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Three months ago, I was thinking that it’s just a matter of time and juicing will hit Riyadh too. Juice cleansing is getting more popular in other parts of the world, particularly the Philippines were celebrities are drinking juices named Juju Cleanse, Juice Jab, and Skinny Juicery. I was browsing The Pink Tarha’s Instagram while I was in the Philippines and saw Cleanse and Glow’s account. I was thrilled to find out that the juice cleanse is now available in the haute, hot city! I don’t have to wait.
But first, what is a juice cleanse? You know how our bodies are filled with toxins because of our unhealthy habits right? I know that by heart since I’m one of those who eat what I want whenever, wherever. Also, if you’ve been following The Pink Tarha’s Facebook, you’ll know how I discard even the lettuce and tomatoes in my burgers (kids, do not do this at home). So it’s time to detoxify! Doing a juice cleanse can help unleash the body’s natural healing power by flushing out toxins. It floods our systems with powerful nutrients and antioxidants that come from fruits and vegetables. It’s just the first step in a long-term lifestyle change and a jumpstart to a weight-loss program you might want to enter.
Cleanse&Glow’s juice cleanse gives the body a chance to reset, restore, and nourish. It is a program consisting of 6 freshly pressed organic fruit and vegetable juices designed to give your digestive system a break and deliver a powerful boost of nutrition to the body. It’s available in 1-day, 3-days, and 5-days programs. So how does Cleanse&Glow’s Juice Cleanse work?
Your only choices
You place an order several days in advance through their number or email address or book online. You will pick up the 6 bottles every day between 8am to 11am, depending on what time you want to start your cleanse, in their store (map below). They only deliver for bulk orders (so round up your friends and juice cleanse together!).
The juices will replace your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No solid food except maybe raw veggies if you get really hungry (parusa much?!). Drink the juice 2-3 hours in interval and you can even drink hot tea in between (but I swear you won’t be needing this).
So I told myself I need to try this, even just for one day. I was doubtful though if I will feel any difference in just one day but oh well, what’s there to lose? So I went ahead and ordered a few days in advance. I was advised to pick up my 6 bottles at 8 o’clock in the morning. I received them chilled and sealed tightly. The bottles are numbered.
1-3 Morning / 4-6 Afternoon-Evening
One pack of Cleanse and Glow
I lined them up in my desk and stared for some minutes. They all look so beautiful and delicious. The vibrantly colored ones look intimidating. I told myself the clear ones will be easier to drink since they have less ingredients thus lighter.
9:00AM. The first bottle is the one I dreaded because it’s colored green. That can only mean one thing: vegetables. I’m one of those people who don’t eat veggies as much as recommended, especially when they come in the form of a salad (I know, I’m weird like that). So The Green Giant is the bottle I feared the most. It looks menacing in the bottle but that’s just me. My officemate said it looks fresh and refreshing. I know it’s nutritious since dark, green vegetables contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that cleanse the kidneys and the liver (VITAL organs yannow).
Beginning my day with The Green Giant
My fear of the Green Giant was unfounded, that I learn when I took a big gulp. My initial action plan was to down it as fast as possible but it the liquid was too heavy for that. It was indeed refreshing! The flavors of the fruits and veggies combined perfectly. It was like drinking a mocktail or a fruit shake. The fruity flavors overpowered the veggies so that was a plus for me. And pineapple and avocado? I love them! Darn celery though. It’s the aftertaste!
11:00AM. Bottle number 2 is Watermelonade. This was too easy for me. I love watermelon, I love lemon… what’s there not to like? I mean it’s like drinking watermelon juice all the way! Knowing that watermelon contains the antioxidant glutathione is not bad too. It’s not for its whitening properties that I like this. It’s for the wonderful benefits that my liver can take from it. And you know lemons… vitamin C! ‘Nuff said.
Minutes with the Watermelonade
1:00PM. Bottle number 3 is wittily named Beet Box. It’s another frightening juice because it oozes red, heavy liquid that already looks powerful in the bottle. But since The Green Giant proved to be delicious, I didn’t brace myself for this deeply red juice.
