Guide to Philippine Schools in Riyadh

So you’ve got your visa to sunny Riyadh (plus family visa too!)… but what about your kids? Will they be able to go to a DepEd accredited school? The answer is YES! There are currently a lot of Philippine Schools in Riyadh and other cities in the Kingdom. In fact, Eyecandy and I are proud graduates of Elite International School and International Philippine School in Riyadh. Laking Saudi talaga 🙂

The first ever school in Riyadh is the International Philippine School in Riyadh (formerly the Philippine Embassy School in Riyadh). In the late 90’s, other International Schools were established. As of press time, the schools that are still in operation in Riyadh are:

1. International Philippine School in Riyadh (IPSR)
2. Second Philippine International School (SPIS)
3. Elite International School (EIS)
4. Riyadh International School (RIS)
5. Future Generation Philippine International School (FGPIS)
6. Al Danah International School (ADIS)
7. Millenium International School (MIS)
8. Al Taj International School (ATIS)
9. Palm Crest International School (PCIS)
10. Fawaq International School (FIS)

Majority of the Philippine schools are located around the Riyadh Military Hospital and Suleimaniah Area. It’s like the U-belt of Pinoy Expats here. :))

Levels Offered
Most schools offer Pre-Elementary, Elementary and High School education, however some schools like IPSR offer Post-Secondary Courses such as Computer Science, Business Management and Liberal Arts. SPIS also offer IT Occupational Courses such as CISCO training courses and introductory computer courses.

Graduation Day

Graduation Day

What if you relocate to Saudi Arabia in the middle of the School Year?
That’s not a problem. Most of the Philippine schools will accept enrollees even in the middle of the school year, to help OFW’s adjust to Saudi life faster. But they will need all of your child’s school documents in compliance with DepEd regulations.

Documents that you MUST bring to enroll your child
The documents required for admission would depend on the grade level of your child, but here is a list of documents usually required to enroll your child here in Riyadh:

1. Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
2. Iqama of Parents (Photocopy)
3. Passport of Parents (Photocopy)
4. 6 pcs of colored 1×1 ID picture
5. Student’s Passport
6. Original Report Card
7. Form 137
8. Honorable Dismissal from last school attended
9. Certificate of Good Moral Character

Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees vary per school but generally the tuition rates are around 4000 – 4500 SR per year plus 500 SR miscellaneous fee. You can pay for this in lump, quarterly or monthly installment. There are also schools that offer graduated discounts for the next child. For example, IPSR offers “graduated discount for the 2nd & 3rd siblings; whereas the 4th child enjoys 50% tuition fee discount and the 5th child is free from tuition fee.” (IPSR website)

Again this depends if the school is actually offering a scholarship grant. For example, RIS offers scholarships and tuition fee deductibles for consistent top-notchers in class.
Spelling Quizbees! :)

Spelling Quizbees! 🙂

The Curriculum
Philippine schools in Riyadh follow the prescribed curriculum from DepEd. Your child will still be studying English, Math, Science, Araling Panlipunan or Sibika, Filipino, MAPE, THE and Computer. Most of the time, they will also be required to study Saudi History, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language, which are mandated by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Philippine School 4

Opening of RIS’ Winter Olympics! Where’s the teacher!?

School Activities
Schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities like Intrams, Field Demonstrations during the schools’ Foundation Week, Quizbees, Literary Contests, Science Congress and JS Promenades among others. Students may also join non-academic clubs, school newspapers, CAT, basketball and volleyball varsities and Student Council Organizations.

School Facilities and Services
Most schools would have a Clinic, Science laboratory, AVR room, Computer room, Home Economics room, Bookstores and Canteen. Quadrangles are also used for school activities and ball games like basketball and volleyball. School bus service is also offered by most Philippine schools.

Some schools will offer tutoring service for children who are having a hard time coping with lessons. The rates vary per school but rates would be around 200 SR per subject.

Gender Segregation
In most schools, students are sectioned by gender and not by scholastic standing. This is also a directive from the Ministry of Education that boys and girls should not mix on campus. Usually, only the Elementary students are allowed to attend a mix gender classroom..

Classroom Size
The average number of students per class would be around 20-30 students. Some schools provide armchairs, while others provide desks and chairs for each student. Most rooms are air-conditioned and use white board instead of the traditional blackboards.
Well, there you have it. I think this covers most of the basic details about Philippine schools in Riyadh. We hope this post will prove helpful to our Kababayans who are planning to bring their children to Saudi Arabia. 🙂


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    i noticed that there are school categories. how are these rated and what does a high ranking mean? Appreciate your help on this.

