Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Allure of Al-Khobar Part 1 of 3

If you're tuned in to the Pink Tarha tweets and plurks last Eid vacation (September 16-25 for us), you should have known that the Pink Tarha Ladies decided to separate ways. Indeed it's true. We took different roads... leading to different destinations!

Did you think we disbanded? Ano kami, all-girl singing group?! LOL. We just spent our Eid holidays away from each other. We were separated by distance. Awww. (But we'll get back together again soon.)

We heeded our How To Spend Your Eid Vacation entry. Eyecandy did number 4 while Shoegarfreeruby and yours truly took number 1. (M is in the Philippines right now.) R went to Bahrain while moi went to the Eastern province for the nth third time. First was last year's eid vacation too while second is during my whirlwind train trip with E. Goes to show how much I miss my province back home. I long for the province's simple allure.

Anyway, on to the journey to Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia! Yey! I decided to do a three-part feature on Al-Khobar because this is one, if not the primary, destinations of OFWs in Riyadh during breaks (weekends, holidays, etc.). And why not? It's near, it's laidback, and it's very beach-y. Love! But before we reach this urban center, I'll walk you through the road trip.

Al-Khobar is four hours away by car. If your mean machine is well-oiled and built for the journey, go for it! Yes, yes, it might seem such a boring idea but believe me, the things you'll discover on the road is so interesting it will make you write a post about them. Haha. Best time to start the journey will be around 3 or 4 in the morning. Make sure your driver is alert by now.

So, it's all sand in there? Look closer.

True, it's all desert. Magsasawa ka. It's bleak and dry and the sun's muted rays can hurt your eyes but you don't have to stare at your surroundings all the time. I was alternating in finding the best napping position inside a moving vehicle, taking a nap, and looking outside. Very productive noh? The good thing about this is the roads are so smooth and wide. It's like cruising along NLEX (only better) all the way to the destination.

No to boredom.

Once on the road, you might think it'll get boring from now on. After all, what can you possibly do while crammed in the backseat? Well, try doing what my brothers and I did: eat, sing, dance (yes, dancing on the seat imagine!), laugh, sleep, and picture-picture. Have a sound trip, laugh trip or both on your trip na trip.

What I hate about this trip is the comfort rooms located on the gasoline stations in the side of the road. While gas stations are like mushrooms sprouting once in a while in the desert, they do not offer clean comfort rooms. (Thus my visions of desert oasis are clouded forever.) The ladies' CR are not just plain dirty, they're smelly and disgusting. (I dunno about the the guy's version but I'm expecting it's more or less the same, or worse!) Please tell me you've gone to better comfort rooms somewhere so the next time I have to go to one, I will know there's a saving grace somewhere in those roadside pit stops.

Are we there yet?!

Finally, we reached Al-Khobar four hours later. This city is a part of the "triumvirate" with Dammam and Dhahran. Others call them "triplets" because of their proximity and likeness to each other.

We had to find a flat in one of those apartment/ hotel buildings in the center and settled in Al-Bushra Hotel Apartments. The hotel is conveniently located near markets, groceries, and major highways. Priced at SR1,300 for a 3-day/2-night stay, we found the suite affordable. It has three bedrooms, two CRs (clean, thank goodness), a living room and a small kitchen. Okay na sa olrayt.

Sunshine through my window.

I chose the bed near the window because I love the sun. I want the sun's rays flooding my bedroom in the morning. And look, I have a good view of the King Abdul Aziz street below and the mosque across the street. I was worried I might awaken everytime the dawn salah calls but it didn't happen. I was fast asleep under the warm comforter. The large pillow strained my neck a little because it was too high. The bed can accommodate two persons, wala nga lang galawan. Good thing, I'm the only one occupying this space, or else laglag ang katabi. LOL.

Views from my window.

My younger brother was amazed on the different kind of hotness in this place, especially during the afternoon of our first day when we were about to head to the beach. It's his first time in Al-Khobar (pero sabi n'ya "Hoy, hindi ko 'to first time sa Al-Khobar. Second time na... yung una kaninang umaga. Yung pangalawa naman ngayong hapon!" Geeez!). The air is hot and humid, unlike Riyadh's hot and crisp. The vibe in this municipality has always been laidback and relaxed compared to the capital city. Okay, okay, we know... visitors to Riyadh will always find it a snob city - stiff and strict. So yes, if you want to breathe a little, head to Al-Khobar. It's the perfect weekend getaway.

