Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Read The Pink Tarha

So there I was walking nonchalantly on an event when a woman suddenly came into my direct view and caught my attention and asked, “Pink Tarha ka diba?” (You are a Pink Tarha, right?) I normally get crazy shy during these kind of moments so I said Opo (Yes) in a whisper. The woman asked “Pwedeng mag-picture tayo?” Whoahhhh! Wait, wait. Is this some kind of a Punked! episode?! Hahaha! I wanted to hide under the table. The first thing on my mind was “Am I beautiful today?! Reputasyon ng Pink Tarha ang nakataya dito!” (It’s The Pink Tarha’s reputation on the line.) LOL!
Her husband, toting a camera, was with her so I and the woman (who I will not name here but really, she has my eternal gratitude) assumed that the husband would take our photo… but he handed the camera to a friend who was nearby and asked him to take our photo… the photo of the three of us with me in the middle. The woman looked at the husband and asked, “Kasama ka din?!” (You want to be in the picture too?) The husband laughed and said, “Syempre, reader din kaya ako!” (Of course, I’m a reader also.) I was supposed to burst out laughing but I maintained my simple smile (naks!) for the camera. I had a quick chat with the couple and said thanks after that. I was too shy to ask for a high five from the man and shout “You go, bro! You’re the man!” after him. 😛 
You cannot imagine how thankful we are to our readers!
It’s very entertaining for us to know that men read The Pink Tarha. It’s a given that most of our readers are women because our topics and status updates tend to sway their way but it gives us a different kind of high when we learn that the guys read us too. I mean, why would they?! Some of you guys might even be asking why should we?! Well, there are very VALID reasons why you should and here, let me help you in uncovering them.

1. Because you need to keep your bored wife unboredSo you had the opportunity to take your wife to Saudi Arabia but she finds herself bored. I don’t know, maybe because commuting here is a problem, women driving is non-existent, persistent news of abuse and harassment are well, persistent… so she couldn’t go out much. An unhappy wife makes a husband unhappy. So uncover all the possible means to keep your wife busy… and happy! First and foremost, give her the link to our blog, tell her to read our entries in making herself productive in the desert, and discuss the options afterwards. Now, if there’s still no solution to your wife’s boredom, tell her to message us. We reply and we welcome all kinds of questions so she just has someone to talk to (and someone to talk her out of this desert rut she’s currently in). We tell you, she’ll be happy in no time at all. Possible side effects would be spending too much time online and persistent nagging to go out to try out new restaurants and visit new shops. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Also, unbored is not a real word.
In relation to reason number 1 is reason number 2… (for guys who already have their wives and children with them here in Saudi Arabia)…
2. Because your wife reads The Pink Tarha. And there is a need to relate to her. So you know what she is talking about. I think this is one of the main advantages you’d get from us. By reading The Pink Tarha, you’ll know what they want or where they want to go next. Also, the next time they ask you to go somewhere in a random manner, you’ll know who to blame and not spend your waking hour fighting with your wife for not telling you sooner. Also, the maps below our places/restos/shops entries can help you find your way faster. You know how most women are, right? One of these days, they will ask you to go at a place/store you haven’t heard of and you’ll wonder where they got that tip. And then, your wife will forget the directions on your way there and when that happens, you’ll just go in circles. Eventually, you will blow your top off. So it’s better to be ready yannow. Just in case. 😉 
Number 2 reason in simpler terms is Read The Pink Tarha so you can relate to your wife. Because you know, any additional reason to be closer to your wife is a winner in our books so go for it! 
For guys who don’t have their families here or the single guys in general…
3. Because you need to be updated. Seriously guys, just because you’re working hard for your families back home and toiling away in the heat of this unrelenting desert, you should be serious all the time. Don’t you get tired of being serious and workaholic all the darn time? Have fun!!! (We mean clean fun, okay! No hanky-panky business over here.) You are entitled to some positive and good vibes and reading The Pink Tarha will give that to you (or we hope it does!). Also, our sale updates will tell you when and where to buy pasalubong for your families and friends back home. I swear there are some practical, relevant information in this blog that you can use in all aspects of life. Passport renewal? SSS contributions? Yup, we discusss these, ermn, serious stuff too you know. 
4. Because you have idle hours and you need to do something about those idle hours. Instead of wasting your time on nonsense websites, spend it on our blog! Haha! Reading The Pink Tarha blog is a good way to spend your time while waiting for your favorite teleserye. Oh yeah, you’re not into teleseryes… right?!? Haha! Aminin. Or maybe you have nowhere to go to or no one to talk to or nothing to do during your day off. Maybe you want to laugh at the expense of another to tide your time away? Do it with The Pink Tarha. Go marvel at our ability to shop for hours and lie our way into thinking that it’s only for “window shopping”. Or wonder how we end up eating in restaurants all the time as if we don’t know how to cook (uhmn me). Or find meaning into our unconditional love for shoes and travels. Or ask us any question too! (However, we do not accept any marriage proposals at this moment. LOL!)
5. Because isn’t it obvious by now? We’re funny (or we think we are). And you deserve a good laugh.

There are more reasons (wait for the second entry which might make more sense). For example, in certain highly unlikely random occasion, there would be that moment when your wife will stop someone in an event or in the mall and will ask you to take a photo with her/them. You need to know it’s us. Or not. Haha! But who knows? Sometimes, we truly think that our lives here in Saudi Arabia is as random as we imagine it to be. Don’t you? You need to be prepared. 
We always quip that real men not only wear pink, REAL MEN ALSO READ PINK. Because by reading The Pink Tarha, you become a man who understands women. And to us, that’s the essence of being a real man. (Shucks, tell me where to sign up for a beauty pageant! I think I just gave an answer worthy of a crown! Hahaha!) ~ Sundrenched
PS. Girl friends, you need to forward and share this entry to your husbands! Pronto! 😉

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  1. i will share to my male friends who work in Riyadj:))

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    I'm a man or should i say a boy (I'm 15) I love your blog, it's pretty interesting 🙂

  3. @Anne: Thank you! We appreciate it that you feep on reading the blog even if you&#39;re not in Saudi Arabia. :)<br /><br />@Anonymous 3:30AM: Woooow! Thank you very much! We appreciate your feedback. We hope you continue reading The Pink Tarha!

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