  2. I&#39;m sorry but we don&#39;t have a lot of information on school categories and ratings. <br /><br />The only rating I know of is through the NAT exams and the ratings are based on how well the students score on specific subjects and overall.<br /><br />Thank you for reading! 🙂

  3. Anonymous Reply

    I am from Pakistan and want to admit my 3 year old daughter in philippine school. My question is will your schools accept Pakistani student? If yes then plz can u tell me the name of the school.<br /><br />regards

  4. @Anonymous, hello! Most Filipino schools accept only Filipino or half-Filipino students. But my co-teacher is tutoring a Pakistani student who is enrolled at Fawaq International School. Try to contact their office to get more details. Best of luck! 🙂

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, my wife and i are planning to enroll our son next year for nursery school as he will be turning 4 on November 2012. We are living in Al Naseem Area (back of Max Center along al othaim mall), And, Suleimaniah area is quite far from where we live, Are there any Filipino international school near our area? if there isn&#39;t, Are there any school bus services to take kids to school and back?

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, my wife and i are planning to enroll our son next year for nursery school as he will be turning 4 on November 2012. We are living in Al Naseem Area (back of Max Center along al othaim mall), And, Suleimaniah area is quite far from where we live, Are there any Filipino international school near our area? if there isn&#39;t, Are there any school bus services to take kids to school and back?

  7. jenna Reply

    Is there any way that i can enroll my child on any of these schools if he is on a visit visa? ? Thnxxx

  8. Hi Jenna, as far as we know, visit visas only last 1-3 months. It&#39;s probably better to secure a dependent visa for him for his enrollment on a regular school year.

  9. michelle Reply

    Hi.<br />Just want to ask is there any Philippine School here in Riyadh that starts their school year in September (fall). Because, during the start of the SY which happens to be in June,,,,, the temperature here is extremely hot!!!,,,,, Most of the students, specially my kids are suffering from headache and nosebleed during the first quarter (June-Aug). While the other Arabic and Western IS are

  10. Hi Michelle!<br /><br />We think Millenium School starts their school year on September. It&#39;s in Suleimania in the area of Al-Rajhi Supermarket and Military Hospital.

  11. what is the language medium used in teaching? tagalog or english?

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Hi , Which school basically has more half-filipino students ?<br />

  13. Anonymous Reply

    hello,<br /><br /> what is the nearest IPS in Dharat Al Badeah,riyadh?

  14. Anonymous Reply

    hello, <br /><br /> which IPS is the nearest in Dharat Al Badiah, exit 25.?<br /><br /> thank you.

  15. Hello Anonymous… Unfortunately, Exit 25 is a little bit far from where we are residing so we are not aware of any IPS near your area.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Hello, which IPS is the nearest in exit 21?<br />tnx po.

  17. Hi Anonymous: Sorry, we are not familiar with the exit 21 area. Most IPS are located in the city center, primarily Suleimania area. Thanks.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    hello…my son is half Pakistani and I am ilongga..he can speak Tagalog but not fluent..he will turn 4 years old this coming March 2013..since IPS uses English as a medium for teaching, how do the teachers adjust to their students who can&#39;t speak English yet? we are living here in Ali Malaz which IPS is nearest to us? thank you..

  19. Hello Anonymous 1:19am: Most Philippine schools use English as their medium of instruction. We&#39;re pretty sure that they can accommodate your child and do their best to adjust to his English skills. Most schools are located in Suleimania, near Military Hospital. Millennium School, Palm Crest, Future Generation, etc. is probably near your area.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Anung school ang bakasyon ay march?? Reply please?

  21. @Anonymous 7:47am: Most of the Philippine schools in Riyadh follow the Philippine education system and schedule. They have their vacation in March. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! 🙂

  22. Anonymous Reply

    to all schools listed, what school can you recommend to us the most? thanks.

  23. Anonymous Reply

    Hi.<br /><br />Is there any IPS near Naseem area?<br /><br />This question was already posted last March 2012 by another parent but unfortunately did not get a reply.<br /><br />Thanks,<br /><br />

  24. Hello Anonymous 7:15AM: <br />Unfortunately, we are a little bit far from Naseem area and have no first-hand info if there are any Philippine schools there. However, a friend of ours who live in Naseem sends her children in a Philippine school in Suleimania. I&#39;m not sure if that&#39;s her personal preference or there&#39;s really no Philippine school in Naseem.

