Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This Has Nothing To Do With Apples and Bees

Applebee's Saudi Arabia has "restaurant" in its name instead of "bar" (you shouldn't wonder why).

The family and I went to Applebee's in Rimal Center in Exit 16 last weekend (not exactly within my neighborhood). We're not that impressed with the food because everything seems to be too salty. We enjoyed it nonetheless (who doesn't enjoy food?!) because eating is a family affair (the family that eats together gets fat together!) and Applebee's makes it possible to feast and be merry (without the booze, booo!) with their good 'ole ambiance and hefty servings.

Down memory lane

Vintage-y photos on the wall

It's a good thing we proceeded with the main meals because the portions are huge! If we had appetizers, we'll already be too full by the time the dining experience's centerpieces roll out. With the following pictures, please do not think that we're a family of pigs because even if 1 order is to 1 person, we shared! Really, we shared!

Ultimate Trio of beef fajitas, breaded shrimps, and mini cheeseburgers

Smoky and juicy ribs with fries
(The overgrilling [or my phone's camera] made the ribs look too "carcinogenic" but this one is nicely done but a tad too sweet. [Oh well, at least its not salty!])

Rib-eye steak
(IMHO, this is the most delicious among our choices. But this is my brother's so I have to restrain myself from stealing it from him. ;)

Tenderloin steak with shrimps (the steak is in there somewhere)

Margarita shrimps
(I'm confused, what's the main thing in this meal? The shrimps or the bell peppers? The sauteed peppers occupied half of the plate while the shrimps and the rice are fighting over the left half space. :P)

As you can see in the last three photos, Applebee's is fond of bell peppers! Hehe. No, we didn't polish off everything. I told you, we're not pigs just piglets. I didn't get the chance to jot down the prices of each but our bill totaled SR448. Not bad.

The Rimal branch staff is friendly, from the managers to the waiters to the cooks. Yes, even the cooks! I had to pass by their kitchen in going to the restroom and they're all smiles at me. Some even greeted.

Applebee's have an ongoing promo where customers get to scratch a prize or join in the raffle. We won chicken lime meals and sangrias from our scratched tickets. We can get them the next time we visit so we don't have to order anything! And... we won a gold coin!!! It's small but it's 22k GOLD (or was it 24k? Gotta check!). So that pretty much seals this dining deal.

I told you this has nothing to do with apples and bees. It's about steaks, fajitas, shrimps, and more goodness from Applebee's. Enjoy!

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Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

thats great! Congratulations!Me and my wife planned that we should dine there more often too!

mightydacz said...

applebees!!! me and my friends already tried to ate dinner near olaya branch in riyadh before, i like the interior design of the place as well as how they present the food un nga lang ang daming bell pepper lol and feel at home kasi dami kabayan na staff.

Sa pagkain naman sa steaks mas gusto ko ang Tony romas kung sa dami ng food or sa servings mas gusto ko ang Chillis.

isladenebz said...

Your comments on Applebees are much the same as mine. Kung papansinin mo, halos pareho sila ng timpla ng TGI Friday's. I've a favorite at Applebees though. Yung Sta Fe Salad: fresh veges with sidings of sour cream and guacamole. Un nga lang dahil binudburan yata nila ng dinikdik na chippy, medyo may kaalatan pa rin.

Sabi nga ni Mightydacz, the interior is good. Ganun yata ang standard ng Applebees (been to ApBee's Kuwait).

Hindi mo ba balak ipa-premyo ang gold coin sa mga future posts mo? Hehe.

sugarcoated cynic said...

pinagpawisan ako sa dami ng pagkain...buti kakakain ko lang nung binasa ko to. +_+

Sundrenched said...

@mr. thoughtskoto: go! eat more applebee's! hehe! :)

@mightydacz: yep, okay ang ambiance at mga staff (because yeah, they're mostly kabayans pero yung nagserve samin na indiano ay okay din at mabait). i think i like applebee's ribeye steak more than TR and Chilis. but they're all good... and highly fattening and artery-clogging, hehe!

@isladenebz: hmn, if i can pry the gold coin away from my brother i will make it a prize but i'm sure 100% i cannot get it from him, hehehe! (he was the one who scratched the winning ticket so he claimed the coin as his, hehe).

@sugarcoated cynic: hehehe, busog na sa photos pa lang? :P

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