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I am so happy today because I consider myself as an official Pink Tarha blogger! Wow I’m a blogger now! A member of the community! Gracias to Sundrenched, who came up with this idea and to my two other colleagues [Eyecandy23 and Shoegarfreeruby]. I’m not really into writing and posting. I don’t have any experience on it and I’m not actually sure if my writings can attract millions of readers and bloggers. I must admit that at first I’m afraid to join the team because I’m not sure if I can contribute ideas but I figured out I should give it a try before underestimating my capabilities. Check out my post:

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Roxy Ginger Cracker Bag

This is my sister’s bag and I think this will match to Sundrenched “sassy” tank top. It’s very flexible and has a trendy color, you will love the Roxy logo on it, this is very useful you can use it whenever you are goin’ to the mall wearing the “sassy” tank top and a white short. Also when you go to the beach, because of its big size you can put your Roxy 2 piece, your Havaianas or Ipanema slippers, SPF 30 sun block and other stuff.

*You can find this bag in Localizer Mall in Tahaliyah Street, Riyadh or Al-Faisaliyah Tower.

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  1. I thought from the title that it was food (silly me)

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    hmmmm…this looks familiar! =P

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