  25. Anonymous Reply

    Hello !!Guys do you have updates about the schools this coming school year 2013-2014 Replys are very much appreciated thank you.

  26. Anonymous Reply

    Hello! Guys do you have school updates for <br />SY: 2013-2014. Im planning to transfer my kids… Replys are very much appreciated.thanks

  27. Hello, all the Philippine Schools are located near RKH with the exception of IPSR which is near Riyadh Gallery and Fawaq International School which is near King Faisal Hospital. <br /><br />There are no schools in the outskirts of Riyadh, to our knowledge, to date. <br /><br />Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha.-SP

  28. Anonymous Reply

    Hi,<br /><br />Please can you update with contact details of Al Fawaq International School, as the Tel numbers mentioned are not working… Also, if I as Pakistani national can enrol my kids there?<br />

  29. Hi, we&#39;re sorry but we don&#39;t know Al Fawaq&#39;s new number, I guess the best way is to just drop by the school.<br /><br />It really depends per school, but most Filipino schools will accept Foreign students if they&#39;re half-Filipino.

  30. lala Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha Ladies, Do you know any monthly home based english tutorial for kids? I keep searching this few days but still no luck.Please if you know any female kabayan teaching english subject and willing to teach a 7 years old girl kindly reply this post. Maraming Salamat.

  31. Hello Lala! Unfortunately, we don&#39;t also know someone. Hopefully, someone gets to read this and suggest.

  32. Anonymous Reply

    Hello, we are planning to move to Riyadh in September. I have 3 girls and my eldest will be in grade 7. They are half Egyptian and do not know how to speak Filipino. They are currently enrolled in an American system school here in Egypt. What Filipino school do you recommend for us which has a good number of half Filipino students and will give exemption to my children in Filipino subjects? Thank

  33. Anonymous Reply

    what school accepts half Filipino students? what about Filipino subjects as they do not know how to speak Filipino. They are from American system school in Egypt. Thank you.

  34. Anonymous Reply

    Hi pink, <br />parating na ang family ko dito sa May, and i&#39;m planning to enroll them sa IPSR, i&#39;ve sent an email inquiring about it, i got the email address from the website, I hope to hear from them soon, just want to know requirements for transferring my kids and tuition and misc fees also, thanks<br />- Rico

  35. Hi Rico, unfortunately, we do not know the specific details of IPSR as the ladies who studied here in Riyadh has long graduated and we do not know anyone working there. One of the Pink Tarha ladies is a teacher but she&#39;s not from IPSR. Hopefully, IPSR will reply to your email. Thank you.

  36. Anonymous Reply

    hi pink tarha. do you know any international school who sells books for grade one student and study at home? kasi malayo kami sa mga international school diyan sa riyadh.

  37. Hi Pink Tarha, thank you for your very informative blog. Do you guys have a yearly &quot;INTER-SCHOOL COMPETITIONS&quot;? If yes! then why there&#39;s no football or soccer played on it. <br /><br />Why Philippine I.S. has no playground of it and no interest in playing the game of football which is this country&#39;s national game is football and most of the world. <br /><br />In Philippine

  38. Hi Mr. Abdullah,<br /><br />This entry on Philippine schools in Riyadh was done through research. We have no connections to the schools, apart from the fact that one of us (Sampaguita Pride) was a teacher in one of the schools but she&#39;s currently out of Riyadh and is no longer connected to the school. <br /><br />In our understanding, there are no areas inside the schools to promote soccer or

  39. hi i would like to ask .is your school accepting egyptian national?thank you.

  40. Anonymous Reply

    hey, you have mentioned that one of the pink tarha ladies is a teacher? which school is she from? 🙂

  41. @Princess Tabao: Some Philippine schools accept students of other nationalities. Kindly direct your specific questions to the schools above via their websites. :)<br /><br />@Anonymous 7:18PM: Sampaguita Pride was a teacher of the Riyadh International School in Suleimania for two years. However, she&#39;s no longer connected with the school. She&#39;s currently in the Philippines to further her

  42. Anonymous Reply

    hello there…we&#39;re planning to get our child on june 2014 and i think she will be late for the opening of the school year…her visa will be visit visa and we&#39;re planning to transfer to dependent visa when she arrive here. my question is, is there any consideration if we cant make to transfer the visa? i mean,is she entitled to get the finished school year even when she will go home

  43. Hi Ms. Kleng, we&#39;re not sure about these specific cases. Maybe you can contact one of the schools above and hopefully, they will get to answer you. Sorry we couldn&#39;t help you further.

