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Remember the gold souks I featured before? While they have a lot of jewelries to offer, our indecisiveness can’t be satiated still. What’s the solution? Go for customized, handmade jewelries, of course!
Today we feature a jewelry shop that makes amazing and well-crafted jewelries. MIG Gems and Jewellery  (Ashoor Jewellers) has been in Riyadh since 1985. They specialize in gold and precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Being in the industry for 15 years, MIG has branched out to Qatar, Dubai, and Sri Lanka.
Lovely rings in gold with various stones
Pick your color!
They do not only sell ready-made jewelries. They’re also very good in custom-made jewelry. You give them the design you want and they’ll make it for you! How great is that? You get the finest quality of gold and stones and craftsmanship. And since they’re very much familiar with the Filipino market, they have installment plans that are budget-friendly and flexible. I plan on having my name necklace and ring with my birth stone peridot done by them (good luck to my wallet… but this is good investment, right?!).
What huge stones!
Simple designs.
More “blue” jewelries
Remember when I told you about my brother and his then fiance (now his wife) were looking for wedding rings (that led to my entry on gold souks)? They couldn’t find a design they wanted so they looked for a design in the Internet and went to one of Manila Plaza’s gold store to have it custom-made. While they got it for a pretty good deal, it didn’t quite turn out to be what they wanted. The design wasn’t followed accordingly; the rings were thin and the edges were a little bit rough. So, I’m suggesting they take them to MIG because according to Jefry, the salesman in the KFSH&RC branch, they can “correct” it. They can re-design it, if wanted. MIG Gems can take your old jewelries and re-design them to match the modern times or your style.
I do!
The stones of MIG Gems are sourced from other countries as well. You can pick your birth stones and voila! They have it. Even those colors of stones you didn’t know existed, they probably have it. Just look at these blings…
I’m soooo tempted to run away with these! Hehe!
I love anything royal blue! Princess Kate’s engagement ring, anyone?!
I looove the shine of the blue sapphire. It was dazzling! Can you guess how much this ring is? Well, tumataginting na… over SR35,000!!! Approximate lang yan. Whoahhhh!
Woman’s bestfriend!
Necklaces with stones
What a bling!
Not as shiny but as precious.
What a rainbow of semi-precious stones!
Now let’s talk about gold, because MIG has taught me one or two about it…
The allure of gold is long lasting.
Many of you have asked what’s the difference between Saudi gold and Italian gold. Try as I might, I couldn’t even look for answers in Google but MIG explained it to me simply. Most gold are imported from other countries, mainly from Africa. Contrary to what we believe in, Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a lot of gold mines. They don’t have a lot of gold. The Saudi gold pertains to gold that are manufactured here (meaning the mixing and designs are done here). The same way that Italian gold means the gold (imported from some where else) were polished and designed in Italy. What makes Saudi gold cheaper? No taxes, of course!
Name pendants
What’s the difference between yellow gold and white gold? (Ehermn, aside from the colors!) The metals used in the alloy mix. Remember that not because it’s called gold, it’s already pure gold. You can’t wear “pure gold” because it’s soft and malleable. Pure gold needs to be mixed with several metals to make it into jewelries. So does it mean that yellow gold is more valuable than white gold because it has more pure gold (which is yellow)? Nope. The gold content of yellow gold is the same as that in white gold. It’s just the metal components in the alloy mix that makes the color different. Yellow gold has copper and zinc while white gold has silver and palladium. Let’s throw in the rose gold for some tri-color action. Rose gold has more copper, which gives off the pinkish color. Now you might ask, what’s better… yellow gold or white gold? That depends on your taste and style. I see yellow gold as traditional while white gold, modern. It’s not bad to have a mix of both, diba?
A nice, simple ruby ring

Like what I said on my gold souks entry, I’m not really into jewelry but if I have to buy anything, it would have to be something like the ring above. Simple and classic. And of course, nothing too expensive.

What kind of jewelry are you into? What’s your favorite gem stone? We will try to make a schedule and tour the factory of Mig Gems and we’ll tell/show you more about it. For now, we can ogle at these pictures. If you plan to visit Jefry, mention The Pink Tarha orayt? 😉 ~ Sundrenched

MIG Gems & Jewellery (Ashoor Jewellers)
Social Club Building (in front of the grocery)
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Riyadh, KSA 
(Another branch is in Olaya)
T: +966-11-470-6604 / 0562709895 
E: migjewellery@yahoo.com
B: www.facebook.com/migjewellery


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