Stumped with the Beet Box
What can I say? It has a weird flavor knowing that beets and ginger have pretty much strong tastes. I cannot get the flavor out of my mouth immediately. I was intimidated by both ingredients that it took me 3 and a half hours to finish this bottle. I wanted to gag every time I took a huge swig of this (this is just me because beets are my waterloo; I have them removed from my Master Burger in Burger Fuel too). I had to force myself to finish this though because it gives a powerful dosage of Vitamin A which obviously I need for my blurred vision and tired-looking skin. After I downed my third bottle, I’m already full. It felt like I was eating the whole time because I wasn’t hungry at all. But the drinking gets a bit tiring after a while. I started to daydream of solid food and I made the mistake of writing this entry on Backyard Grill during that time (what the hell, Sundrenched?!? Haha!).
4:30PM. Bottle number 4 is Spicy Lemon-Aid which most of you might be familiar with. Shoegarfreeruby tried the Master Cleanse before and this is the main drink in that kind of cleanse. The lemons alkalinize the body providing a healing balance to the modern acidic diet. The cayenne pepper boosts metabolism and burns calories faster (can’t I just consume massive amounts of spicy food like Bicol Express and Laing?! Oh right, those are chilis.).
Chillaxing with a read and a Spicy Lemon-Aid
It’s not too spicy and too sour. It’s just right. However since I’ve been drinking a lot of fluid already for the day, I feel overwhelmed drinking this so I took my sweet time in sipping it little by little.
7:00PM. Bottle number 5 is Coconut H20. Again, something familiar. Don’t we have this in cans in the grocery marts? Haha! Kidding. We all know how important coconut water is; it’s one of the nature’s great health elixirs. It’s fat-free and full of hydrating electrolytes and essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
Easy peasy Coconut H2O
It tasted really fresh, sweet, and nutty. What more can I say? I’m sure you already know how this popular drink tastes. It’s great-tasting and beneficial to our health.
By this time, I am already hallucinating of hamburgers and steaks. I am craving for solid food like crazy but maybe because I am just thinking too much about them. I cannot stop my mind from imagining even if I already locked myself in my room to prevent myself seeing what’s for dinner in our kitchen. Finally, I came to the last bottle…
9:30PM. The last bottle is Smooth As Almonds which nourishes the body with protein and minerals that support detoxification. I am thinking “dessert” when it came to this brown-colored juice.
Save the sweet Smooth As Almonds for last
This is more or less a packed, ultra-charged chocolate drink. The dates served as a natural sweetener. I’m not sure it’s the perfect end to this juice cleanse because this drink is a bit heavy but since it’s most likely the “dessert” of the group, then it’s a fitting sweet finish.
I didn’t feel instantly healthy or beautiful upon finishing my one-day juice cleanse but I feel a bit lighter and refreshed when I woke up the next morning. I mean I haven’t consumed that amount of fruits and veggies in one day so I felt I’ve done a pretty good job for my body. Most of the juices are delicious and if cleansing is this delicious then I would try it again.
The one-day cleanse (aka 24-hour health and beauty boost) is SR 225 while the 3-day cleanse is priced at SR 675. For the maximum 5-day cleanse that triggers a deeper inner cleansing and promotes weight loss, it’s SR 1,125.
This is expensive but most juice cleanses are because they use organic ingredients brought about by farms that specialize in organic farming, a holistic, ecologically-balanced approach in growing fruits and vegetables. While most people can do their own juicing at home, those who work might not have the time to prepare their juices every day so Cleanse&Glow is a convenient way to do this. For more FAQs, visit here. ~ Sundrenched
Cleanse&Glow Juices
Moussa Bin Nusseir Street
(after Cercon Bldg 1, in front of old Alakaria parking lot)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
T: +966-54-1203016
Instagram: @cleanseandglow
Travel in Olaya Road. With New Look in your right side, turn right at the traffic light before reaching Alakaria building. Go straight passing by the Cercon buildings (identical buildings numbered 12 to 1). Just after the building 1, you’ll find stores on the right. One of them is Cleanse & Glow’s store (it looks empty from the outside).

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