Now that winter is coming to an end (quite early this year), we’d like to get on with our spring cleaning. We’re admitting it. We have far too many stuff that we’ve acquired through the years that we haven’t used in say, years or months. It’s embarrassing to note that we even have clothes and bags that still have their tags on. Uh yeah, we forgot we have them. It’s only now that our closets are groaning from all the unnecessary weight that we’re coming to our senses: it’s time to let go of these preloved items. The added income wouldn’t hurt too. It will add to our shopping money! For more stuff! Yey! Haha!
So, if you’re interested in these items, which include dresses in sizes ranging from 14-18 (yep, we’re proud plumps like that), shoes sized 7-9, accessories for all occasions, new and slightly-used bags, etc.  at very affordable prices, come to our PRELOVED SALE STALL on February 28, 2013, Thursday, from 8:30AM to 1:00PM at the G-Complex Lobby of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Takhasussi, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
There’s a reason why we’re calling it just a “stall.” It’s nothing big and grand like a bazaar. We couldn’t even call it a mini bazaar, even if it sounds and looks better in our flyers. It’s because we literally just have a few tables and racks. And our items aren’t that extensive. It’s just a simple sale stall.
The venue is open to ladies only. Strictly no kids allowed as this is the building’s policy (it’s not ours so please don’t think we’re disregarding your children every time we have an event, haha!). Non-hospital employees are welcome. Ask your drivers to use the Tank Farm gate to enter the housing complex.
Even if you’re not buying anything but just want to hang out, then you’re also most welcome… but then again, if you’re buying stuff worth SR150 and above and you’re one of the first 10 ladies to do so, we’ll give you a mug and an eco souvenir bag. 😉
If you have further inquiries, just comment below or email us You may also want to LIKE our Facebook page as we’ll be uploading pictures of some of the stuff that will be available on the day itself.
Sounds fun? It will be! See you on the 28th! 😉

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  1. Hello, i will like to suggest that maybe you should have somethings posted online for online shoppers too.What do you think?

  2. Hello FashionJadeedah! Thank you for your suggestion. However, we don't have that many stuff to open an online store. However, we'll look into it soon. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Avatar badj Reply

    I have the same closet dilemma. I hope there is a way to sell new and pre-loved items of our own too. Any suggestions? Thanks much!<br />

  4. Hi Badj, try selling them online. Put up a small online shop using Facebook or Instagram. 🙂

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