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Whoah! Is it the last day of April already? The days have gone by so fast, don’t you think? We were looking at our blog tabs and frowned when we saw this is only our fifth entry for the month! Waley! What happened to our new year’s resolution to blog often? Haha. (Ah wala nga pala kaming resolutions!)
Anyway, summer is here again. Despite of the cranky weather Riyadh has been experiencing for the past few days, we all know that it’s already the season of the sun. The harsh desert climate is upon us and you need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If you recall, Sampaguita Pride has already written an entry a few months back on how not to be a prune in the desert aka how to keep your skin moisturized. A lot of you has been asking us where to get the aloe vera gel that SP mentioned. Well, here’s your answer:
Click photo for larger size.
Forever Living offers many aloe vera products so if you’re interested, check the flyer above. Aloe vera does not only keep your skin moisturized, it also heals skin ailments! The Pink Tarha is not the expert on this so we’re turning you to the one who can answer your questions… Ms. Verna Nafrada. Contact her at 050-7032098 or email her at for your aloe vera gel needs. 🙂
So, there’s no reason to sport dry and itchy skin this summer! 😛 
Happy May, everyone! 


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  1. Hello everyone,<br /><br />Let me just add that Forever Living has a whole line of products for inner wellness and detox, and they are all 100% organic and natural!<br /><br />Their Aloe gel is proven to be very effective in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar.<br /> <br />There are also cases of psoriasis, eczema and gangrenous wounds that have been completely healed! <br /><br />Please

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    Forever Living company is mainly engaged in multi-level marketing to sell its products. Accordingly, the prices of its products balloon to stratospheric levels due to the addition of substantial commissions of the various levels of their sales agents. It&#39;s an intelligent way of circumventing the law and avoid being tagged as a pyramid scam. One can buy equally effective products in the market

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