Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Unveiling of Maryhadalittlehump

Here's another Anniv Special entry! Because you asked for it, we're UNVEILING!!! First up is our resident good girl, Maryhadalittlehump (M)! You'll find out in this (M's comeback entry) why there's never a dull moment when this Pink Tarha lady is around. Ladies and gentlemen, we, Sundrenched, Eyecandy, and Shogarfreeruby proudly present to you our very own sassy and sexy girl, M!

Hello kingdom, hello world!
(eka nga ni Toni G.)

Anyway, do you still remember me guys? I hope so. Kasi if you don't remember me, heartbreaking naman yun (talaga naman!).

Before I begin my unveiling, I would like to take this chance to apologize because I've been gone for almost five months. I became super busy (with reason po) that I haven't shared anything to you, our dear readers (admitted ko po yun). Still I want to greet myself and the three ladies a cheerful and a blissful one year anniv!

Some readers and FB fans say it's time for Sundrenched, Shoegarfreeruby, Eyecandy and myself to unveil. I agree! Because it's our first year anniversary, we will grant your requests and wishes. I believe this is really the best time. I'm the first one among the remaining veiled "tarhas" who'll reveal my true identity sa madlang people (with pictures pa...). Consider this as my first entry for the year 2010. I'm delighted to introduce myself to you!

See, time has passed by swiftly and we never imagined we'll reach this phase in our blogging life, kaya eto na ayaw ko nang patagalin pa.....

My real name starts with the letter "M," same as the one I use for blogging. If you're really smart then you should have guessed it already. ;)

About me? Bottomline is, I'm a simple girl.

I'm a homebody, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I do not go out. It's just that I love to stay and hang out with my family and relatives in our house. I do love shopping especially if I have extra money (grabe, automatic yan pag may datung, kindatan ko lang si erpat dadalhin na niya ako sa favorite mall ko, sa Riyadh Gallery. =p). I will buy anything that I want (kahit hindi naka-sale as long as I like it). I do not wear make-up for I believe that I'm too pretty to have it na (hahaha.. kidding!). Seriously I'm allergic to it, feeling ko kasi nagkaka-pimples ako pag nagme-make up e, pero pag kailangan maglagay, tinitiis ko... (the pains of beauty!) =p

I do not have a collection of anything but I make sure that if someone gave me something, I keep and save them in my secret box. I'm not particular in what kind or type of clothes i wear as long as it fits my mood (then walang problema, basta dampot lang sa closet and then kalas!).

I'm a fanatic of Koreanovelas! The last koreanovela that made me crazy was Boys Over Flowers. I even watched it thrice in Youtube! I slept at 3am just to see this koreanovela's ending. Even in my dreams, nakikita ko si Jun-Pyo!

I love to eat food that are commonly sold in the streets like tukneneng, fishball at squidball (sana nga meron sa Riyadh nito eh). Grabe favorite ko mga yan! Sobrang addicted din ako sa Choco Baby. Kaya kong ubusin sa isang araw ang dalawang pakete nyan (kaya naman sa mga babalik ng Riyadh dyan, baka pwede namang pasalubungan n'yo ako!).

Guess how many cups of rice ang kaya kong ubusin sa isang upuan lang? If gutom na gutom, I can finish 2 cups. I eat rice almost everyday. It is staple in my meals (walang diet diet!). Hindi ako sanay pag walang kanin. Malakas din ako kumain ng shawarma. I can eat 2 shawarmas in a day. I do not drink coffee but as time goes by parang nahahawa ako sa co-PT ladies ko, whaaaa... nakakapagkape na ako... congratulations to me! =p

I'm a very happy person at makulet talaga ako ha. The smallest things can make me laugh. Yung iba, akala nila snob ako pero di naman e... I have a lot of acquaintances but few of them I consider as my true friends.

I also read books pero di nga lang novels. I'm very much interested with out of this world and sci-fi stories. I also love, which was introduced to me by Eyecandy.

And guys eto malamang hindi kayanin ng iba pero... I dream of visiting Wowowee. Not just to see Willie but to play in the Hep Hep Hooray at kuhanin ang jackpot! Oooopppss... I forgot to share that I have my new job na at mag 3 months na po and to this day, I'm trying to be independent and for that I am very proud of myself.

