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We love the Philippines so much we’d like to give you pieces of the homeland through entries that talk about places we visited and things we miss in the Philippines. Maybe you want to visit these places when you go for your vacation or maybe you just want to see the other side of the beloved country devoid of poverty and corruption. Let’s not dwell on the ugly things, o’rayt? The Philippines is one beautiful place and you miss it, aminin! If you have more specific questions about the subjects we’ll feature, drop us a line.

1. The Pink Tarha Loves Team Pacquiao!
2. Kami Mismo
3. Proud Pinay: Note to God (Charice Pempengco)
4. Para sa mga Migranteng Pinoy
5. Tie A Yellow Ribbon
6. Ang Tunay na Katas ng Saudi
7. Pacquiao’s Diamond Belt
8. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Impact
9. Can We Expect Any Justice?
10. Season’s Greetings

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