The beach is our next destination. See me in my bikini. LOL. The second installment of this travel series is not too far away. See you then.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Keep the Philippines Above Water

It's just another storm, after all it's the Philippines... the country uses up all the letters in the alphabet to name typhoons annually. But the typhoon everyone thought "normal" - there were no Milenyo-like strong winds - took everyone by surprise. It left the Philippines drowning, desperately gasping for air.

Tropical storm Ondoy (international codename: Ketsana) has damaged the Philippines in ways we did not imagine. Ondoy caught the Filipino people, particularly those who are living in the National Capital Region and its neighboring provinces, by surprise leaving 341 mm of water in the streets in just six hours of rain. (The average rainfall for an entire month is 391 mm.) It's the heaviest rainfall in 42 years. The number of casualties has risen to 100 and the damage brought to infrastructure and agriculture is over 100M pesos. The photos from home are heartbreaking and gut-wrenching.

The country's worst flooding in more than 40 years!

Aerial views of the aftermath.

Makati underpass.

Araneta Avenue.
Scenes from the street.

Filipino people, we know what to do, yes? BAYANIHAN.

Kababayans in the Philippines, here's how you can help directly: Disaster Relief Google Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet compiles relief drop off points, private efforts, hotline numbers and establishments that have opened their doors to accommodate relief goods. It is comprehensive and updated. Share this link to everyone.

For kabayans in Saudi Arabia, Migrante KSA has launched a relief drive. It's probably the most convenient way for us, OFWs in KSA, to help especially when giving clothes and goods. You may also send in your cash donations through your families and relatives in the Philippines.

For those who feel helpless in these times due to personal circumstances, there's always a way to help:
Photo credit:

There are many lessons and insights that we can get from what happened, but right now, let's focus on keeping the Philippines above water.

PS. Mary, we're hope you and your family/relatives are okay in Bulacan. Stay safe.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's in E's Bookshelf?

We've taken a peek at S' (Sundrenched) bookshelf and seen her selection in books. As we've said, the Pink Tarha Ladies have different tastes in literature. Now, let's see what E (Eyecandy) has in hers. Off the bat, it certainly doesn't look like it's the bookshelf of someone who dreams of having her own little library at home someday...but don't be misled. E has had a vibrant, intense (yet nowadays), somekind of a long-distance relationship with reading, which she hopes to rekindle.

E's lil' bedside bookshelf

Now it doesn't look a like a lot of books, but according to Eyecandy, she was a keen reader from early childhood. It just so happens that the rest of her Nancy Drew, Goosebumps and R.L. Stine collection are stashed away in some big boxes around heir house. She was an avid library fan from her youth, owning her first library card at the age of four. She remembers knowing the stories "The Enormous Turnip," "Stone Soup" and "The Emperor's New Clothes" by heart. Nowadays, with her apparent "busy" schedule comprised of work, social events and TV series that she just must not miss, her time for reading has been diminished. Though she admits that she hopes to have more time for reading again. If only there weren't too many distractions! (excuses, excuses, she knows!). Regardless of her love of reading taking an apparent backseat, whenever E's in a bookstore, she can't help herself to a purchase or two. Force of habit perhaps? Though she has been saying that she has resolved to not buy anymore new books until she finishes reading the pile on her bedside, we beg to differ. :P This dismal looking set of books above are just some of the books that she had just read or has yet to read.

"When I was around 9 or 10, we didn't have a computer or internet (sheesh, does that sound ancient or what?!) plus, cable wasn't made available yet to the common man here in Riyadh, so reading books (and listening to music) are the things that kept me occupied while I was left at home during after-school summers. My constant companions were creations of Carolyn Keene, Francine Pascal and R.L. Stine. I also loved reading Archie Comics."