Since i do not have anything more to say about myself, it's time for me to share my photos without cover (hahaha, makikita nyo na ako at mala-model ang lola ninyo, nag effort talaga ako dyan ha!)

(with my sister on the third photo)


At last, I unveiled MYSELF and you already know who's the person behind the name Maryhadalittlehump. O siguro naman di na kayo magtataka kung bakit yan ang blogname ko! =p

Watch out for the two remaining "veiled" tarhas!

Hmmm... who's next? Exciting!!!

*Photos taken by Bong M of Riyadh. Wardrobe: New Look & Zara.

~ mary ~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hong Kong Wanderlust 1 of 4

Being in Saudi Arabia has opened my (and the Pink Tarha ladies) eyes into the wonders of traveling in and out the homeland. Saudi Arabia might not be the top country a tourist might want to go to but it sure has paved the way for these ladies to love traveling all the more. The PT ladies want to see various culture and tradition. I personally want to roam the world! (Ambisyosa level eh!)

Let me introduce you to another chapter in the Pink Tarha travel diary. This chapter is on a gem of the South East Asia subregion... the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Quite a mouthful for a place's name but what the heck. Hong Kong might be a small region with a rather long title but it has lots of surprises for everyone. Filipinos love visiting Hong Kong for one primary reason, a reason which I would love to had shared with the other Pink Tarha ladies only if we have the same vacation dates: SHOPPING!

Welcome to Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is the best country to start a wanderlust. It's easily accessible via budget airlines, it's near (only less than 2 hours away), and it's very tourist-friendly. Their transportation system is very efficient and the city and connecting islands are clean and urbane. Exchange rate is HKD1=PHP6. Like in KSA, there are lots of Filipinos around to make you feel right at home. There might be a little language barrier but with English signs all around, Pinoys will surely do fine.

Wide, clean highways, towering buildings (condominiums), and greens.

I was in Hong Kong days before the holiday with my sisters to discover their tourist areas. Turista mode! First up, the Ocean Park Hong Kong! (This is timely because I've just featured the Manila Ocean Park which was inspired by HK's.) This is what I can say: Nalula ako sa Ocean Park Hong Kong (OPHK)!

Ocean Park Hong Kong, weee!

Since we took a combination of the tram and the bus to go to Ocean Park, the start of the tour is at the Tai Shue Wan entrance leading to the Summit (Headland) area of the park. We're beginning above! (Entrance fee is HKD250=PHP1500 per adult.)
The view from the escalators.

The rides.

The Tower took us several meters above ground and gave us a breathtaking 360 degree view of the whole Ocean Park Headland. It was amazing but very brief.

What you can see from the Ocean Park Tower.

After looking around, we decided to enter the aqua buildings which house diverse marine life.

The Sea Jelly Spectacular gave me this up close and personal view of the creatures.

So cool!

Glowing in the dark.

Red lights illuminate the jellyfishes creating a warm, inviting glow.

At the Atoll Reef, the journey starts with a welcome from this very familiar fish:

A grown-up Nemo.

It starts with an island.

Unlike Manila's Ocean Park, the aquarium starts from the top and people descend stairs to see below the aquarium. It's like going deeper into the ocean.

The small fishes swim almost above water while the larger ones seek the depth.

What lie in the deep.

Santa playing with a stingray.

Once outside, we only got to ride the Crazy Galleon, which is very much like Enchanted Kingdom's Anchors Away. There's more rides to choose from like the jaw-dropping The Abyss or and the dizzying Mine TRain and The Dragon pero dahil takot ako sa mga rides na nakakalula, next time na siguro! :P Just a tip though, don't waste your time in ride queues especially when there's a lot to see. What's good about OPHK is that they warn you how many minutes you'll have to wait for each ride. Most rides like the ferris wheel will let you wait for as long as 30 minutes.

Crazy Galleon.

Take note of the shows in the Ocean Theater. You shouldn't miss it for the world!

The dolphins and their trainers.

The seals and their impressive tricks.

After a few hours in the Headland, we decided to go down to the Waterfront (Lowland) via the cable car. You should ride this one. This is the only thing worth the long wait in line. If you don't want to wait, then head to the newly-opened Ocean Express Summit Station. The trains will take you down in 3 minutes flat.

The view from the cable car.
If you have lots of time in the world, you can hike that concrete trail you see below. Kapagod naman yata yan ever!

Going down, down, down.

The Waterfront.

