The Pink Tarha LOVES Riyadh

We heart Riyadh!

Riyadh is our second home. Every day, we are finding reasons to love this city more. By that, we mean we scout places in and around Riyadh province that entices the traveler and tourist in us. Who knows this oasis in the middle of the Arabian desert can be so interesting? It offers a whole new world.

Also, we’ll feature our collection of photos (of whatevers) taken all over Riyadh. We’re sure they’ll fascinate you the way they caught our attention when we first saw them. Besides, you just don’t know how much of a hassle it is for us to take these photos because er, it’s not encouraged here to take pictures in public. It’s even prohibited to take photos of government buildings! So yeah, effort kung effort ‘to! ;P

You don’t believe us? Read to believe!

1. White Sand? We Have Red!
2. The Globe Visit
3. A Trip to Riyadh’s Cultural Sweet Spot (1 of 2)
4. A Trip to Riyadh’s Cultural Sweet Spot (2 of 2)
5. Slices of This Desert City (1 of 2)
6. Slices of This Desert City (2 of 2)
7. Hawks of the Peninsula
8. Funny Words
9. The Globe Visit
10. I Saw The Signs
11. Green Saudi Day

12. Happy Eid!

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