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Fashion… it’s such a complicated word but we’ll make it simple and wearable for you!

We couldn’t even begin to explain it to you but you know it because each and everyone of us has our own definition of fashion. The thing with the Pink Tarha, we do not pretend like we are supermodels who can walk the ramp any given time of the day. But one thing we have is the confidence to show off our real figures. We embrace who we are. We’re of different sizes and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re probably your ordinary girls when it comes to ‘figure.’ We see that as a good thing because seriously, who can pull of all those which are modelled in the catwalk… or even huge ad billboards?! Ours is reality (may ganon?! LOL).

Collage Week
1. Solids and Pastels
2. Bling Fest
3. Substance and Style
4. Chill Out
5. Corporate Appeal
6. Our Tribute to a Great Woman
7. Berry Romantic

Inside Our Closet
1. Sweet Valentine (Style Cocktails 1)
2. Sunny Days (Style Cocktails 2)
3. 50’s Doll (Style Cocktails 3)
4. Topshop vs. Citymax Origami Blouses (Spend vs. Save 1)
5. MNG vs. Citymax Butterfly Tank Top (Spend vs. Save 2)
6. Holiday Glam

1. The Abaya Special
2. Winter Essentials
3. Winter in South East Asia

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