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Friends, Moms and Dads, generous benefactors, lend us your ears! (by that, we mean ‘eyes’ :D). Your Pink Tarha ladies are high on the Christmas spirit of receiving giving, ergo we are featuring each of our “wish list” this holiday in hopes that our loved ones will have the heart and capacity to make at least one of our wishes come true this Christmas. Unless Santa Clause is also reading our blog. 😛 Oh well, libre naman mangarap diba? So here’s The TPT’s TOP 5 Wishes for the gift-giving holiday season.
From Shoegarfreeruby’s wishing well:

1. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
2. More Minna Parikka (Ginger Bag)
3. Pear eyeglasses
4. Chanel Jumbo
5. MORE SHOES! Minna Parikka Edith shoes, Flower shoeboots, and Louboutin “LOVE” flats

From Maryhadalittlehump’s dreams:

1. Blackberry Bold
2. Blazers from Topshop and Zara
3. Roxy Baggage set
4. Ballet flats from Crocs
5. Chance by Chanel
From Sundrenched’s imagination:

1. All-expense-paid Trip to Greece (Ambisyosa level!)
2. Sun Jar (it ‘traps’ sunshine in the jar and can be used as a lamp in the evening)
3. Steve Berry’s “The Paris Vendetta” and “The Alexandria Link” books
4. Nars “Orgasm” Blush
5. “Return to Tiffany” Heart Tag Charm Bracelet
From Eyecandy’s illusions:

1. Actor Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass on show Gossip Girl (Sige na Bro, kahit one night lang!)
2. Black, military-style jackets from H&M and Promod.
3. Any of the following albums: Foo Fighter’s Greatest Hits, Kings of Leon’s Only by the Night and or Alicia Key’s latest album, The Element of Freedom
4. Jimmy Choo for H&M heels
5. Any cosmetic set from Smashbox.
Tee hee hee. Are those too much to ask? 😛 There are less than four days to go. There is still time to rush to the mall and show us your love. Hahaha. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go! 😀
Earthly possessions aside, We truly, deeply wish and pray for our friends’ happiness, our family’s good health and peace in each other’s hearts. We wish all those in Saudi Arabia bliss and may they feel the spirit of Christmas even though most of them are not with their loved ones ’tis season. Oh, and we also wish for a teeny, weeny prize at the PEBA Awards (if we’re lucky). Kung wala man, sana may maka-abot na gift bags sa amin…(if there are any). Hee hee. ^_^

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  1. Shoegarfreeruby – shoe addict! ahahaha!<br /><br />Maryhadalittlehump- i love that roxy travelling bags too… got a chance to see it last friday at the mall.<br /><br />Sundrenched- truly a bookworm! and oh! the Greece is too way expensive. guess you need a sponsor here :D<br /><br />Eyecandy- i love those jackets too. pretty cool!<br /><br />Goddluck sa PEBA… I wish you&#39;ll be a part of

  2. hmmm… Sundrenched is in Manila… She should be at the awards night! Advise her to wear her best gown…. :)<br /><br />All the best!

  3. Laging nasa list ng babae ang shoes and bags, why? Kahit every chances na nakakabili naman ng both kasama pa rin sa christmas list. Why? hehehe. Napadaan lang po.

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