  44. Anonymous Reply

    Hi<br /><br />Is there a Filino run Montessori school in Riyadh? I&#39;ll be bringing my family in Riyadh and I want my kids to continue their OB Montessori type of schooling. Kindly advice<br /><br />Mike

  45. @Mike: We&#39;re not sure about a Filipino-run montessori schools in RIyadh. We hear about international ones but not Filipino-run.

  46. Anonymous Reply

    Do u know of any Philippine special school? My daughter is a late-talker and i heard about 2 special schools here in riyadh but they are not good. I would prefer if she could attend a Philippine school.

  47. @mike: try palm crest international school as per their claim they are the only school in riyadh that follows montessori approach….

  48. Hi, good day<br />I&#39;m planning to bring my family here in riyadh next year. Do we have a phil. int&#39;l school near al mursalat. Thanks for the info about the requirents.

  49. gud day po, ask ko lang po kung possible pong makapagaral ang anak ko dito sa riyadh kahit visit visa lang at passible bang makakuha ng iqama or magawan ng paraan para mkakuha ng iqama?tnx po god bless

  50. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha. Thanks for your very informative blog. We are planning to enroll our son in IPSR but at d same time we are lookingfor a place to rent near the school. Any idea where we can find it?

  51. @Arjhield: Sorry but we are not near that area so we don&#39;t know of any Philippine schools there.<br /><br />@Trevor: Medyo mahigpit na po sila sa visit visa ngayon. At sa amin pong pagkakaalam, hindi rin po tumatanggap ang schools pag visit visa lang ang visa ng inyong anak. Dapat po siguro ay dependent para mas sigurado po.<br /><br />@Anonymous 9:39PM: Most flats for rent are only available

  52. Mariam Jobara Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha!I just want to ask if you know a good Philippine School for special children?I have a 12year old son with autism who I want to bring here in Riyadh in May of 2014.I am also looking for a Filipino Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist who can teach my child at home.Your response is highly appreciated.Thank you.

  53. Hi Mariam, we&#39;re not sure of a Philippine School for special children but Saudi Arabia has a few schools for them. One of the most recognized is the Riyadh Multination School ( They said that the Riyadh International School also has it, not sure though. Thanks for reading The Pink Tarha! 🙂

  54. hi there, what about teaching position and salary?

  55. HP Reyes Reply

    I graduated hs from ipsr and i started studying there since elementary years. i grew up with great friends who are half filipino and one of my bestfriends, doesn&#39;t even have filipino blood. because of her studying in an IPS, she speaks, ethiopian, arabic, english, tagalog and a few Filipino dialects(haha!) Now we are both nurses and have master&#39;s degrees.

  56. Anonymous Reply

    Hi! alam nyo po ba how much po ang tuition fee ang grade 2 and grade 9 sa lahat ng philippine school dyan sa riyadh.. at ano po ba dapat ang visa ng mga bata para walang maging problem sa enrolement… thank you po

  57. @Anonymous 6:05AM: All grade levels have more or less the same tuition fee which is around 500 up to 600 Saudi riyals per month. Children should have a valid dependent visa in order to enroll hassle-free in schools in Riyadh.

  58. ELD Reply

    i still have no place in riyadh, so where do you suggest the best locations in riyadh in terms of safety, security, access to common needs and school? House rent should also not that very high, I can handle 25000 SR maximum annualy. We are a family of 5. What hpuse quality would i get?

  59. @ELD: I will be biased and say that live in the Suleimania area, particularly near the Prince Sultan Military Hospital and King Fahd Hospital because there are Philippine schools clustered in that area (ex. Palm Crest, Millenium, Al Dana, Al Taj, etc.) and it&#39;s also near a small Batha-like area that has the remittance centers (ex. Enjaz, AlRajhi, Telemoney), Filipino restaurants (Jollibee, La

  60. ELD Reply

    @ Pink, maraming salamat. Yes I mean flat…I am new and working here in Khurais (i think) but have been working since 2008 in Jubail area. Do you know of Aramco Pump station 3? Is it easy to go from pump station 3 and riyadh Suleimania area, vice versa?

