Sneak Peek at Paul’s

There’s a new bakery in town. And it’s classy.
“Paul” is a famous and long-loved French boulangerie (French term for “bakery”) founded since 1889 and has been going global since the 90s. Finally, we don’t have to travel far and wide to get a taste of that authentic, elegant French taste.
If you must know, the French take pride in their bread-making skills and consider themselves as the authority when it comes to baking (among other things). This is just a preview of the newly opened “Paul” over at Thalia St. (right across the Centria Building). And while we have not tasted the food there yet, the place looks inviting and we’re excited to try their menu out soon!
I just happen to accompany a friend of mine who was getting takeout at the place when I decided to snap some photos away to share the news. 🙂
Here’s a sneak peek at Paul’s, which opened just last month.
The entrance.
Spare me a piece of bread!
A big welcome!
The chocolate moelleux is the one at the back.
I wonder if that means 140SR per slice (?)
It looks like Apple Pie.
Looks yummy!
It’s beating out “Valentine’s Day” to me.
Apart from the bread and pies and tarts that I saw, I also saw waiter heading in and out of the kitchen with sandwiches and burgers. And when I checked online, indeed, it is part of their menu. They also feature a see-through kitchen where you can see everything that’s going on as they bake their bread and prepare your food using top-of-the-line baking ovens.
Have a look-see.
It’s for everyone. Singles and Families.
A view of the Family Section.
I did hear that they’re packed during morning and lunch time, so best to call in for a reservation.
Details are on their card below:
You can ‘Like’ them on Facebook too!
As for me, I headed out with a little taste test of their Brioche. I’m no French food expert, but I really liked its taste and how seemingly intricate the texture was. 🙂 Must be perfect for breakfast.
Well, there you go. Stay tuned as we wait up for salary day and treat ourselves to this new French delight in Riyadh. Unless you go there before we do! 😉

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