Monday, September 26, 2011

The (Aqua) Radiance of Kaya

I made the mistake of going out on the night of September 23, Saudi Arabia's National Day. The traffic was migraine-inducing and watching youths snatch balloons from a car filled with children made me want to lash out harsh words at the rude teenagers... and the police officers who seem to think all was perfectly fine. Talk about unnecessary stress. It's been a golden rule for expats not to go out on the occasion of this kingdom's Independence Day but oh well, I admit it was a wrong move for this tarha.

Good thing, the workplace declared September 24, Saturday, a holiday. I decided to avail of the facial Kaya Skin Clinic offered. I was booked for a 4pm appointment and I made it five minutes after 4. I was led to their waiting area while they prepare the room where I'll be administered what is called an "Aqua Radiance Facial."

This facial has something to do with water (obviously, hehe)... and air. I didn't know at first what would that mean. I do wash my face with water right? Will this take more than 5 times washing perhaps? How different will this facial be from the Advanced Kaya Facial I underwent a month ago? (I did enjoy that microdermabrasion facial btw.)
I was ushered into the same room and was greeted by the lovely Lala, one of Kaya's skin practitioners. Loiue, who did my facial before, was currently in Hayat Mall for Kaya's booth display. I had no problems with the SPs of Kaya. They're very friendly and well-trained. As I was saying, Lala explained to me the process of the Aqua Radiance facial while I took photos of the room.

Clean, no-fuss room

You might be intimidated with the look of the room because well, it does look and feel like a hospital room. But there's no major surgery going on here. This is a skin clinic, not a spa, so the rooms are kept bare with just the necessary machines, tools, and products. Lala was still preparing the room and the materials to be used when I went inside the room... excited much?! :D

The Jet Clear system

This is the supersonic (-expialidocious) machine used for Aqua Radiance.

Tale of the prods.

On to the Aqua Radiance process... this facial has three major stages: 

1. Exfoliation
What Kaya Says: Cool and soothing supersonic jet sprays gently slough off layers of dead cells, instantly enabling your pores to breathe and restoring lost lustre. This deep cleaning process penetrates the deepest layers of the skin whilst unclogging blackheads, leaving your skin spotless and fresh.
What I say: It was ticklish and cold. It was like having a hose directed at my face, without really getting wet. By the time the exfoliation was done, I thought my face was frozen. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful feeling - very refreshing. With that amount of  force, I was sure my pores opened wide, breathed, and sighed. Those who are very sensitive to touch might find the tickling sensation uncomfortable but I'm fine with it. I wanted to laugh but I'm afraid the water might get inside my mouth. :P

2. Hydration
What Kaya Says: Next, these cool and soothing jet streams are used to infuse therapeutic elements deeply into your skin, recharging and revitalising the cells. This stimulates the production of new collagen, an essential part of skin rejuvenation.
What I say: It was like the first stage. At first, I was doubtful that the jet streams can remove layers of dead cells, much more infuse elements. How can that be? It's just water, right? Let's just say the force of the jet is actually enough to cause abrasions when not handled well.  (Read: cuts like a knife.) Fortunately, Lala knows what she's doing and she was gentle on the strokes. She tells me what part she was doing next (the eyelids are pretty sensitive) so I have time to prepare and stifle my giggles.

3. Nourishment
What Kaya Says: After a thorough initial assessment of your skin type, a range of vitamins selected to suit your specific needs are then infused into the oxygen and water jet streams, feeding the skin with the nutrients it requires. These vital vitamins are then again applied to the skin for further nourishment.
What I Say: The same jet machine is used to apply the vitamins. By this time, I'm used to the sensation and I knew I'm going to miss the refreshing and relaxing feeling of the facial. Of course I can't see the immediate effect of the vitamin dose but I'm hoping it did nourish my skin.
Minor steps include the facial massage which was very relaxing. The kneading was kept to a steady pace. Then the extraction which hurts (darn those blackheads and whiteheads!) for the sensitive to pain types. It doesn't hurt as much for me because I'm thick-skinned and not sensitive the comedones living (and thriving) in my nose were easily nudged and removed. The last step was the mask, which calmed my nerves.

I looked in the mirror after the Aqua Radiance and I must say that my nose was redder than ever. LOL. That was expected. I also noticed that my face was radiant and smooth to the touch (I couldn't help touching my face, sorry!). I also felt like my face was squeaky clean! That for me was already an achievement. I did not go to Kaya for a fast miracle for my skin woes but I got what I wanted: a face that feels clean and hydrated inside and out.  (There should be before and after photos here but I'm too shy to show my huge face I forgot to take photos of the "After"... hello?!) Suffice to say, I'm happy with the effects of the Aqua Radiance. I did not get allergies from the creams used nor had pimples after wards.

I don't know about the restorative and healing properties of the Aqua Radiance but we all know that maintenance is a key factor in making the skin youthful and beautiful. I don't have enough riyals to maintain a twice a month facial regimen with Kaya (my wallet will kill me, if it's not dead already) but I will visit again soon to try their other treatments and meet the friendly and professional staff. :)

The Aqua Radiance service is priced at SR550 but is currently offered at SR450 for the month of September. Hurry and avail of their promo. Be tickled fancy! :)


PS. Thank you very much to Lala, my Aqua Radiance SP, who kept me perky despite threats of pain from the supersonic machine. Hahaha, just kidding. And to Louie, who I saw in Hayat Mall and reminded me that I had to keep my appointment after I bailed on the original sked (btw, you did not give me a free patch test. Chos! ;) Thanks to the  staff of the Kaya Clinic, Oruba branch, for making me feel welcome. Hope to see you again soon. Who's willing to be my next SP? Hahaha.

Special thanks to Ms. Kholoud, client coordinator, Ms. Nadia, area manager of Kaya Clinic KSA, and Ms. Danya, assistant brand manager. I did not get to meet you all personally but thank you from the bottom of my pink heart. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! pwede ba ang men sa kaya orouba? same thing, I need to place a booking first online and indicating what service do i need, for example just like your advance facial?

tnx and best regards,


The Pink Tarha said...

Hi Ram, men are welcome in their Oruba branches, as well as other Kaya branches. Yes, it is better to call them first and book an appointment before going there. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! :)

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