Last Wednesday, we went to IKEA, the largest home furnishing store in Riyadh. A Dutch Kamprad family originally owned it.

When we’re still in IKEA‘s parking lot, two muttawas walking behind us approached and told us to cover our hair and wear our tarhas. I opened my bag and took out my tarha in a very calm manner but since I was still walking without the tarha on my head, the Muttawa kept on saying “cover your hair!”. So I wore my tarha and apologized. The muttawa replied:

Muttawa: “Okay”

and I said again..

Me: “Sorry ha.”

He just smiled at me and proceeded to the IKEA store.

My friend who with us that day told me that whenever someone says sorry to the religious police, they become courteous.

Anyway, enough of my story.

Take a look at some stolen shots I’ve taken in the IKEA showroom:

A combination of white and black, not bad.

Color it red.

I love it when its pink.

I wish i have a small study room in our house.

I will take photos again of the wonderful furniture and stuff IKEA offers when we come back one of these days.


IKEA is an acronym of the initials of the founder’s name Ingvar Kamprad, the farm where he grew up Elmtaryd and his home country Agunnaryd in Sweden.

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