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The Pink Tarha has long been a member of Expat Blog, a platform that gathers expatriates’ blogs around the world and lets expats share experiences. It was created 7 years ago by Julien Faliu’s passion for discovering new cultures. He launched the Expat Blog to help expatriates and since 2005, it has become a support website for expats and those who are planning of moving abroad.

The Expat Blog

The Pink Tarha has benefited from the Expat-Blog community. We read a lot of blogs of fellow expats here in Saudi Arabia. They make a good resource of first-hand experiences and learning from living in the Kingdom. The forum section, which we rarely visited before because we are not that good in maintaining a forum account, is also helpful. You can get advice from fellow expats and gain friends. We are, however, slowly getting into the forum groove and just started participating last month.
Expat Blog has launched two new sections which will further help expats, especially in Saudi Arabia. It now has sections called Jobs and Housing in Saudi Arabia.

Looking for work?
In the Jobs section, you can post or discover job opportunities in Saudi Arabia, per type of job (more than 100 jobs and fields), create your CV, and find the right job for you.

Looking for a new house?
In the Housing section, ads are available by kind of accommodation, whether you’re looking for or offering places for/to rent. These new sections will surely help expats in Saudi Arabia to look for these essential needs in living and working here in the Kingdom.
Visit Expat Blog and you might just find what you’re looking for. Whether you want further great reads in living abroad from bloggers’ personal experiences or want to find friends or looking for answers to some specific questions you might have about the country you’re in or want to get insights into a country you’ll go to or just looking for the right job and the right housing... Expat Blog is your answer. And we’re not just talking about Saudi Arabia. Any country you’re in or any country you want to be in can be found in their directory. 🙂


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