Her non-fiction selections:

The Republic and Other Dialogues by Plato, The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, The Gnostic Gospels by Elaine Pagels, House and Philosophy "Everybody Lies" by Henry Jacoby, Why Mars & Venus Collide by John Gray, Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide by Maureen Dowd

"I've always been fascinated with sociology and how we think the way we think (individually and as a group of people). These set of books that I have are just some of the topics the pique my interest. The Republic is one my favorite philosophy books and one that really opened my mind during my early years in college. The Beauty Myth explores the idea of beauty in women and how it has influenced how women are perceived in society. The Gnostic Gospels is an academic book extrapolating the development of the Christian faith. The rest of the books are theories/studies about the human condition in terms of individuality and relationships with the opposite sex."

Her fiction selection:

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, The People's Republic of Desire by Annie Wang, The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho, Numbers in the Dark by Italo Calvino

Consider this as Eyecandy's hodge-podge selection of literary themes. She is a fan of David Sedaris' satirical style, a sucker for tearjerker, romance novelist Nicholas Sparks, dips her finger at some chick-lit by Annie Wang (but says she'd refrain from dipping in again), indulges in soulful wisdom from Paulo Coelho, and finds comfort in wonderfully written short stories of those by Italo Calvino.

"Numbers in the Dark is a gem that I discovered back in college. Every story is quaint and rich at the same time, mostly depicting post-modern ideologies. I believe we dissected all his thirty-seven short stories when I was studying World Literature and I remember being simply smitten by his work. Having a copy of his book is one my life's greatest treasures."

Books by one of E's favorite authors, Jeannete Winterson:
Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit and The.Powerbook

"Very powerful and passionate reads. I see myself living in her words. I was introduced to this author by one of college professors, Ms. Layeta Bucoy as it was famously quoted in one of her theater productions."

"..Love wounds. There is no love that does not pierce the hands and feet. Love's exquisite happiness is also love's exquisite pain. I do not seek pain but there is pain. I do not seek suffering but there is suffering. It is better not to flinch, not to try and avoid those things in love's direction. It is not easy, this love, but only the impossible is worth the effort.."--The.Powerbook

"I intentionally covered the covers with markers because of the nudity. It broke my heart to vandalize the books but I had to do it so I could bring them with me here in Riyadh."

Apart from these, E counts Fyodor Dostoevsky as another favorite author with his work Notes from the Underground to be a work close to her heart. Along with Antoine de Saint-Exupery's The Little Prince, Alan Lightman's Einstein Dreams and Chris Martinez' Last Order Sa Penguin.

"My reading wishlist at the moment consists of Maya Angelou's Letter To My Daughter, Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love, any autobiography on Mahatma Gandhi and Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture."

Your thoughts? Book club na toooooh! Haha. No, seriously. Let's start a book club. Any takers?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saudi Arabia is 79!

Today is Saudi Arabia's National Day (a day that marks the foundation of Saudi Arabia) and The Pink Tarha Team would like to greet this blessed nation of 79 years with a lot of love and thanks! Despite the several "short-comings" one may find in this country, there are several things to be thankful for. The abundance of food (and gasoline), the generosity of holidays (and bonuses, for some), the SALE Seasons (which we LURRRVVE!) and of course, for them opening up their doors for us OFWs in helping us earn money to aid for our families back at home.

So why don't you go on and wear something green? Or hold up a flag outside your car or home? You can also visit the National Museum for a more in-depth take on this country's culture (see our two-part post about the PT Team's trip there here and here).

Today, us ladies will be putting our feet up and drink tea as we watch (or listen) for the fireworks from our patios. More Power KSA! :D

Happy Saudi National Day everyone!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skirt-ing the Issue

Eyecandy and Sundrenched were in Al-Akaria Mall three weeks ago. For Filipinos here in Riyadh, we're sure you know that Al-Akaria Mall is one of the first malls in Riyadh. Madalas ito ang tagpuan ng mga Pinoys noon... kaya naman madalas din i-raid ng mga religious police! Now, the old Al-Akaria is not as busy as it used to be but it still houses best-selling shops that we cannot get enough of: Nine West which has racks of on-sale shoes, Aldo Liquidation which is always on sale (and whose racks are arranged per shoe size, thank goodness!), and Al-Sawani which offers designer brands (UCB, Guess, Levi's, etc.) with huge discounts. After searching these stores, S and E came out empty-handed. So they moved further and found Feel Free, a clothing store. This time, they came out with something some things... skirts!

