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Where to eat?

Tired of hearing the usual “kahit saan” answer? Then find read our write-ups on the restaurants in the city. You’ll see mouth-watering photos of food, which will surely make your tummy grumble with hunger (or longing, if you’re not hungry yet). Ask us further questions if you’re not satisfied with our reviews and comments on the eating places (or wherever there’s food!) by leaving us a message at the comment box.

So far, we’ve been featuring “foreign” restaurants but wait ’til we get started with our own Filipino restos scattered all over the city. We’ll surely leave you missing and craving Pinoy cuisine. Er, just don’t expect us to bring you pork or alcoholic beverages or anything related. This is Saudi Arabia!

1. Let’s Go Japanese! (Samurai Restaurant)
2. Confessions… (Tony Roma’s)
3. Chocolates Forever (Patchi)
4. Cravings Satisfied (Assaraya Turkish Restaurant)
5. This Has Nothing To Do With Apples and Bees (Applebee’s)
6. Thank God It’s Food! (TGIF)
7. Love Ko ‘To (Mc Donald’s)
8. From Tokyo to Riyadh (Tokyo Restaurant)
9. Again, The Name’s Tony Roma(‘s)
10. The House of Steak
11. Fun, Cool, Hip Asian Food
12. 44 Pizzas and a Lasagna
13. Food Rockers
14. Dining DUO Style
15. DUO, Round Two
16. This Way to Fajita Avenue
17. Sushi for the Adventurous
18. Freshly-Baked Bake Fresh
19. The Villa Restaurant
20. Checking Off Cafe Ceramique
21. Pork’et Nasa Pinas


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