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Is there a better word than SHOPPING? We girls love to shop (an understatement) but here in Saudi Arabia, shopping for ladies is life. It’s not that we’re not too busy with work or our social life (meron tayo nun?!) but shopping is currently our hobby, because seriously, there’s nothing else that’s as fulfilling (kababawan to the nth power?! LOL) and as rewarding. But don’t get us wrong, we ONLY SHOP during the SALE SEASON. We do not shop at the expense of our families, friends, marriage (for one of us), and jobs. We are still cheapskates you know. We’re on the prowl for the latest bargains too! We are your SALE queens!

Saudi Arabia has three in a year: mid-year, mid-season, and end of the year. The first and the last are the best! So, here’s our shopping escapades. We’ll bring you the latest SALE signs we’ll encounter and show you what kind of havoc that sale brought to our wallets. Haha. Join us in our forays to retail therapy…

1. Pink and Precious
2. Proud to be Sassy
3. Roxy Ginger Cracker
4. Fashionably Late
5. Confessions…
6. Feet Candy: The Story of a Crocs Convert
7. The SR9 Fab Finds (Yes, They Exist!)
8. Can’t Resist
9. Official Holiday
10. My Debenhams Loot
11. An Ode to the Sale Season’s End
12. IKEA Love
13. The Final Steals
14. My Weekend Finds
15. Happy Thriftin’ in Abu Riyalin
16. Heart Things I Heart
17. Remnants of the A/W Sale Season
18. H&M is Coming to Town!
19. Open Sesame!
20. The H&M Riyadh Experience
21. I Bought a Skirt and a… Sando!
22. Seeing Red
23. Vintage Musings
24. Search for the Mismatched Shoes
25. SALE Alerts and More
25. Miss Little Black Dress
26. Stop at the Red Signs
27. Shoe-wariwap (We’re Back!)
28. Power Shopping. Bow.
29. The Imeldific Day
30. That Little Something Something
31. Power Shopping Part II
32. Etsy Handmade Finds
33. Mid-Season Sale Alert
34. More Sale Alerts
35. Exposing Haraj


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