So for this Collage Week, the Pink Tarha ladies welcome the fall season with feminine silhouettes with the help of SKIRTS. Yes, skirts. Even if we're really cowboys most of the time (i.e. kaladkarin sa ora-oradang lakwatsa, laging handa sa bakbakan [ulk!], etc.), we also wear skirts once in a while to remind ourselves that we're truly ladies (so we better act it!).

Here's what these two PT ladies got:

Skirting the issue. Yes, we're ladies.

Actually, excess lang yan ng kurtina, LOL!

On Eyecandy: Brown embroidered skirt FEEL FREE Sandals NEW LOOK On Sundrenched: Black embroidered skirt FEEL FREE White inner tanktop MNG Black blazer NEXXUS Thin belt DOROTHY PERKINS Silver sequined flats NEW LOOK Heart necklace CITYMAX

These are two almost identical long skirts but with E's and S' different fashion style, you can see two ways on how to wear 'em.

Eyecandy, Bohemian Chic
You can see E's free spirit in how she wore her brown skirt. She wore it as a dress! (Actually, nagmamadali lang yan kaya hindi na nakapagsuot ng blouse, hehe.) This la femme boheme knows how to show that earthy touch with neutral browns.

Sundrenched, Posh Chic
S seals her prim and proper fashion personality with this ensemble. (Pero sa totoong buhay, hindi yan prim and proper masyado, hehe.) The long skirt made her look taller and the black color and thin belt cinching her waist made her thinner. (In short, ilusyon lang ang lahat ng ito! LOL!)

Both girls love their skirts. S says that she can move freely with the cotton fabric used and E is so satisfied with the price (just SR50) that she got two more. It also helps that the skirts have dainty embroidery that is subtly eye-catching.

Now, we challenge you ladies to wear skirts and send us your photos! We're ladies after all. There's no issue there.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Way to Fajita Avenue

With the absence of Mary (who's in the Philippines for the second time this year... we miss you, girl!) and the R&R schedule of Shoegarfreeruby, we decided to have a "guest blogger" for this entry. Baka kasi sawa na kayo sa'min, teehee. We coerced (and bribed and promised heaven and earth) good friend J to write this piece for us. Thanks, J! - Eyecandy and Sundrenched

Mexican cuisine is what we had in mind last September 16, 2009, the start of our Eid vacation.

I had the pleasure of having another food tasting happening with the The Pink Tarha ladies at Fajita Avenue, somewhere in Dabab street in Suleimania. We were looking for Mexican cuisine at its finest and 'fajita' sounded Mexican enough. The restaurant looked inviting from afar, but we were kinda lost looking for the family section. There were two doors separated by a few meters but there was no "single" or "family" section sign waiting. We had to do go with our guts to find the right door.

Welcome to Fajita Avenue! Walk that aisle!

The restaurant's interiors, to our surprise, doesn't look Mexican. There was no indication that we'll be experiencing some burritos and enchiladas (as S and E expected) too. The wooden interiors and cozy lighting were perfect for a dinner that can last a long time. We love that the center aisle was spacious (we can even do cartwheels in there, only if we can). There's a playground for kids too with a console and tv (showing Ice Age 1 when we were there, yey!). Perfect way to keep them occupied while the adults enjoy good food.

Go play!

