Q&A Portion 14 and some UPOU Updates

Hello, lovelies! 
First of all, I would like to thank our readers who read our first two UPOU posts! A year after I finished my Master in Development Communication course at UPOU, I’ve decided to finish my Professional Teaching Certification (PTC) course to qualify for the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). So now, I’m just three units short of finishing PTC! Haha, I know aral na naman?! I guess I really enjoy Distance Learning. 

I also want to share some changes to UPOU since I graduated. 

UPOU’s Student Portal

First is their Online University Registration System (OURSYS).   Now, everything is streamlined and completely online. Everything! Once you’re admitted to UPOU, you can request access to OURSYS to enroll and pay for your tuition online. You can access the OURSYS through the Student Portal during enrollment period. No need to send a hard copy of your registration form to UP!
With the Student Portal, students can also check their grades, apply for course completion, drop subjects or apply for Leave of Absence with just a click of a button. This is so much better than before, when we had to email the registrar just to check if our professors already submitted our grades. 
Speaking of streamlined, UPOU’s Moodle Site is also updated and now you can take the exam right inside Moodle. Before, if we need to take the exam online we had to schedule a webcam conference with a proctor. But now, we can take the exam online along with our classmates. No cheating issues as most Post Grad exams are in essay format. 
Another change would be the academic calendar shift from June to August! So we’ll be starting class on August/September like UP Diliman and would be applicants will have more time to prepare for their application. Also PTC is now a trimester course, which means you can finish the program faster.
Oh and we’re still getting a lot of inquiries from our readers so I’ve compiled a new set of questions from readers about UPOU:
1. Is the entrance exam hard? 
For UPOU, the exams are called UGAT or Undergraduate Assessment Test, it is similar to UPCAT or other College Entrance Exams. I didn’t get to try this because I was applying for a Masteral Program, admission to which is based on the TOR. I can’t say whether it’s hard or not, and that will ultimately depend from one person to another. Of course, you need to study before you take any kind of exam so good luck! 
2. Do you know if UPOU accepts down payment on the very first enrollment of a newly admitted student? 
As of now, UPOU only accepts full payment. But they recently launched their Online University Registration System (OURSYS) and you can choose to pay using a credit card.

3. How did you handle your studies well?
To be honest, I just paced myself well and really took time management seriously. I printed out blank calendars and at the beginning of the semester I would mark all my deadlines.I also signed up for online libraries like Questia.com to help me with my papers.
4. Can you give me some tips on how to shift grad programs? 
You’ll need to inform the registrar and re-apply for the new program. This means that you’ll have to fill out another form, pay for application fee and send in the documents before the application deadline. Just like before.
5. Was there ever a time throughout the 2 1/2 years where you had to personally go home for say a requirement?
For my course, everything was online. But for some courses like Master’s degree in Nursing (MAN), you have to do your OJT at Philippine General Hospital. I know that MAN students schedule their vacations around their OJT schedules.
6. Is the curriculum relevant and competitive to give the students an edge in their chosen field?
Yes, the curriculum is designed by the University of The Philippines.
7. Is UPOU a recognized educational institution abroad?
Yes, UPOU is a part of the University of the Philippines system and is recognized abroad.
8. Is the PTC program good to take if you want to teach in preschool?
PTC subjects are Education subjects with choice electives in Science Teaching and English Teaching. If you need to take the LET then taking the PTC is a good idea. But if you need specialization on Pre-school teaching, then you should look for early-childhood education courses.
9. I would really appreciate any recommendation for a reviewer.
You can try published reviewers for College Entrance Exams like MSA.
10. If my family back home in manila is the one sending my application, which fee should we pay?
You’ll have to pay for 100 USD even if the application package will be coming from the Philippines, since you are abroad. When I was based in the Philippines, I paid 500 Pesos. But when I was abroad, I paid 100 USD.
11. How do I start reviewing for the Entrance Exam?
You can try buying reviewers like MSA or you can join review classes in the Philippines. You can also try to check with Philippine Schools in Riyadh if they accommodate other students during their reviews. They usually hold UPCAT reviews 2 months before the UPCAT exam. (The operative word is try, since this is just an idea and I don’t know if schools will actually let you. Still, no harm in trying.)
12. Can you advise which Masters Program I should take?
Only you can decide on that as you would need to consider what you plan to do with your degree. However, when choosing a post-grad course I was advised by my professor to choose something that is vertically aligned to my course since I planned to teach college. 
13. How long did it take for you to find out if you’re accepted?
A: This depends per College but it’s usually around 2-3 months. 
For specific inquiries, please email info@upou.edu.ph.


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  1. Avatar Anonymous Reply

    Hi I'm also interested in pushing through with PTC, and your posts helped me a lot. Just wanted to know, you already finished MDC and is now teaching college students? What specifically do you teach? Thanks in advance for the reply.

  2. @Anonymous: Hello, before I finished MDC, I was already teaching English and Journalism at a Philippine School here in Saudi Arabia. As an MDC graduate, I am qualified to teach Mass Communication subjects and Dev Comm at colleges in the Philippines. However, I haven't actively pursued college teaching as a career yet.

  3. Good day, I just want to inquire regarding my application status, The last time I checked thru the UPOU portal, the status was for EVALUATION, but I just checked today and its already APPROVED. What does it imply? Am I admitted already in UPOU? By the way, I applied for Diploma in International Health. Thank you in advance for a positive feedback regarding my concern.

  4. Avatar imissalbaik Reply

    Hi Sheila! It was such a delight coming across your blog and moreso learning that we somewhat had identical inclinations at some point in our career choices. I used to work in the kingdom as well, in fact I began my MDC program at UPOU when I was still working in Jeddah. And like you, I decided to add the PTC certificate course to my then piling workload. Years passed and a few crossroads after, here I am going back to the program and praying to get licensed soon, just eager to tie up loose ends. May I ask what topic interested you for your paper? Hoping to make it successfully as you did. Shukran and I wish you well on your future adventures! P.S. Miss shopping there as well, nothing beats the sale season in Saudi. And yeah, looking back, it wasn’t that bad living there at all!

    • Sheila Sheila Reply

      Hello Imissalbaik,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog! I’m really glad that you can relate to my OU journey! It just shows how much Pinays value their time and careers! My paper was a case study of The Pink Tarha and its audience here in Saudi Arabia (I wasn’t part of The Pink Tarha back then) I was so lucky because my adviser was kind enough to let me continue the topic for the Special Problem course, even though I was already part of the TPT team. 🙂

      I wish you the best of luck in your OU journey! 🙂

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