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At this point, we’re no longer looking for new cupcake stores in Riyadh. There’s an abundance of it now that shops and their branches are spreading like crazy. We’re ready to call Thalateen Street as the cupcake haven because there’s Golden Brown, A Cup of Cake, Cakelicious, and a soon-to-open Sugar Sprinkles in that street! Imagine that, all cupcake stores we reviewed in one street! Neat! Only one cupcake reason can make us all giddy and upbeat about cupcakes again… the opening of the cupcake store that launched our cupcake dreams.
Looking at Munch Bakery‘s website made us envious of Jeddah. It’s been getting good reviews in so how come it hasn’t branched out? That was our question years ago. How can we not wish for it to spread their baking goodies to the Kingdom’s capital?And so, another wish granted as Munch Bakery opened its doors for the Riyadh people in Tahlia St, in between Pizza Roma and Cafe Roma. And because we have low emotional quotients (as you know by now), we went on their opening week. We arrived around 5:00 in the afternoon. It was love at first sight. I mean with a store front like this, wouldn’t you be enticed too?

Lo and behold.
The window displays are amazing! They’re currently showcasing the Smurfs. Cute! Errr yes, we’re aware that you’re not seeing what we’re talking about because the windows are closed. Hahaha. We took this shot as we were leaving the store and they’re closing for the 6pm prayer.
You’re welcome!
Sweet, and everything nice
The inside counts more than the outside so here’s what’s in store for you in the store. 🙂
A wide array of it. We got dizzy with the flavors. What did we try? Why, every one of them, of course! 🙂 “Get me one of each, please.” I told the server and he wasn’t surprised at all. I bought a box of 15 mini cupcakes for SR35. A mini cupcake is SR3 each. (Was the box discounted? Or did I hear them wrong? Hehe, not paying attention kasi!) So anyway, look at the choices:
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry… choices, choices!
I was adamant to try the Red Velvet, Blue Velvet, and Carrot Cupcakes. They’re my go-to flavors and they usually seal the deal for me. If I don’t like a store’s velvet cupcakes, I won’t like it anymore. (Prejudiced much?! Hehe.) So I took one bite at the red velvet (when we were already having an Iftar dinner at Ketchup, which is another story btw) and said, “Hmmmm…” trying to put the taste into words. My vocabulary escaped me. It was delicious but it’s not extraordinary. The icing is the one giving it a taste… which is just plain sweet. Where’s cream cheese? 😛 Maybe I should’ve gobbled everything in one go since it’s a small cupcake. The other flavors were nice. The Orange Kiss was a revelation; zesty and sweet at the same time. We like carrot the most.
Cupcakes, with dollops of cream in between, are also available in glass:
Cupcake in a Glass, SR8 each
Munch doesn’t just carry cupcakes. They have cake pops (SR5 each), pies, tarts, and cookies (SR5 each).
I like the cheesecake pop. It has a jelly bean on top and the cheesecake is covered with white chocolate. Excuse me, where did my heart go? This is love at first bite. I also like their blue velvet cake pop. It’s moist and yummy. The cookies and brownies were alright too.
And the cakes, OMG, the cakes!!! Munch does a very good job designing their cakes. Whatever you want, they’ll execute it. The level of creativity and craftmanship eh to the highest level naman talaga! Look!
A huge and tall wedding cake! Cute ng topper!
Smurf cake. Karir!
Smurf tower cake on display
Spongebob! This character is pretty popular with the kids here.

Small round and rectangle cakes with special designs go for SR300 up. I, particularly love the cake with roses. I can make it personal by buying my own fresh roses or they can make roses out of fondant icing. (Ehermn, birthday alert!)

Aside from the baked goodies, Munch also transported a corner of Willy Wonka’s chocolate and candy factory inside their store. Eyecandy and I ogled like kids. We went to each display table and oohed and ahhed.
Candy corner
So cutie patootie!
I let out a shriek (barely audible, I promise!) when I saw Jelly Belly (tiny box is SR3 each) and Nerds (SR10). I’m a nerd Nerds fan!
Is this like Harry Potter’s Every-Flavor Jelly Beans? Hehe.
Gumballs in every color (SR30)
Mints in sosyal packaging, SR15

They also have their own line of gum, mints, and sour patch. They even have popcorn. A large tin is SR80. Mahalia!

And they carry the following merchandise:

You think they can accommodate THE PINK TARHA and print it in the bags too? 😛
Pouches in Saudi riyals design
Heart ceramics… perfect gift to the “sweet heart”
Adorable pouches
See, going to Munch Bakery is not just about the cupcakes. It’s also about feeding the inner child in you. Except of course when you’re a child then there’s no need to feed your inner child because you’re still one, wut?! Stuff inside the Munch Bakery really warms your heart and makes you smile. There’s a glass panel where you can watch how they bake the cupcakes and decorate the cakes. The servers are also friendly.
They also have a promo now where you check if there’s a sticker hidden in your cupcake box. I found one alright. So see you in Munch Bakery because I’m claiming my prize: a box of 6 cupcakes! Woot!
Munch Bakery
Abdullah Al Hamdan Street, Olaya
Riyadh, KSA
T: 9200150109 
So, is our search for cupcakes over? Nah….. we have low EQs remember?  

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  1. Avatar Yanna Reply

    can i order online? im here in pinas but want sana to send my friend in riyadh cupcakes for his bday. how kaya? help. 🙁

  2. Hi Yanna! Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha. As for your Q, unfortunately, Munch doesn't take online orders.

  3. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    OMG this post has set me off towards a strong craving! 🙂 <br /><br />Great find ladies!

  4. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    Omg this post has set me off (towards a strong craving!!!)<br /><br />Great find ladies!

  5. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    WOOOOOWWW! LOVE IT…thanks for the info.

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