On to the food... I don’t know what fajita is before going to this restaurant (but the Pink Tarha Ladies are that persuasive I decided to go anyway), so I did some research and thanks to Wikipedia here it is.
A fajita (pronounced /fəˈhiːtə/) (Spanish pronunciation: [faxita]) is a generic term used in Tex-Mex cuisine[1], referring to grilled meat served on a flour or corn tortilla. Though originally only skirt steak[2], popular meats today also include chicken, pork, shrimp and all cuts of beef. In restaurants, the meat is often cooked with onions and bell peppers. Popular condiments are shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, pico de gallo, cheese, and tomato.
Here's our starters:

Prawn Cream Soup, SR19

Caesar Salad, SR 17
Iceberg lettuce with Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese

Garlic Cheese Bread, SR13
A basket of garlic bread with melted mixed cheese

Trio Platter, SR 29
Triple mixture of chicken wings, fried cheese fingers, boneless buffalo wings, blue cheese dressing, and tomato sauce

Well, I ordered a Caesar Salad, and some Garlic Cheese Bread, since I was craving for something “cheesy”. The cheese bread was fantastic! Eyecandy started her meal with their seafood soup. She found it creamy but unfresh. Sundrenched who had a taste of it said it reminded her of blended street fishball. Hmn, is that a good or a bad sign? The latter also ordered the sampler, a mix of buffalo wings, chicken balls and cheese sticks. The chicken pieces were okay and the sticks were great: hot and crispy!

Saffron Salmon, SR43
Grilled fresh salmon served with saffron sauce and a side order of your choice

Garlic Rib Eye, SR53 (10 oz)
Grilled rib eye steak marinated in Cajun butter topped with garlic sauce, served with a side order of your choice

For the main course, E had the salmon. It was delicious! The pasta and vegetable side dishes were so-so. S had the rib-eye steak, which tasted a lot like liempo! That's a good thing, although the steak was a bit dry. The garlic sauce though packed in some flavor. I also ordered some “Fajita Marina” which sounded good (and it is but right to order the resto's bestseller, right?), but it would’ve tasted better if it arrived! The waiter kinda forgot to add them to the order (he apologized afterwards). So we actually didn't eat fajita in a fajita restaurant!

Volcano Cake, SR25

Strawberry juice, SR10 and Saudi Cooler, SR12

For dessert we had Volcano Cake. We enjoyed the vanilla ice cream and the moist chocolate cake. For drinks, we loved the strawberry cocktail and there were tidbits of strawberry. S enjoyed her Saudi cocktail although there was really nothing to it that separates it from other Saudi cocktails around. The food in general was good, but kindda served in small proportions. But it was good. But I would have enjoyed it if we did get a taste of some real Fajita, maybe next time, when we are ready to?! (And when the waiter can already hear my order loud and clear?)

Thanks Girls!! Hope to hang out with you again soon!

- J

Fajita Avenue
Dabab St., Suleimania
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel. No. 01-464-4999

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Etsy Handmade Finds

The internet is such a powerful tool not only for networking, but of course for shopping! Browsing on online shops is my favorite time-killer. Yes, instead of resting my eyes from the computer, this habit is just making my eyesight worse than it already is. When it comes to online shops, Etsy tops my heart. For those who are not familiar, Etsy is a online shop of everything handmade and vintage. The list of stuff for sale are endless! From homemade necklaces, soaps, foodies, clothes, pet stuff, feather headbands, wedding souvenirs, vintage dresses and eyeglass frames…you name it! And the best part is that they’re all handcrafted or handmade by microsellers who are able to showcase their creativity.

Another thing I love about Etsy is that the ‘shopping atmosphere’ is friendlier than that of other online shops. In my opinion, the sellers are more honest and welcoming. When you create your account, you can save your favorite browsed items and see when these items have been sold. Payments are all made thru Paypal, so it’s a must that you have an account in there. You can also start your own online shop in Etsy and be a seller yourself. I'll suffice with being a 'buyer' for now.

Sharing my favorite Etsy finds here:

Hand-painted journal Photo from seller

Made of canvas and hand-painted, I had it personalized by asking the seller to paint my name at the back part.

Lace necklace

I love how this piece dangles just below the collar bone. It is made of cream lace, with vintage beads in powder blue. It adds a romantic touch to any outfit. I’ve been stopping myself from buying more...haay.
Cup earrings

Spoon and fork earrings

Pretty obvious how much I love coffee and food, I have to wear them on my ears too!

Vintage peach dress
Photo from seller

I can’t wait until this arrives. Surprise, surprise (kung kasya!).

