The Pink Tarha is FIVE!

FIVE YEARS. The Pink Tarha blog has been online five years. It’s been five years since we started sharing our thoughts and experiences with you, dear readers. And I am put in a spot wherein I think I have a lot of things to say but feel like there are no more worthy words to say them. I will try nonetheless. 😉

I am speaking in behalf of the other Pink Tarha ladies in telling you all how much grateful we are to all of you for reading the Pink Tarha and following our social media sites. What started as a love for shopping evolved into a love for a flexible Riyadh lifestyle that works not only for us, but also for you. We’ve been molded and shaped by Riyadh, the city we see as our second home. It hasn’t been easy because let’s be frank: it is challenging to live in Riyadh. Even among all the cities in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is strict, controversial, and smothering sometimes. BUT it’s also smart, engaging, and adventurous. If it’s so easy to live here, then might as well lead a perfect life (which doesn’t exist huh). No matter where we are, we are trying every day to create the kind of self we want to live with all our lives. No matter how many obstacles and trials we face, we persevere and pursue our goals and dreams in our own ways. Most of us, especially expatriates, see our life in Saudi Arabia as a sacrifice. We are here because we’re doing this for our families back home. Then just remember that great achievement are usually born out of a great sacrifice and is never the result of selfishness. 

Thank you very, very much for reading and supporting The Pink Tarha! We cannot express our gratitude enough. We have been so blessed for the five years we’ve been online. Some are saying that we’ve been influential in their lives but I’d like to hear more people say we’ve inspired them. So yes, The Pink Tarha wants to be INSPIRING. I guess for me, inspiring is a better word. It portrays what the objective and goal of the Pink Tarha is.

Personally, The Pink Tarha has been (and is still is) a journey for me. Writing has always been my passion and now, The Pink Tarha being an avenue of my writing (I hope you’re not bored or tired of my writings yet), has become my passion as well. What I learned in the five years that The Pink Tarha has been online is that if you’re not passionate about something, you tend to give up somewhere along the way. Thank you for being in this journey with me, with us. THANK YOU for being our inspiration, for giving us boosts of confidence with your comments, emails, and messages, for riding along our crazy ideas. I hope you continue being with us until the time we decide it’s time to move on. (Hopefully not soon huh?)
Because we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary, (and I love you so much I had to rush my way into gathering prizes as soon as I got back my vacation, haha!) we’re having the THE ULTIMATE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY! Wow, will you look at that. Haha! In our years in living in Riyadh, we’ve already discovered our favorites in some aspects of living in the city. So, we’re giving away ONE huge anniversary package containing our “favorites” to ONE lucky reader!!!
Just answer the questions you’ll find HERE. The most creative, substantial answer will win ALL of the following:
  • 1 pink infinity tarha (scarf). There’s only one of this veil around. The Pink Tarha ladies don’t even have this so you’re really lucky when you get this because you can use this tarha in a lot of ways (you can click here to see some ideas). If you’re a guy winner, then give it to a woman you love. 😉
  • 2 Pink Tarha mugs + 1 Pink Tarha eco bag. These are special to us because we only gave them to participants in our The Pink Tarha Mornings events. And they’re the last pieces. Exclusive na rin, hehe!
  • 1 full access of the Entertainer Riyadh 2014. An app filled with BOGO coupons to restaurants… what’s not to love?! Read more about the Entertainer here.
  • 1 pack of Curio art supplies (worth over SR 500). Curio is our favorite art supplies store in Riyadh. Personally, I get my Sharpies, pens, and Moleskine here. Artists can definitely find high-quality stuff here. And Curio’s owner has been very generous in giving us stuff for our anniversary! Let Curio ignite your creative streak here.
  • 1 voucher from Piatto (worth over SR 300, good for 4 persons). Oh Piatto, how can I even say how much we love Piatto? When you win this, don’t miss their chicken mushroom risotto, meatball pizza, bacon and potato pizza, and chicken mushroom dish. Muy delicious! We’ve written about Piatto here.  
  • 1 gold-plated bracelet from Camel Couture. I love Amber of Camel Couture! She’s so friendly and creative as seen in her Camel Couture’s first product. This camel bracelet is gorgeous and for expats, it’s the perfect souvenir from Saudi Arabia for your lady friends. Check out Camel Couture here. 
  • 2 dozens cookies from All Kinds of Cookies. I was surprised when Sarah of All Kinds of Cookies gave us a huge cookie cake last year for our anniversary. Just out of nowhere. And throughout the year, she’s been surprising us with freshly-made cookies in delicious flavors! You have to try her S’mores; it’s my favorite! And Sarah is one of my most favorite persons in Saudi Arabia! Get to know All Kinds of Cookies here. 
  • 1 sans rival from Cielo’s Sweet Treats. I haven’t tried Cielo’s sans rival but if it’s anything like the quality of her coconut macaroons, creme puff, and cheesecake… then I’m sold! You’re lucky to be tasting this sweet creation. More of Cielo’s Sweet Treats here.
  • 1-year subscription of Destination Riyadh Magazine (including back issues). Yes, one of our best friends in Riyadh, is the editorial manager of this magazine but it’s not the only reason why we read it. This magazine is chockfull of insights and best-kept secrets of Riyadh. It also has a directory of popular stores and restaurants. Handy! Check out Destination Riyadh here.
If I’m not a Pink Tarha, I would want to win all of these! Hahaha! But wait, there’s more!!! I’ll be choosing 2 more winners who will win the following:
1 full access of the Entertainer Riyadh 2014 
1-year subscription of Destination Riyadh Magazine 
1 voucher from Piatto (worth over SR 300, good for 4 persons) 
1 gold-plated bracelet from Camel Couture

All these and more!
Of course, we have a lot more favorite stuff in the city but my time was limited in gathering them so I hope you like these! By the way, you have to live in Riyadh for you to win okay? Again, click this link and answer the questions as honestly as possible for a chance to win! Your answers will help us improve the blog and our social media sites. We’ll close the form at 12am, January 24.
Again, thank you very, very much dear readers! Please continue reading and supporting The Pink Tarha! Cheers to more fun, fab years! Remember our motto for this year Riyadhizens… For women: Act like a lady, think like a boss! For men: Act like a gentleman, period! Haha!
We love you! Hugs and kisses from all of us! ~ Sundrenched


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