Breathtaking Maldives: Medhufushi 2/4

Writing this entry on the Maldives is proving to be difficult. Every time I see the pictures, I wanted to teleport there pronto! A part of me is asking, “Is there someone who can tell me where those days in paradise went?” Because it feels like it was over in an instant! How is that even possible?! Anyway, the duty of a Pink Tarha comes first. Hehe. I must look at our photos again and again just so I can write and publish this entry. Hahaha!

Medhufushi Island Resort, bird’s eye view

And so… we arrived in our resort via seaplane. Our resort is located in the Meemu Atoll. Here’s a map of the Maldives complete with our path from the airport to our resort. Fuchsia marks the spot!

I’m quite sure the flight path is not that straight. Hehe.

The friends are usually the talkative ones. We’re kind of funny and rowdy (slight lang) like that. But upon landing, the sun worshippers in us have no words to say: bright blue endless skies, waters in various shades of azure, and the warm hearty welcome… hay, this is the life! Seriously, if there’s a place where simplicity and luxury mold into one, it’s this place. This vacation is not cheap but it’s super worth it.

The water villas from the reception area

The Medhufushi Island Resort in Maldives has white sandy beaches surrounded by a crystal clear lagoon. It has 112 villas to choose from. Sixty-six beach villas are located in the island itself, with direct access to the sea shore. Eight of them are suites boasting of the finest amenities. The resort also has 44 water villas, or those rooms standing on water (aka our dream villas!) which has direct access to the lagoon water (or as my friend say, her very own “pool” in the Indian Ocean).

The lagoon suites, reachable by a dhoni only.

Their two lagoon suites are perfect for honeymooners. You’ll have the complete privacy and “isolation” because a private dhoni (small boat) is needed to go here.

Hello, water villas!!!
Our palm-thatched water villa is how we imagined it to be like. It looks simple from the outside but luxe awaits inside. We were given the best location among the 44 water villas in the resort… since it’s two persons per villa and we’re 6 in the group, we were given 3 villas standing side-by-side. They’re the nearest one to the main island and are facing the side where the sun sets.

Wohoooo! Here we go!

The colors of paradise

Walking to our rooms
The calming waters in between our villas
Our room! I stayed in 114 while E stayed in 113

Opening the door felt like stepping into our dream. Sima, the guest relations officer, toured us in one of the villas and we were squealing like little school girls when we saw what was in store for us. So for this entry, I’ll be the one giving you a “tour”of our home for four days:

Welcome to our room!

The bed is so inviting, and attention to detail is perfect! 
Coffee and tea area
Of course, we tried the espresso machine immediately!
Behind the wall is a restroom made for two!
Woot, E immediately had a bubble bath in her tub!
So nice that every thing is divided into smaller rooms.

The room is equipped with AC, a flat screen television (that my roomie and I weren’t able to open… not once!), DVD player, telephone, hair dryer, a stocked mini bar, and an in-room safe. I also like that their cabinets for our clothes are huuuge!

One of our favorite places in this villa is the wooden veranda which has the chairs, swing, and sun loungers that made us want to just stay put all day long. (Only if no other activities were available.) We can just stare into the ocean, read a book, sunbathe, enjoy our drinks, etc. in this place and we won’t get bored. Ever.

I love this swing!
Now I’m confused where to sit down. Hehe.

Hello neighbors!!!
Complimentary champagne to celebrate this vacation!

The stairs leading to the water is so convenient. During low tide, the water reaches the first and second steps only while during high tide (usually in the afternoon and night), the water becomes waist deep and reaches half the stairs. 

It’s low tide.
E is on the left, I am on the right.

Every dawn of our stay, it was raining. Thankfully, the rain stops at around 7 o’clock in the morning and the sun shines brightly mid-day. This is one of those cloudy mornings that we experienced in the resort:

Amazing view from the water at 7 in the morning.

Now that we’ve toured you in our villa, here’s a quick tour of the resort (quick meaning 10++ photos, hehe!). The restaurants and activity centers are a 5-minute walk away from the water villas. 

Catching the sunrise

Relaxing beach side
Too many spots to lounge around
The small opening which goes to the beach villa from the beach
One of the beach villas
The pathway from the water villas to the center of the island

The Medhufushi Spa is located in a hut facing the sunrise side of the resort. All the staff are Indonesians who specialize in very relaxing massages. The resort has a gym and a souvenir shop too.

One of my favorite places in the resort!

The Vilu Bar and the reception huts
You can order snacks of nachos and sushi/sashimi platter at the bar
Four cheese pizza and chicken satay (<3 the peanut sauce)

Buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner happens here at the Malafaiy Restaurant
The swimming pool area
Catching the sunset 

Gusto lang namin maiyak sa ganda ng place! As innn. Haha! We felt so blessed because we were given the chance to visit this gorgeous place. And so, the resort tour stops here. On the next entry, we’re bringing you the activities we did in the resort. Weeee! ~ Sundrenched 

Medhufushi Island Resort
Meemu Atoll, Republic of Maldives
T: +960-672-0026
F: +960-672-0027

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