Proud to be Sassy!

Just the item I need for my first entry on this fab project:

“Sassy” tank top from CityMax*

It’s the perfect item for my very first entry because 1. it’s yellow, the lucky color of the year, and the color that best describes being sundrenched, 2. it’s a very versatile piece of clothing which can be worn on its own, or under or over another shirt, 3. it has cute little details of sequins and a dog logo in A, and 4. it says SASSY, which best describes the Pink Tarha team!

And oh, it only costs 10 rials!

What more can I ask for? 🙂

* City Max Department Store is popular in Saudi Arabia. Branches can be found all over Riyadh. It’s very much like our SM in the Philippines but smaller. I frequent the City Max branch in Thalateen street in Olaya because there’s fewer people even on weekends. Go here if you’re finding the latest in fashion that won’t make a huge dent in your wallet.

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  1. Wala eh… pero sana may SULTRY at SEXY din! Hehe. ;P

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