A Dose of Sweetness at Cakelicious

It’s been raining cupcakes since Sundrenched started ‘wishing’ for cupcake shops to open. Being a sweet-tooth myself, Cakelicious is a sure welcome addition to our list.
We discovered Cakelicious by chance, as me and the hubby drove along Thalateen street. From outside, you can see the colorful cupcakes, cakes and chocolates that are tempting enough for a stop. The cupcakes where the ones that drew my attention. I saw the red velvet ones from afar and wanted to try them first since it’s the variant I love the most. As you enter the shop, the smell of sweet icing welcomes you. It’s time for another sugar-load!

What makes Cakelicious different is that they have brownies! I am a fan of brownies and used to bake them a lot since I don’t find them in any of the local bakeshops here. They have them in two flavors: caramel and cheese.
The caramel brownies are love.

These cheese brownies are loaded.
The brownies come in huge and half slices for SAR 15 and SAR 8.  
Their brownies were not that chewy or moist to my liking. They were a bit dry to my taste. However, I like how they weren’t too sweet even with the caramel syrup on top. They were good enough to satisfy my brownie craving. The hubby said it’s the only brownie he’ll finish, so that’s really a compliment! He seldom appreciates the sweet stuff in general.
Now, onto the cupcakes. I was able to try the velvet, carrot, toffee and chocolate variants. They have them in other flavors too like blueberry and vanilla. So far, these are the only ones I’ve seen in the shop. I loved their velvet and carrot cupcakes the most. In spite of the icing being too sweet, it was the kind of cupcake I was actually looking for. The icing and the cake itself was loaded and compact. You can see that they did not cost-cut with the cakes individually. These are sold at SAR 8 each.

Vegetables are good for you.

The vanilla cupcake is topped with yellow.

Stop counting the calories!

The red velvet cupcake is my fave because it’s…red. Haha.
The shop sells some mini cakes (SAR 15) and chocolates too. They also offer made to order cakes for birthdays and other special occasions as I was able to browse their catalog.

Wanna try the layered velvet cake next!

Hyperglycemia. LOL.

Cakelicious sure is worth visiting for those who would love to have another dose of sugar in their bloodstream, LOL. Pampa-hyper! You’ll find their cakes irresistible to try, since we girls just love all ‘nice, sweet and cute’ in one package. Watch out for their other branches opening soon in Tahlia, Alrabwa, Alrawda and Exit 9 in case you’ll miss the one in Thalateen Street.



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