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Life in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia isn’t that bad. In fact, we happen to cherish it. Where else in the world can you buy 9SR platform heels, a signature top for less than 2 bucks and a box-load of accessories for only 1/4 of its price? Only in Riyadh sweetie. Only in Riyadh. For what is left for us ladies to do here in this city but shop, eat, and shop some more? From the high-end to the ukay-ukay grounds, I guarantee you that the line “Shop ‘Til You Drop’ totally applies in this area code. (What?! Did you actually think wearing the abaya and tarha* can prevent us from looking fabulous and doing what we want?!)

It’s time to shed some light to your misconception about this country, baby! And we’re here to help!

We are 100% Pinays currently working here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As far as we’re concerned, we’re making the best out of it. This blog is about the lighter side of our stay in this city amidst the desert. Our daily life includes: work, friends, family and things that we enjoy–fashion, shopping, food and cute guys– all will be a regular topic.

What’s it like for 20-something Pinays in a city like Riyadh?

Read on to find out. 🙂

*The “TARHA” refers to the veil, also known as hijab, used with the abaya usually worn by women when going out in this part of the world. And the “PINK” is, well, anything sugar and spice and everything nice!


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The Editor-in-Chief speaks 7 languages: Filipino, English, Wit, Sarcasm, Truth, Creativity, and The Pink Tarha.


  1. as much as I abhor pink, here’s to them ladies

  2. Avatar Chiara Reply

    Great blog and attitude! Keep it up! <br /><br />It is very helpful to show the realities of life in Riyadh from your perspective, and the fun side or your lives. Plus, it&#39;s entertaining!<br /><br />All the best.

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