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It’s been a long time since the last What’s Inside Your Bag entry. Mary and Shoegarfreeruby spilled theirs already. Rummage their bags here and here. I’ll just give a quick run through of mine because I am more or less the same with… Mary! We keep our stuff in little kits to avoid clutter. Though I must say I am not as organized as her. I am more like Shoegar in terms of kikay-ness.
The Bag

I am a fan of the big bag theory. I’m not sure what’s that but I just love huge bags. I only use small bags when I’m going somewhere very near (ie. neighborhood bakery) or somewhere very crowded (ie. Haraj). I always carry a huge bag to work. Yes, even if it contains just a few pieces of kits. I love this Aldo bag because it’s very versatile. It has three handles that transforms it into a handbag, a shoulder bag, and a messenger bag. And the black and white color, of course, goes with any of my outfit. (Teka, abaya lang naman technically ang outfit ko, hehe.) I don’t change bags everyday. I hate the hassle. Lol. I change it just twice or thrice a month.

Spill It!
Bag with two pouches, 2 books, 2 eye wear, and 2 gadgets

The two of everything is not intentional. I just realized it when I was taking the picture of my stuff. On a normal day, my stuff wouldn’t look this organized. Because of my over-sized bag’s width, my things tend to jumble inside that’s why I use two pouches to keep the small stuff. My gadgets are stored in the bag’s inner pockets.

What’s Inside?

My phone, a Nokia E72, is mostly used for calling and texting only. I am not a firm believer of multi-tasking cellphones. I carry a handy Samsung ES60 for instant “photo shoots” and “photo ops,” especially when I am out with my friends (not seen in the photo above because I’m using it to take the photo). Nope, red is not my favorite color. 😛 I carry a book (I’m re-reading The Secret Life of Bees) for idle moments. The Starbucks planner serves as my planner and journal in one. A very dear friend gave it to me when I had my vacation in the Philippines last December. I’m into wayfarer shades now, I never leave home without one. Wayfarers in photo is from Forever 21. My eyeglasses needs to be changed soon. My eye sight’s 225/225. And of course, I never go out without my veil (even if my abaya is now with a hood). Nope, sorry, my tarha is not pink.

Kikay Kit
1. Pink makeup kit 2. Ellana travel brush set 3. Guerlain lip gloss 4. Vitress hair shine 5. Ellana minerals (foundation, finishing powder, blush, and eyeshadow) 6. Ellana lip color 7. Eye-Mo 8. Human Heart Nature hand sanitizer 9. Neutrogena lip balm 10. Mint gum 11. Mac Lipstick in Cosmo (my go-to shade) 12. Human Heart Nature solid perfume
(not in photo: HHN pocket soap, comb, and mirror mints)

Confession, I love make-up! (I’m wondering why we don’t do beauty entries here in The Pink Tarha… hmn, good idea!) I was a pimply teen and I’m still prone to break-outs up to now and make-up has helped me embrace these imperfections. I rarely leave the house without a powder on. Although sometimes, I do go out without putting on make-up, just to let my skin breathe. But, but, but… despite my ♥ for make-up, I don’t consider myself high-maintenance. I only take 15-30 minutes to put make-up on. I already have my beauty ritual down pat. Also, when I’m out, I don’t like getting up to retouch and retouch. I don’t even touch this kikay kit in my bag the entire day. Well, except to get the hand sanitizer and the mints after eating… and of course, unless it’s really necessary to put makeup again for dinner or a date… with the girlfriends! 🙂

I’m also currently into organic and earth-friendly products now. I am using Human Heart Nature products and Ellana Minerals (as seen here) and organic/handmade soaps from By Nature and Ilog Maria. They’re very affordable and they work!

Essentials Kit

I don’t carry a wallet, just this wristlet, which carries everything important. This is my “makalimutan ko na ang lahat sa paglabas, wag lang ito” thing. It contains my national ID (iqama; I still have the old booklet form), money (SR10 lang laman! lol!), various cards, receipts, and a ballpen. I also have a SAWA recharge card for emergency.

Okay, that’s basically it. Was that quick or what? Anyway, hope you enjoyed my WIYB edition.

Care to show us what’s inside your bag too?


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  1. "naaliw ako!" hehe..maybe because i can identify with you..i love big bags, too..if i'll just go to a nearby store then i'd carry a pouch or a clutch but never a small bag..and yes, even what's inside your bag is similar to mine,except for the brushes =)

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