Christmas cheers for visitors

Because our time is limited, we opted to just enter the Panda Village in the Giant Panda Adventure and visit OPHK's two beloved pandas Ying Ying and Le Le. Too bad, we only saw one panda. Nevertheless, this panda (I'm not sure kung si Ying Ying o Le Le 'to eh) is adorable!

A very playful panda!
The other one is hiding in its room.

More attractions in the Lowland.
The balloons will take you high in the air but it's not the usual air balloons because they're tied to the ground.

That pretty much sums up our Ocean Park. Of course, we didn't leave without souvenirs! There are some stores around carrying lots and lots of key chains, mobile dangles, desk accessories and other trinkets.

Ocean Park souvenirs.
There's some handy toy vendo machines around too. Hay, the perils of choosing!

I highly recommend you go to Hong Kong Ocean Park. MOP is not match for this one. Well, that's understandable. This park owns an island! It houses not only huge aquariums but lots of attractions, rides, restaurants, and shops too. There are lots of construction going on so it'll be bigger and better in the near future. Its website is also very helpful. It's teeming with information from how to get there to buying tickets online to what attractions and shows to enjoy... and a whole lot more!

More Hong Kong attractions on the next Hong Kong wanderlust entries. This place is surely the best starting point to begin a wanderlust in Asia.

Here's to more travels for the Pink Tarha ladies this 2010! Soon, we'll be having a category: Where in the world is this Pink Tarha lady? Lol. (Hindi naman masamang mangarap diba? :)

PS. In line with our anniversary special, we're giving away a sur[prize] for one of The Pink Tarha's Facebook fan. Just complete this sentence: "I LOVE THE PINK TARHA because..." The most creative comment wins a gift! Visit the PT FB fan page now! Thank you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And the Winner Is... Part 1

Hello dear readers, this is an ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL entry. Always watch out for this kind of entries because they contain various surprises! For this entry, we're giving away a special something something to a special someone...

Before that though, let us tell you about the beginning of the Pink Tarha. As you all know now, it started with our desire to blog about the shopping madness in this desert city. But why in a blog? The Pink Tarha ladies have always been constant Internet surfers (hindi kami adik sa Net, promise!) and we have individual blogs on Multiply, Friendster, and Blogger. So when we decided to open the Pink Tarha blog, we have a more or less basic blogging experience but it's not that honed and we're clueless on personalizing it.

Among the many blogging platforms out there, we settled for Blogger because it was simple, and simple is all our schedules and blogging skills can take. Up to now, this blog is using Blogger's simplest template, Minima. We just changed the headers and the sidebars to coincide with our kikayness and pinkness. Even the HTML thing, we couldn't handle it so we just left it to an expert. Haha.

Of course, we couldn't guarantee that in the long run we'll not change our blogging platform but for now, we're okay with Blogger. It's very user-friendly (except for the comment section which was a pasaway at first).

And because Blogger allows other Blogger members to follow each other's blog, it provided us our first few followers. At dahil dyan... may nag-text! we are picking out a Blogger user who is constantly following our blog and we'll send him/her a prize!

Our followers!
*Only 14 out of 18 appears here. The other 4 are the PT ladies' Blogger accounts.

So far, we have 18 followers and 4 of those are the PT ladies (syempre support your own, hehe). We have 14 fellow bloggers to choose from and to give all an edge, we are using's List Randomizer to determine the winner for us. Most bloggers who are having contests and giveways use this one to determine their winners. It's like the Internet's version of a raffle drum.

It worked like this: we took all the names of the 14 followers we have and put them in the Randomizer. Now, did its magic and organized the name in a list. The name which will land on the first spot will be our winner! The result will depend on the site para fair and just naman sa lahat. Walang kinikilingan ang Pink Tarha ladies, hahaha!

Here's the result from the List Randomizer... And the winner is:

Wow, it's no other than PEBA 2009's president... Mr. NJ ABAD (Desert Aquaforce)! Congratulations, sir! We will contact you to get your address and we'll be sending you a package which contains very very special things. Ano kaya ang mga yun? SURPRISE!!! Hahaha! Maybe, this is really meant to be because Mr. NJ is truly one of our first supporters. (It's also a bonus that our very own Sundrenched has personally met him and his family during the PEBA 2009 night.)