  61. @ELD: No idea where Aramco Pump Station 3 is. Is it outside Riyadh city already? Then, it&#39;s quite far because the Suleimania area is in the heart of the city. But it&#39;s near major highways like King Fahd Road and Khurais Road.

  62. ELD Reply

    @Pink…hmmm i think PS3 is in Khurais area, then need to take Khurais road. thanks….

  63. Anonymous Reply

    Jhen,<br /><br />Hello, I am currently working as a non-medical staff here in Qassim Hospital KSA and I&#39;m about to exit this coming June.Im planning to get teaching job again, I&#39;ve been taught for almost 3 years in Phil way back 2012 and LET passer.So let me know which school has hiring nowadays and what will be process. <br />.<br /><br />

    • Anonymous Reply

      Hello, can you please help me to find a Philippine school near my workplace for my children? I&#39;m working at Yamama Saudi Cement Al karj road Azizia.<br />My eldest is 5 yrs old and youngest is 3yrs old. I want them to go on summer class this april. Please advise… thanks

  64. Hello Anonymous 5:24PM: Unfortunately, we are nowhere near your workplace but most parents send their children in schools in the Suleimania area. Try the Second Philippine International School or the Palm Crest School.

  65. Anonymous Reply

    Hello, Can you help me please find the nearest Philippine school where my husband work and live, he lives in Al Hasan Al Taghlaby St 2675 Riyad 11000,I am trying to find the distance in google map but i can&#39;t seem to get an accurate distance and direction.I think google is restricting me coz im outside the country. Please if you can give any me info coz we will join my husband soon and I need

  66. @Anonymous 7:24PM: No idea where that area is also. Any other landmarks from your husband?

  67. Anonymous Reply

    hello … do you happen to know if any of these schools offer any recreation classes (guitar, ballet, etc) for kids especially during vacations?

  68. Anonymous Reply

    Hi, any Philippine School nearest to Riyadh Airport please?<br />Please pm me at<br />thank you

  69. Anonymous Reply

    Hi! Can you recommend the best Philippine school in Riyadh?

  70. Hi Ms Pink Tarha, Can you help me about choosing best International school for our 2 boys. My husband is South African and I&#39;m Filipina..We&#39;re on visa application process for the 2 boys, one is holding south african passport (my husband&#39;s son 9 yr old) and my son (7 yrs old) they will come here in KSA probably in July coz that&#39;s the only month we could fetch them. We wanted them

  71. Anonymous Reply

    Hello I have a boy 10 and girl age 5 we are eyeing our kids to enroll to ELITE SCHOOL can you please tell us what to expect.. for we will be coming over maybe last week of May I am worried that my kids will get culture shocked I. want them to be more busy on school activities …please help thanks!

  72. Hello Ms Pink Tarha, glad to have read your blog as it really was so informative. Besides Millennium School is there any other Philippine school which opens on September?. Hope your could help me..<br /><br />Thank you,<br />Carla<br />

    • Andrew Reply

      My wife tells me that PCIS just recently conducted a survey of parents to determine whether there was any interest in changing the start of the academic year to September. I don’t know what the outcome was – and don’t imagine there will be any major changes this year, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to contact them and see.


  73. Wowie Sumagayan Reply

    Hi Pink Tarhata, are there apartments for rent or compunds near Suleimaniah area for Filipino family since we want our place near our childrens’ school. And do u have idea how much is the rental and are they of good conducive to stay. Thanks you.

    • Janelle Janelle Reply

      Hi Wowie, we live in the Suleimania area and near the schools. Our rental rate is around SR 30,000 per year for a three-bedroom flat. I’m not sure where to know the availability but you can visit the real estate shops in the area and they will direct you to flats and villas. Thanks!

  74. Zakhaev Reply

    Hi pink tarha. Meron po bang Philippine school d2 sa riyadh na nag ccater for kids with special needs? Thank you po!

  75. Alfie Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha, do you have any idea how to send fresh flower to your dearest one living outside Riyadh city? Thank you.

  76. lea clarin Reply

    Hi Pink Tarha, do u happen to know if how much yung tuition fee sa millenium international school?

  77. Leen Reply

    Hi , just wanna ask if my university dto s riyadh n ngooffer po ng distance learning studies,, im working here and my employer allowed me to study online.
    Thanks for the responce in advance

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