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It’s a natural feeling to be afraid of Saudi Arabia. It’s very different from the Philippines. It’s a 180 degree turn from what you were used to. So we can just imagine how shocked you’ll be once you try and grapple with the realities of living in the world’s most conservative country. Let us help you in our own little way…

We present you the how-tos and tips in living a fab life in Saudi Arabia! We can’t say what specific topics we’ll post because er, we’re the spontaneous kind of people. Hehe. But we’ll make sure they’ll be beneficial to you or your loved ones and friends in Saudi Arabia (or soon to be here). For the record, we are not (professionally) experts on these topics. We’re basing it on experience! (Of course, that varies.) Haha. Enjoy!

1. How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia
2. How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work
3. Queer Eye for the Wrong Guy (How Not to Fall for the Wrong Guy)
4. The Basic Dont’s (How to Survive in Saudi Arabia)
5. How To Land in Riyadh Fashionably
6. The Five A**holes You Meet on the Road
7. How To Exercise Your Right to Vote
8. An Expat’s Guide To Ramadan
9. How to Spend Your Eid Vacation
10. How To Keep In Touch
11. How Hajj is Performed
12. The Flight Home
13. How To Celebrate Christmas in KSA
14. Taxi Talk
15. How To Be More Than Just Desert Housewives


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