry will just supplement the claim that indeed‭, ‬Citymax brings you cheaper alternatives to MNG‭, ‬Zara‭, ‬and other staple mall brands‭. ‬They even copy the designs of the last fashion seasons. During the sale months‭, ‬clothes can go as low as 10SR‭ (‬jeans incuded‭!). ‬

This is the only photo in this post that features the guy's section here‭. ‬Sorry, hehe‭.‬

Clothes all you want

Promo for the month‭: ‬a free 30SR voucher for every 150SR worth of prods you buy

Summer cover-ups‭, ‬perfect for the beach‭ (‬where‭?)‬

Watches with really classy designs

Cute hair accessories

Home decors

Bath essentials

Bags‭, ‬bags‭, ‬bags

Bedroom sippers

A good news for shoegarfreeruby‭: ‬the red version of her bow cardigan is still available‭! ‬Yiheeee‭!‬

There's a section for kids too and it has really cute dresses‭! ‬They also have a shoe section which sells more sandals‭ than closed shoe styles. ‬Their home decor section has lots of fab stuff for your flats‭. ‬I frequent their mugs display too. I found various imitations from MNG's and Zara's clothing designs‭ which I'll feature on the next Spend vs‭. ‬Save‭.‬ Citymax has lots of branches in the city. I frequent the Thalateen branch but I also visit the one in Le Mall. (Uhuh, they're totally far from each other, hehe.)

The only thing that irks me about some Citymax branches are the narrow aisles‭. ‬How can I fit my trolley‭? I carry around the mesh bag for shopping because it's more convenient. And sometimes, they also take too much time in arranging racks na parang dinaanan ng bagyo and misplaced items. Parking is quite okay as long as you go before the 6pm salat.

Of course it really pales in comparison to the retail giant that is SM but what the heck, Citymax is the next best thing to SM!

PS. There's still Centrepoint, the more upscale "SM" version but let's save that for another day.

*Citymax on photos is the branch in Thalateen St.

6 had something to say:

mightydacz said...

wow sm"we got it all for you" lol try also "city plaza" now with its new name they changed it to"centerpoint" i think it is a sister company of citymax and try "last chance" also happy shopping

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

ang bulong bulungan sa kanto ng kablogs street, mayayaman seguro itong mga pink tarha girls at puro kain at shopping ang post, hehehe

Thanks for that! Nakabili kami the other month nung nagsale sa city max ng mga damit for hevyn, prices as low as 5SR pati kay Mrs. Thoughtskoto, tama nga mga 10-20SR, dito sa corniche khobar.

Sundrenched said...

@mightydacz: we'll be featuring Centrepoint soon. haven't gone to Last Chance but will do so when we already have the moolah. haha.

@mr. thoughtskoto: naku, mali po ang rinig n'yo. wish lang po naming maging mayaman. LOL. :P
yep, during sale season, Citymax is also the place to be! :)

sugarcoated cynic said...

Hindi po sila mayayaman...mga shopaholic lemeng po sila.

And they are pinays. That explains the food part, right?

Anonymous said...

As much as i wanted to buy something for my wife I couldn't, dyahe kasi pumunta sa ladies section dito. Lahat sila Ladies in Black(LIB) or worst female lang ang allowed. Primarily hindi ko talent ang shopping, I'm leaving that part to my wife. Any idea which mall can I go where there is no restriction and meron sale this month of July? Humahanap din ako ng TechnoMarine outlet dito, was thinking that would be one of the best gift that I could give to my wife.

Hmmm, maybe you ladies could have a mall sale alert section here.


dresden-horror said...

ooh, i'm trying to find this bow H&m cardi everywhere, you know if still available in this shop?thank you

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