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There are times that you feel a need to be alone. Especially us, ladies. Right? I have a lot of those moments. In Manila, it’s easy to find a coffee shop or a bakeshop that I can go to and be alone. No one would wonder why I’m in this kind of solitary confinement moment and I can go on sipping my coffee, biting my pastry, and typing away in my laptop or reading a book. It’s kind of hard to find such a nook here, unless you’re a bachelor. Most coffee shops in Tahlia cater to them. The family section of a restaurant is most of the time crowded and filled with kids. I have nothing against kids, seriously, but it’s hard to focus when there are a bunch of them running around and shrieking and playing, don’t you think? 

I found a solution to that problem. The Crepe Cafe in Thalateen Street. 

I don’t want to give away this secret because you might flock this place with your friends (and your kids) and I would be forced to look for another “me” nook but you know The Pink Tarha cannot resist sharing good finds! And I’d like to share this space because we, ladies, can use more lady-friendly establishments around here. Do you agree? 😛

You might know of The Crepe Cafe in Riyadh Gallery. Their concept is so popular that they had to extend their dining area to the other side of the garden. And they still had a line waiting every time. The ladies and I liked Crepe Cafe there but I think we like the new branch better because it’s tucked in a corner, it has wifi, and my friends and I can hear ourselves better. I bet I can even hear myself better when I’m alone and there are fewer people in this coffeeshop.

Bright interiors
French-lovin’ cafe
The “me” booth I like, hehe
The bright interiors of the family area is an apt place to dine in. The food is good too. My favorite would have to be the banana caramel crepe just because it’s no-fuss and simple. It’s sweet, of course, but paired with bananas, this crepe is the right one for me. E tried the philly steak crepe and she liked it too. Their savory crepes are nice and fills the tummy just right. We also tried the salmon omelet and while a little bit bland, it’s adequate. Our waffle-loving friend tried the ones with berries and ice cream. She was neutral on the buttery batter used. She likes her waffles fluffy and light but The Crepe Cafe’s aren’t. Still quite yummy though.

Picture time!
Comfort food
Savory love.
Lots of smoke salmon bits
All the good things in a plate

So here’s why The Crepe Cafe is perfect for your “alone” time… it’s quiet during non-rush hours. It has free wifi (just ask the waiter for the password). They have a nice selection of coffee. Their very affordable ‘breakfast’ food comforts. There are a few establishments around it that you can go to and browse products while waiting for your driver (ex. Golden Brown, Candy Bouquet, Chocolate Dream, etc.) So, you know where to go now when you’re hit by a “me time” craving. Or if you and your girl friends just wanted to have a mini getaway (from the crazy urban landscape) to yourselves. 😉 Of course the mall makes perfect sense too. 😉

The Crepe Cafe
a. Thalateen St., Suleimania, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
b. Riyadh Gallery, along King Fahd Road


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