To all Blogspot bloggers, follow us and who knows... we might be giving away another prize for you soon! ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary, The Pink Tarha!

In 2009, on this very day, the Pink Tarha blog was born and the lives of four kikay Pinays living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia have changed in an extraordinary, beautiful way.

Seriously, we're still confused on how to celebrate our anniversary in a bonggang-bonggang way. So, because we're fickle-minded like that, we will celebrate it for a whole month! Yes, from January 24 to February 24, expect the Pink Tarha to churn out surprises for you!

Among our ideas for this month-long celebration is to pick out a winner na masugid na sumasagot (at syempre madalas tama) sa aming A Photo A Day series. Expect a package from the Pink Tarha ladies with goodies that we'll carefully handpick for you. (Alam n'yo naman siguro ang taste ng Pink Tarha ladies... lol!) We'll also have random prizes for random ideas (na yun nga, hindi pa namin alam kung ano... in short, bahala na! Haha!) Can you guess if the other PT ladies will finally reveal themselves one of these days? Hmn...

Please subscribe in our feeds if you haven't already.

Thank you very much!

Here's to more cheers and kikay entries!

Friday, January 22, 2010

(Almost) Death by Sale

Last Wednesday, my shopping addiction was brought to new heights (and risks).

Debenhams announced their BOGO Sale (Buy One, Get One) on the newspapers that morning, and it was what all me and my friends could think about. As we left work that afternoon, the exodus to Kingdom Mall (akaMamlaka) commenced. We tend to go there for Debenhams because it's nearer to where we live. When we reached Arouba Road, we were already quite suspicious from the outside because of the traffic that surrounded the whole area and the perimeter block guarded by Saudi soldiers. My friend's dad said that there might be Royals in the building. We didn't give it much thought because we were able to get inside Mamlaka. But I noticed that it was weird that there were no vehicles dropping off ladies and even the London Taxi Cab Service was not where it used to be. We arrived inside the mall at around 6:00 pm and were surprised to see that the stores were closed (even though it wasn't prayer time). The food court was spotless and I could tell that there were only about 20 people in total of the whole first floor of Kingdom Mall. Something is definitely off. I mean, it's the freaggin' BOGO SALE for crying out loud! How can there be NO people rushing to Kingdom Mall at this time!?!?

It was until one of our fellow Kabayans who had a walkie-talkie, approached us and said, "Ma'am, may bomb threat po sa Kingdom" (Ma'am, there is a bomb threat in Kingdom building). The three of us looked at each other, almost thinking the same thing, "You must be kidding." The man explained that there was a bomb threat at the SAMBA (Saudi American Bank) area at the 42nd/32nd floor (?), and that all the people in the Kingdom Towers were evacuated--even the guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel. It happened a bit earlier between 5:00 to 5:30 pm when it was announced over the mall's sound system that a bomb threat in the building. It turns out, people panicked and stormed out of the mall in rush. The cleaning lady at the female restroom told me about how fathers /brothers/husbands rushed inside the restroom to get their relatives. I could only imagine it as chaos!

So, there we were, contemplating on whether to stay at the mall or go. We wanted to stay mostly for the reason that once the bomb threat clears, the mall is OURS for the taking and everything else our hearts desired at Debenhams will be at our disposal without worrying about competition hogging the racks. We thought about leaving for the sake of preserving our existence. But, somehow, the idea of scoring great deals on this Sale remained a priority on our minds. See, didn't I tell you in the beginning of this that my shopping addiction has reached new heights and risks? Shoot me, shoot me NOW! Hahahaha.

Confessions of a Shopaholic (to the nth level!)

We also couldn't tell our parents because we knew that if we did, they will demand our butts home in an instant. So instead, we drafted texts on our celfones, something of a "last goodbye" kind of effect of a text, just in case an explosion blows off, we'd just hit send and at least, we will leave this world doing what we love: shopping. :P Somebody knock me over the head!

In some sense of seriousness, the girls and I decided that if the threat doesn't clear out in 30 minutes, then we'd leave. Since most of the mall's employees were still around, we figured the threat wasn't so imminent. And besides, if there was a real danger at hand, how come we were able to enter the mall so easily? Without even the soldiers reprimanding us to enter? And there were still a few people with us, who looked like shoppers too. Therefore, we decided to chill and wait.

