Fancy Bags at Victoria’s Secret

Ola, Wednesday! You’re here! 
Before we jet off to our weekend getaways (as if), we’re leaving you with some eye candies from Victoria’s Secret. Because really, we need beautiful things to look at every day! 😉
Envelope clutch, iPad cases, and business card case

These are so classy!

Leather totes
Totes with long handles are perfect for traveling. We can totally see ourselves using this for a trip outside Riyadh paired with a weekend bag. Now, if only we have a trip outside Riyadh this weekend…
Sequined stripe canvas totes

Ooohlala, what bling you’ve got there! This is a usual bag type but the sequins make it extraordinary!

Nylon weekender luggage

A good friend will totally kill for this. Lol. She likes everything with animal prints so this will be perfect for her. Rawr!

These accessories are available only to Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories stores which are mostly found in the Middle East. You can’t buy these collection from the VS full assortment stores in the US so consider yourself lucky if you have one! *wink* The Pink Tarha ladies will have to settle by staring hard at the photos for now because these don’t come cheap. But they’re all so pretty… sigh.
Victoria’s Secret stores are located in Kingdom Mall and Hayat Mall.
Where are you headed this weekend, friends? Care to take these bags with you if ever? Take us too! Lol. Have a good weekend!!!
Btw, it’s World Blogger’s Day today. We didn’t prepare anything fancy dahil huli na naman kami sa balita! Haha. But to our fellow bloggers and to us… happy world bloggers’ day! To our dear readers, kindly visit our fave blogs in our LINKS page. Thank you!


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  1. i love that envelope clutch the most!! 🙂 and i didn't know such day (World Blogger's Day) exists!!! Huli din ako sa balita LOL!

  2. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    any store here in al-khobar?

  3. @Anonymous: There's no VS branches in Al-Khobar. Hopefully they'll open one soon.

  4. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    do you have any idea which stores here in al-khobar area are authorized to distribute original VS cologne?<br /><br />because i see some stores,specially Ramaniyah mall,are selling VS,i dont know if they original.i dont want to take risk of paying a fake product.<br /><br />thanks.

  5. There are stalls selling VS products in Riyadh&#39;s Batha area too. We&#39;re not sure if they&#39;re original. Maybe class A? They smell like the ones we buy at VS but they&#39;re probably less concentrated. <br /><br />To get the best bang for your buck, nothing beats buying the ones in the VS stores.

  6. Wats d price for the sequin tote?

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