Nest necklace
Photo from seller

Finch hairpins
Photo from seller

Accessories should have themes.
Love plastic rings

I love 'LOVE' written and worn everywhere.

Betchay's collar and tag
Photo from seller

The maarteng shih-poo has her share too.
Explore Etsy now and share us your latest finds!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How To Spend Your Eid Vacation

RAMADAN IS COMING to an end and the whole country is gearing up for the Eid Al-Fitr celebrations. For us Filipinos, this usually spells out at least three days of time off from work (woohoo!). But for those who practice Islam, Eid Al-Fitr is so much more than a mere break from the hustle and bustle of one’s worklife.

“Eid” as we usually call it, is celebrated on the first day of the month of Shawwal (Shawwal is the tenth month of the Hijra calendar, falling on the 20th of September) and it is considered as a national holiday for the entire nation. It is when the season of Ramadan has officially ended and Muslims from all over celebrate this holiday with elaborate festivities, visiting friends and relatives, and they tend to wear the best outfits that they can find in their closet. It’s basically their version of “Christmas”, so to speak.

So while they enjoy their blissful holidays, what do the rest of us expats do? Here's a rundown of what you can do with your time (and money) while the vacation button is ON.

1. Road Trip!
Eid is one of those few paid leaves that call for a family (or friends) get together out and about the country (or outside of it!). Top tourist destinations at this time are usually the Red Sand (for picnics), Al-Khobar, Dammam, Jeddah (all three are mostly visited for their beaches), Abha (Baguio-like) and Bahrain (for the more lax atmosphere *winks*).

Push the pedal to the metal..just don't be too fast, or too furious! :)

For trips like this, it’s best that you have them planned beforehand. Secure your assigned driver and his alternate. Make sure that you’d have a place to stay at because the Eid season is a PEAK season. Most hotels/villas are reserved ahead of time. Otherwise, be prepared to sleep in a tent! So, fasten your seatbelts, pack those lil’ travel pillows and make sure you don’t forget the camera! It’s a good way to spend some quality time and R&R with family and friends.

2. Join the festivities.

If you prefer to not join the exodus from the City Center, no worries! The city usually holds public celebrations especially at popular establishments. Last year, there was a fireworks display at the Kingdom Tower. The parks are filled with vendors and it’s gonna feel like a fiesta! The parks here will also feel like Luneta, except women are donned in black (but you’re used to it now, yes?). So feel free to loiter around and discover what the city has to offer this time of the year. Sure, there aren’t any parols. But the people are just as cheerful and generous. (Check our Out and About series for ideas on where to go within the city).

Visit the nearest park in your area and enjoy the bustling crowd.

3. Hunt for Hand-Me-Downs.

During Eid, Muslims usually get new clothes to dress up for the celebrations. Some of them would either throw out or give away their old stuff. Even if they’ve only been slightly used. Ergo, knowing how extravagant these people are…even though it’s Chanel, they’d let it go and buy another one. The ultimate place to look for second-hand stuff is Haraj, one of the largest junk souks in the world. Best time to go there is around 6:00am (or earlier), seriously. (Which reminds us that we’ve been promising to do a feature on Haraj… hah! We’ll go there next week. Riyadh peeps, see you there! ;)

4. Be a homebuddy.

Do you see this as an opportunity to have some “ME” time? Do you prefer being swallowed by the comforts of your bed, getting up only to pee? Well, you can do that too. We advise you though to stock up of food items or pick a book to read or have tons of movies to boot so that you won’t bore yourself to death. But don’t just be a couch potato. This is also the perfect time to do your house cleaning. C’mon, move it!

Homebuddy's Hobbies: MovieTrip, SoundTrip, FoodTrip and TulogTrip!

5. Visit your relatives and friends.

Stop being too busy. Relax and enjoy your afternoons and nights visiting the flats of your relatives and friends. Say hi personally instead of just simply texting or calling, especially when their flats/villas are accessible to you. It’s time to catch up on their desert lives and time for them to hear from you. Don’t forget to bring something to chow on so you can have impromptu parties. Just turn the volume of the videoke down a bit and your get-together will be oh-so-fine. (Avoid the song “Nobody” at all cost. We heard “Nobody” is the new “My Way.”)