Eventually, the bomb threat cleared at around quarter to seven. Unfortunately, it was time to the last salah, so we had to wait for another 30 minutes before we could invade Debenhams. When we finally did, parts of the place looked like Haraj with clothes strewn all over the floor and some racks were even pushed over. We really felt for the salesmen who lloked like they had a lot of extra work ahead of them. I heard that some of their colleagues didn't return to work anymore after the bomb threat so they were forced to face the mess and possibly, more customers who'd arrive, all by themselves.

Sad to say, the whole excitement surrounding our voyage to the BOGO Sale was anticlimactic. I didn't get much stuff as I hoped I did, but only three or four items that were really worth it. I'll post it as soon as I photograph my purchases. For now, I'll just leave you to think how chronic my shopping addiction is.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shoes in my Shelf

The excitement of opening a box containing new shoes never fails to excite me. The smell of new leather and the sight of precious shoes is something I will never get tired of. My unending love affair with shoes do not stop at having to buy and wear them. With no space to accommodate another pair in my closet, I am now using the shelves to store them. I recently bought these interesting books about shoes:

Trying hard magka-PhD sa Shoe History!

Vintage Shoes

'Vintage Shoes' by Caroline Cox with a foreward by Christian Louboutin

This is for the true-blue shoe fanatic who not only collects vintage and new shoes but wants to learn how shoes came to be. It presented some historical highlights of shoes from over a hundred years ago, detailing the turnaround of every era. I had fun knowing how shoes were intricately made before; from the heavy gold embroidery, to the elegant satin shoes used by Hollywood stars in the 50's. Aside from the beautiful pictures of shoe archives, this book is a great guide in appreciating the greatest shoe designers of the past. The elegant embellished heels of Rogier Vivier are worth noting, as well as the colorful and rebellious platforms of Dame Vivienne Westwood. Brace yourself on this one for some "shoe-awakening".

New Shoes

'New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design' by Sue Huey and Rebecca Proctor

Having this book is like having a thousand pair of new shoes! This book showcases an array of innovative designs from contemporary designers who are giving shoes a new turn this generation. From the high-profile houses of Givenchy, Salvatore Ferragamo and Charles Jourdan to the budding designers like Chie Mihara and United Nude, these designers are here to give shoe craftsmanship a whole new twist.

The one thing I love about this book is their feature of my favorite Minna Parikka:

I want all of these...

Oh, and these too!

Sketches coming to life: some hard-to-find Parikka's from my collection.

After reading these books, you'll definitely be tempted to expand your shoe collection. So if you've been too comfortable with your ballet flats, why not try those stilletos you've meaning to wear? The shoes we all came to love are here to stay, so go ahead and strut those heels while you can.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Photo A Day 8

No guessing this time around. We just want to share one of those magnificent mornings in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. It's scenes like these that remind us how grand and majestic the universe is. This was taken by Eyecandy last 14 January 2010 on a Nokia E71 while in a moving vehicle. What do you think?

Morning has broken.

Last APAD's winner was A-Z-E-L. The photo was taken from a bathroom stall in one of the old buildings found in a hospital here in Riyadh. The arabic word reads "Sayadat" which means "female" in English (guessed by leelou). Congrachulaischens!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Under the Ocean, Almost

No matter what they say about the Philippines, the Pink Tarha ladies are proud of our country. While it's true that the Philippines is considered a third world, our marine ecosystem says otherwise. The Philippines boasts of a diverse, incredible marine life that Saudi Arabia can only dream about.

For overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East who are already bored out of their wits looking at sand, sand, and nothing but the stagnant desert from their office windows, wait for your vacation in the homeland because Manila has opened a solitude from the bleakness of life above land. The Manila Ocean Park is your gateway to the wonders of the Philippines' marine life. Visit it once you set your foot again in the Philippines and be taken under the ocean without getting wet. It's the perfect way to enjoy underwater sights for non-swimmers like, ehrm me! ;P

The Philippines' first state-of-the-art oceanarium is located at the back of the Quirino Grandstand. Just take a taxi! By now, this place is as familiar as say, SM Mall of Asia. Admission rate is P400.00 for adults and P350.00 for kids. The Manila Ocean Park leads you to a journey to the deep.

The experience opens up with a "jungle" in Agos (Flow) where freshwater fauna thrives. This portion highlights the interconnectedness between earth and sea. In Dalampasigan, I got the chance to touch starfishes.

