Feet Candy: The Story of a Crocs Convert

During my vacation in the Philippines last December, I would frequent SM San Fernando which is my second favorite place next to our home. Passing by the Crocs store, I would always be amused by the crowd of people inside which convinced me to finally check out their new stuff. Crocs are still selling like pancakes, that’s for sure! I am one of those who have resisted Crocs since the hype of them two years ago. I was not willing to pay that much for rubber footwear and thought they won’t last me the next five years.

And then I saw these…

Crocs Malindi in cotton candy
PHP 1,850

I knew then that these have to be mine! Without much contemplation (or forgetting my reasons for resisting Crocs in the first place), I decided to buy them. However, they were not available in my size as expected. And so I rested my intention of owning a pair, thinking they were not for me.We were then at the Manila domestic airport for our Dumaguete flight, browsing through the dutyfree shops to kill time. And there they were, the cotton candy Malindi. It did not help that they had my size and were the last pair! I grabbed them before somebody else did, like a little kid seeing her favorite candy. My sister who was the same size as me wanted the same pair too, and she had to buy hers at Eastwood branch since most stores are out of stock. So much for saving cash for our trip!

I’ve seen Crocs here in Riyadh and are available in almost any sports store (the stocks I saw in Granada Center recently were on discount). Although their designs are quite limited here, I haven’t really scouted for Crocs in Riyadh as much as I wanted.Here they are handcarried specially to Riyadh…
*’Jibbitz‘ bought from SM Department store (San Fernando branch). They’re not the original Jibbitz from Crocs. Sold for PHP 50 for a pack of six.

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