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It was January this year when we, four Pinay friends, ventured out into the world of blogging. Individually, we are way too different from each other but as a group, we jived well enough to form a “shopaholics” team that wrote about our (mis)adventures in what else? SHOPPING. You may think this is an ordinary blog of girls who go gaga over fashion and sales, it is… but with a twist! We are living and working in RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA… arguably the most conservative country in the world! So this is not so ordinary after all. 😉


Life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia isn’t that bad. In fact, we happen to cherish it.

We are 100% Pinays currently working here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As far as we’re concerned, we’re making the best out of it. This blog is about the lighter side of our stay in this city amidst the desert. Our daily life includes: work, friends, family and things that we enjoy–fashion, shopping, food and cute guys– all will be a regular topic. So, let us become your handy guide to a light, fresh, and kikay lifestyle in Riyadh.

What’s it like for 20-something Pinays in a city like Riyadh? Find out from your resident kikay bloggers:

Shoegarfreeruby, our 100% Pampaguenia bloggera, is a certified shoe addict. She will work for shoes. Seriously. She loves everything girly from untrendy to sassy. Her freetime is mostly spent scouring through racks of stuff on sale and ending up with a good find. Her morning coffee is a daily maintenance to keep her neurons intact. She adores the vintage-style but could not afford to keep old stuff.

Raised and aged in the city of Riyadh, it was until the age of 16 that Eyecandy first set foot on her native land. It was her five-year stay in UP Los Banos that awakened her sense of nationalism, freedom and independence. Shopping and fine dining are her therapeutic traditions to a boring or stressful day. Year-end sales are considered a personal holiday from budgeting duties. Makeup and accessories are her favorite style features.

True blue Bulakenya Maryhadalittlehump loves to shop and bond with her loved ones. She’s a cyber addict and an IT enthusiast who cannot live a day without facing her monitors. She is also a lady with a prodigious dream of travelling across the globe to explore its every nook and corner.

Sundrenched, a native of La Union, was a normal kid who loved siopao for snack when she was 6, cursed when Peter Pan got off the air when she was 8, and got embarrassed frequently when she was 11. She kindda grew in high school. Sundrenched loves writing… and spending during the sale season. As if that’s two similar passion she can mix and match.

We are all living and working in Riyadh, a city which we mostly refer to as “hot and haute,” “ironic,” and our own “city of lights.”

*The “TARHA” refers to the veil, also known as hijab, used with the abaya usually worn by women when going out in this part of the world. And the “PINK” is, well, anything sugar and spice and everything nice!

DISCLAIMER: All entries are the views and opinions of the contributors/authors of this blog. Offense in whatever form is not intended.


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