A recreation of the Philippines lush rainforest.

The stars of the sea.

Did you know that the Philippines has one of the most beautiful reefs in the world? Scuba divers from different countries visit our trenches to see the corals of the Philippines. In MOP's Bahura (Reef) section, the colorful world of reef inhabitants is presented in 46 tanks. The varied hues swirling round and round each tank sent me into a cam-whoring frenzy (camera flash off please!).


Pajama Cardinalfish "Dangat"

It's alive!

Getting up close and personal with a fish: "Usap tayo!"

Find Nemo!

The lobster and the stonefish (nasan sya?! ;)

A flower of the sea.

Lionfish (Simba meets Nemo?!)

Laot (Fishing Ground) features big aquariums which contain fishes we humans consume. (Not milkfishes and tilapia noh!) Some aquariums are designed to show decaying ship hulls. Some fishes here are huuuuge!

Little girls gazing at huge fishes.

This is a school of fish. Pwede nang maging university sa dami nila.

The Buhay na Karagatan (The Living Ocean) underwater tunnel is probably the best section because I got the sensation of someone scuba diving (I wouldn't know for sure because I haven't gone scuba diving). Fishes and water are above and on your sides. Buhay na Karagatan is MOP's centerpiece! There are so many kinds of fishes in one huge display that I literally can't keep up with each one.

An explosive richness of the underwater world.

Naduduling ako sa dami n'yo!

Little Mermaid, ikaw ba yan?!

There are mermaid shows that runs in specific time. I got to see the 4pm show. Ladies dressed in colorful mermaid costumes swim with the fishes and do some water acrobatics. It's so fun to watch! I wish I had their swimming prowess. Alas, I can't even swim like a dog. Lol.

In this section, I also get to watch Santa Claus feeding the fishes. For bigger fishes, a whole cabbage head is attached to hooks. The smaller ones are fed through the swimmer's hands. They swarm him like crazy.

Santa getting mobbed by... fishes!

The jacks in Kalaliman (The Deep) is the personification (er, fishnification?!) of fraternities and cliques. These fishes are the bullies. They go together in one circling motion but gang up on one of them and leave the poor fish hanging on to dear life. I literally saw a fish with bites and torn fins who can't swim as fast and high as the others. Kawawa. The jacks also put up a good fight when caught. Imagine the fishes caught in one wide net in the movie Finding Nemo which were instructed to swim down resulting in breaking the anglers' fishing pillars and their freedom. Win!

Meet the Jacks. They're a force to reckon with.

Better be friendly with them!

The overhanging tank of Pagi (Stingrays) is amazing. I guess stingrays has this bad reputation of killing the world's crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. Did you know that they're distant relatives of sharks? I'm sure the ones you see in MOP are quite harmless (sana diba?!).

Stingrays gliding above.

And lastly, the king of the ocean... the Pating (Sharks)! They look scary alright. Most sharks are depicted in movies as savage but they're shy. They choose to avoid people than attack. Maybe unless they're really super duper hungry? Lol.

C'mere sharkie sharkie!


Why hello there friend of Dory!

The Manila Ocean Park is one amazing oceanarium but the truth is, sobrang bitin! The photos you see here are just glimpses of what's in store for you when you visit. But I tell you now that you'll so enjoy yourself you'll find it really short and bitin. I'll let you see the place for yourself. ;)

There are other other activities to try. There's the fish spa where doctor fishes nibble on the dead skin of your feet. A glass bottom boat ride which will let you watch the fishes swimming beneath your feet. There's also a showcase of jellyfishes (separate admission fee).

If you get hungry, then there are lots of food kiosks around. I tried Makansutra Asian Food Village which is located at the end of the Oceanarium journey. This naked-open-kitchen type of resto offers hawker food from Asian countries - dimsum, bagoong rice, peking duck, barbecue wings, and so much more! I loved their roti, curry, and chicken satay.


Overall, the Manila Ocean Park is an experience you shouldn't miss when visiting the Philippines. Though it needs further improvement, the place shows us how much the Philippines is blessed with a wonderful marine biodiversity. More importantly, it teaches us the value of conserving and protecting our environment and our natural resources. Take your kids here! They'll surely love it.

A bonus of visiting MOP is gazing at this:

Afterthought: the Manila Bay sunset.

§undrenched, blogging from MNL

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