The now-famous Wonder Girls. Have you practiced those dance moves yet? You have the whole of Eid vacation to perfect it! :P Photo credits from here.

The malls will probably be closed during the Eid week so no chance to do some shopping but count on the Pink Tarha Ladies to be up and about Riyadh. We’ll see you around!

We wish you a blessed celebration.

PS. Because of the Eid Holidays, the Pink Tarha Team will now have time to improve our blogsite (it's about time!). So, we'll be "tweaking" things up a bit, soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

What's Inside R's Bag?

We have two "S" among the Pink Tarha ladies so we're calling Sundrenched "S" and Shoegarfreeruby "R." We know how to spell mmmkay! We're just avoiding confusion. Sige, kayo rin maguguluhan... :P Now that we've cleared that up, let's continue...

We're bringing you up close and personal with the Pink Tarha Ladies' pure-bred Pampaguenia by sneaking a peek in her bag. Hmn, which one among her array of colorful (and ehermn, designer) bags did Shoegarfreeruby brought today?

Shoegarfreeruby is this group's conservative chic-a and the manic shoe-holic. Her love for shoes is beyond words. Makes us wonder if there's a shoe in her bag! Hmn? Let's start rummaging...

The Bag
Betseyville by Betsey Johnson

Have you wondered why Shoegarfreeruby's dog is named Betchay? Well, her dog was named after one of her favorite designers, Betsey Johnson. (We heard she'll be naming the next puppy "Minna" after shoe designer Minna Parikka. :P) It's not surprising to know that R's favorite bag is Betseyville by Betsey Johnson bought from Ebay. "My bag's a 'shoutout' of how much I love Betsey Johnson. It's a very roomy bag and it's easy to match with my clothes. It's also a combination of things I love like hearts, black and white, patent, gold studs and leopard print." Obviously, R likes this bag very very much! If you can recall, R also has a colorful ethnic bag from Betsey Johnson whose tassles remind us of Mexican hats. When it comes to bag, this conservative chic lady goes for huge, loud (sometimes bordering on psychedelic) totes.

Take a peek.

It's not as neat as Mary's but R sure knows how to keep most of her stuff organized in her bag. Though R brings huge bags for her numerous stuff almost every day, she also alternates to smaller bags once in a while. She can trim down all that to fit smaller yet cuter bags like this one.

Spill It!

L-R (take a deep breath before you go on): Documents (iqama and passport copies, etc.), journal, sunglass case, Liz Claiborne wallet, Topshop shades pouch, Vigan fan, nescafe 3in1, mini tin case containing extra earrings, pink earphones and hub, Betsey Johnson lotion, Alcogel hand sanitizer, London keychain for office keys and Shoe keychain (gift from Sundrenched) for house keys, Ipod, Bodyshop bronzer, Mary Kay lip gloss, wooden comb, mirror (gift from my friend Pam), Ralph Lauren perfume, eyeglass cloth, ID, Nokia phone, Olay moisturizer, Zara sunglasses. Whew!

R can't live without her mirror, comb, and cellphone. A kikay gadgenista, why not! With all that beauty stuff in her bag, R claims she doesn't have a kikay kit. "I just tend to put all my stuff inside my bag, even things I don't really use on a daily basis," she says. Pack rat much?

Her favorite item in her bag is her Zara sunglasses. It's the perfect accessory to battle the sun rays everyday. It doesn't hurt too that sunglasses are always in style, especially in this desert.

What's Inside the Insides

Pouch L-R: Strepsils, gum, Body Shop and Oriflame lipsticks, Olay regenerist, Healthy Options lipgloss tubes and tweezers.

Hindi raw kikay?! But we're seeing lipsticks and glosses here! LOL. Even us, her co-PT Ladies, are stealing second looks at her now, curious if she's wearing any color on her lips because really, we've never seen her wear something like E's red smackers or S' pink lips! Hmn, maybe we're not as observant after all. :P

What we do know is that even if R doesn't have any makeup on, it's actually her radiant aura and kind smile that get our attention every time. No beauty product can ever beat that!
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