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How was your week? Well, it started out busy for the tarhas and it’s ending pretty much busy too. We are all sure you’re dying for the workweek to end so you can start your day off. Whew Wednesday!
Well, we have a nice sweet idea to jump start your weekend. We’re spreading the calories by sharing photos of the some of the desserts you’ll find in Riyadh. Yes, we’re eating Riyadh today.

We start with a simple slice of chocolate cake

Sinful much?
Pardon Cafe and Restaurant in Olaya has one of the best in town. It has wafer-like layers that add crunch to the moist base. It also has this glazed cereal accent that glistens like a jewel. Yum-oh!
And some ice cream, please.

A pairing of sweetness
Gate of Jazeera Palace in Suleimania has small scoops of vanilla ice cream in cute glasses drizzled with some lovely chocolate syrup. You can order it with bananas or lychees.
Add the chocolate cake and ice cream and we have the infamous chocolate fondant, which you might have encountered in the Philippines as “lava cake.”

Best when shared.
A chocolate volcano can be found in Steak House. The cake is soft and the fudge is warm. We cannot resist!
Nino in Olaya has a simpler version… with a star. It’s a little bit dry but it’s satisfyingly sweet nonetheless.
The volcano erupted!
A favorite is Cafe Ceramique‘s in Sahara Mall. This is the chocolate cake that tastes like our cakes in the Philippines. Not too sweet, not too exquisite to be expensive. The milk chocolate oozes out effortlessly. (For the record, this did not come out in the kitchen looking like this. We had to digest the main meal first before we can attack this dessert that’s why it was left alone for a while. Our bad!)
An order will leave you longing for more. It’s small. Really.
There’s the cutie-patootie version of Wayne’s Coffee, minus the ice cream. This is the cheapest in this bunch.
Dessert became the main dish?
And then there’s the version of Ketchup (at the back) but what caught our taste buds off guard was the banana pudding. It was lovely. E can’t get enough of it.
Are you done with the chocolate cake and ice cream pairing? Hey, the ice cream has always been a free agent so it can be paired with anything! Try these:

The yummiest bunch.
Outback Steakhouse in Tahlia has an ice cream+brownie combination. (Get their sampler of three desserts!)
Hot and cold is a winning combo.
While Ketchup has an ice cream+cookie offering. The cookies are warm and crisp.
Who has the heart to destroy this tower?
Le Relais de L’Entrecote has a sosyal French dessert that has meringue+ice cream. This Vacherin tower is exquisite.

And Dairy Queen has their famous wafer+ice cream aka the ice cream sandwich. It gave us a teeth freeze (pangingilo=dentin hypersensitivity). We have a photo in my phone somewhere.

The Sumatra with pancakes filled with pistachio and cream.
More chocolate goodness comes in The Noodle House‘s chocolate Sumatra. This is wicked. If you haven’t tasted chocolate with a punch, this is it.

And if you’re tired of chocolate, then there’s always…

Walnuts love!
The carrot cake of Tony Roma’s. It’s crumbly, fruity, nutty… almost like a fruit cake. The syrup was too sweet though. (Try Outback’s carrot cake too.)
The anatomy of a carrot cake.

Or this one from Cakelicious, which is well, a cake so delicious!

Sultry and sexy dessert. ;P

Or the oreo cheesecake of Ketchup, which we devoured in a matter of minutes. Or was that seconds? It’s too fast my memory failed me.

Well, that’s quite a long list huh? We hope your sugar levels did not go up and reach new heights upon seeing the photos. All we want really is to wish you a very merry weekend. It is not our intention to make you salivate and be hungry. Nope, not at all. 😛

Enjoy! 😉

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  1. Sumakit ang ngipin ko while looking at all of them. My brain went "diet alert" dahil gusto ko biglang kumain ng cake. ^^.

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