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Play With Cakes at Marta's

Happy Easter!

As a kid, I remember painting eggs for Easter egg-hunting. I loved it! I loved the painting session more than the hunting. I was always sad to let go of my "creations" especially when it's my brothers who found them and I end up finding their Easter eggs which were just covered with aluminum foil. How's that for some artistry?! 

Speaking of creativity and artistry, someone tipped us on a cupcake store that indulges the sweet tooth and the artist in you. I hear you going "Oh no, not another cupcake shop! *groan*" from here but don't you worry, this time, it's cupcakes and more. Oh right, I used this tagline for another cupcake store before. Haha. Well, this cupcake store is from the Philippines. I think I couldn't get my jaw off the floor when it was our ibang lahi co-worker who informed us about it. How come we didn't know that a Philippine-born cupcake store has branched out in the desert? This desert?! Wooow! It wasn't the cupcake per se that enticed her to go and visit the store. It's the activities available for her kids. So mommies and daddies out there, listen up! Marta's Cakes is in town!

Marta's Cakes is the brainchild of Filipina Marta Matute. She made this out of her love for baking and cake decorating. For over 15 years, Marta's cakes has been a prominent fixture in weddings, birthdays, and special events in the Philippines. It's the go-to cake for those who want hand-sculpted custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for all occasions. They have branches in Serendra and Alabang Town Center in Manila.

How inviting can this store be?
The King Fahad Road branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is the first franchise of Marta's Cake outside the Philippines. Their store is in Fio Marie Center, otherwise known to me as the NCB square (because the green bank is the prominent landmark of this place), located after the Novotel Hotel and before the Kingdom Tower if you're coming from Faisaliah Center. Marta's Cakes is near The Pancake House. You can't miss it especially if you're looking for its logo swathed in neon pink and green lights. One word to describe the interiors of this store is psychedelic. Like being in an Austin Powers movie just filled with chocolates, candies, and cupcakes. It's certainly a feast for the eyes; you wouldn't know where to look and what to do first. For me, it had me at its window display of towering cakes.

Creative juices at work
Stepping inside, I can already feel the rhythm of sweetness and decadence strumming my heartstrings. The brightly-lit store with its bright pink and apple green decors welcomed me with a warm but sweet vibe. The walls are adorned with well-crafted cakes. The counters are filled with lots and lots of gorgeous cupcakes, meringues, and ice cream cones; atop the counters are jars of cookies. I think my fairy tale came true. Hansel&Gretel minus the witch.

Pink and green hues, couches that look like fondant icing
Nice interiors
What to choose?
How pretty! (above: marshmallow chocolate;
below: chocolate with choco cream cheese frosting)
Lalalalovely red velvet cupcakes with hearts
To say that I was enchanted is an understatement. I think it took me minutes before I came to my senses; I needed a prod of from my father to 'hurry up.' I had a hard time choosing my cupcakes and I had a hard time defending my choice of a box of 10 cupcakes because a house of three people, one a diabetic and one with a toothache (it all boils down to me actually), cannot possibly eat all of that can I, ermn, we?

My assorted box
My fave: the colorful one
And the light green marshmallow icing on this one
They are the kinds of cupcakes that you wouldn't want to touch and eat... but where's the fun in that? So I zeroed on the red velvet and in two quick bites, gobbled it like there's no tomorrow (after wiping off the sweet icing, that is). Love their pound buttercream base and their choc on chocolate cupcake (smooth chocolate fudge, yummm!). I also liked their marshmallow icing (uhummmnnn... melted mallows...). They also offer assorted teas and coffee. Milkshakes are the favorite though. Here's their price list (click photo for larger size):

Let's set aside the ready-to-eat cupcakes first and focus you on why Marta's Cakes is perfect for your kids (or the kid in you). You can decorate your own cupcakes at Marta's Cakes. Yessir! Bring your kids, plop them on the cute chairs, let them choose if they want to decorate a cupcake or a cookie or both, and let them unleash their inner creativity and artisty! You too can join in the fun of decorating if you'd like! In this place, you're giving your children the license to play with their food. Watta grown-up thing to do diba? :)

Imagine the countless hours of having to just watch your children in their little corner exploring their innate artistic side, swirling icings on their cupcakes, imitating their beloved cartoon characters' faces, and have fun. Isn't that bliss? I mean, having kids sit down for a couple of minutes already is tranquility. Right?! Right! Haha. Well of course, they can also spread the icing in their hands or faces, run around hurling sprinkles at you, and throw cupcakes at each other but you know how kids are. They can be fun and annoying funny at the same time. Please don't take that against them. :P

Kids can decorate cookies like these!
Lollipop cookies
What's more fun than having your kids decorate their own cupcakes? Inviting other kids to do the same! You can throw parties at Marta's Cakes. They have affordable packages that includes activities like making candy bracelets, cupcake decorating, and making cookie pizzas. Invitations, food, party hosts, banners, and balloons can also be thrown in the fun. You can also hire their decorating activity for parties in your own homes. And... you can decorate your own birthday cake if you like! For their package prices (because I know you all too well... you are going to ask), here, we scanned their brochures for you (click for larger size):

I wonder if kids-at-heart (like The Pink Tarha ladies) can also avail of these party packages. I can already imagine asking my guests to attend my next birthday party in fairy costumes. With tiny wings, please. *batting eyelashes for that cutesy effect.* 

Sooo... whaddyasay? Instead of painting eggs today, let's paint cupcakes and cookies! ;)

Marta's Cakes
Fio Marie Center
King Fahd Road, Riyadh


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Anonymous said...

hey pınk tarha lady:))
have you tried the paintball ın riyadh?
it could be soo much fun to try :))
best of luck.
wish to see your shares in paintball place and pictures.
luv u :)

The Pink Tarha said...

^Hello there... hmn, paintball... sounds interesting! We've been thinking of buying the paintball coupons in Cobone a few months ago but other things happened until they were no longer available. Haha. But we'd like to try paintball soon. Sure it'll be fun. :) Thanks for reading the blog! :)

Anonymous said...

ya ..ı wıll keep on followıng ur blog. and lookıgn forward to see ur paıntball memorıes too :)

Anonymous said...

there is one in UBC before at the end of maather street. but i think they transfered it to thumama for a bigger space.

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