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It must be the four years that we’ve been online… The Pink Tarha and our readers already have the same wave length. That, or we’re turning into psychics!
Upon publishing this entry on Al Akariyah, where women can buy their abayas, a reader commented that she was about to ask us where to buy one when she read the entry. It’s as if we read her mind. Yesterday, I was contemplating if I’ll write about the last of the Thailand series or about the DMC craft store in front of Al Akariyah when a reader in our Facebook page asked is we know a craft store. It’s as if she was reading my mind. Wow! Haha. So, looking for a craft store? Here you go…
DMC, originally based in New York City, started in the 1920s and is still the most popular thread brand used in various sewing crafts. DMC stands for Dollfus-Mieg & Compagnie, named after the owners. The first store carrying DMC that I saw in Riyadh is Adel’s in Shola Shopping Center but it has closed after a fire in Shola a year ago. The shopping center hasn’t reopened since. But there’s one DMC store tucked in Musa Bin Nussair street just off Olaya Road. It’s opposite the Al Akariyah Shopping Center.
Welcome to this creative world!
Here’s a gallery of the items they carry (bongga sa dami!)…
Colorful threads
Threads and sewing boxes
Metallic and two-toned threads
Cross-stitch patterns
More complicated but beautiful patterns
Cloth and fabrics
Needles and hooks
More tools for your crafts
Floss threads
For quilting and crocheting
More colors to choose from
Yarns for your projects
Zip ’em up!
Slim zippers and paddings
Vibrant and neutral colors in this counter
Trimmings galore!
Delicate beaded trims up close
Chains and tassels
The trimmings are endless!
 So many products to choose from… I got dizzy just looking!
The ribbon corner
Satin ribbons in plain, solid colors
Can you suggest ways on how to incorporate these into your crafts?
The button counter
Button up!
Beads and more beads…
Ahhh, don’t you just admire those colors?!
Sparkling stones… 
Rectangular stones
I’m to tempted to learn how to do beadings now.
Big stones for accents
So elegant and glamorous
Faux pearls

Apart from the usual threads, trims, buttons, beads, and jewel embellishments, DMC has more to offer! They also have stuff that can beautiful any thing! Lookie:

The floral shelves

Flower power!
For head dresses, headbands, corsages, etc.
Masquerade ball, anyone?
Vintagey brooch
Studded belts
Tiaras and crowns
I’m quite sure you’ll find a lot of products in the DMC store that would help in your needlework. Show me your finished products, okay? It’s quite obvious I didn’t “talk” much in this entry. Well, those colors in the photos captivated me so much I couldn’t help but just share all the photos I took instead. Haha! 
The DMC store is located in one of the buildings off Olaya Road. Just turn right on the traffic light in the corner of Al Akariyah or the building where New Look/Splash is. Drive slowly when you’re already in the Musa Bin Nussair street. It’s on the fifth building, I think, opposite the gate entrance of Al Akariyah Mall 1. Here’s the map we used for the abaya entry… the red circles denote the Al Akariyah shopping complex. The blue circle indicates the DMC store.
Click for larger version of map.

And as an added tip to those who are into sewing, if you’re looking for fabrics and textiles, cross the street from DMC to go to Al Akariyah Mall 1 and head to Al Akariyah Mall 2. There are textile and fabric stores on the ground floor. 😉

Amazing drapes of fabrics in this store! The cloths are so colorful too!
This is really enticing me to get a sewing machine, hehe!
Again, what can I say? Happy shopping! 🙂 ~ Sundrenched


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  1. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    Hi there, do you know if there is a a Brother's authorized seller/re-seller in Riyadh for home sewing machine? Apart from the hypermarket i.e. Lulu or Carefour. Thanks

  2. this. is. incredible! i had no clue there was an actual dmc store in riyadh–my mom is coming to riyadh from the states this month, and i sent her all over collecting dmc floss and other supplies for my cross-stitching projects so that she could bring them to me. now i feel bad, but it is good to know she won't have to do that anymore! so awesome! 🙂

  3. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    can u tell me any landmark near by DMC ? Any shop close by.. <br />

  4. Wow..Thank you so much…was looking for something exactly like this ! did you happen to see any studs there ? and was leather available in the fabric section ??

  5. @Anonymous 12:07PM: The map is provided. Just look for the entrance to Al-Akaria Center on the other side and it&#39;s just on the opposite. I couldn&#39;t remember what was beside the DMC but I&#39;ll be sure to check it when we pass by that area again. Thank you.<br /><br />@Nabaa: I haven&#39;t seen studs and leather there but maybe I haven&#39;t looked enough. I was only there for my mother&#

  6. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    Hi! Do you know the contact number of the shop?

  7. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    This was sooooooo helpful! TX a lot. Keep them coming please. I just followed on Insta btw 🙂

  8. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    Wow this is really helpful for me thanks a lot now i know where to buy dmc floss shukran jazillan,,<br />

  9. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    I can&#39;t seem to find the shop. I am going around for months.

  10. hi pink i just want to ask if rhis is still open thanks

  11. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    So helpful..This was exactly what I had been looking for…Great piece of information..Thank You So Much…

  12. this is what im looking for… yehey.. thanks

  13. Jazakallah khair for your helpful information, very very helpful, shukrun

  14. Avatar Vlatka Reply

    hello.. Im new here… and thank you very much for this… I wasn’t sure will I be able to find any store here with all things needed for crocheing. Do you maybe know what are their opening hours now??

    • Janelle Janelle Reply

      Hi Vlatka, we haven’t been to the DMC store for a while that’s why we’re not sure what their Ramadan timings are. To be sure that they’re open, you can go after the isha prayer. Thta would be around 9:30 in the evening.

  15. Avatar Ghing Reply

    Do u deliver or do u accept online delivery im here in jeddah i want a crosstitch set pls reply.

  16. Avatar BERENICE Reply

    Hi! Do you know the contact number of the shop?

  17. Avatar Sammy Ann Reply

    I’ve been wanting to go to this shop, went once it was closed….does it have knitting needles?

  18. Avatar asmara Reply

    Hi, there has any swiss voile shop?please tell me

  19. Oh good you found it. 🙂

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