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With Ramadan here upon us, shopping becomes challenging. The malls are open during the day but some stores inside the malls are closed. We have to wait for 9:00PM, or the time after the isha prayer to do our shopping. At least during that time, we’re sure that all the stores are open. No second guessing and no time is wasted. Of course, this little sacrifice on our part is nothing compared to the greater sacrifice behind the closing of the shops. Our Muslim brothers and sisters are fasting and sacrificing during this holy month of Ramadan.

What I don’t get though is this new ruling to close the shops at 9:00PM before the end of this year. In the Philippines, malls and stores typically close around 9:00PM too but they don’t close during prayer times. So how many hours are left for us to shop and do our errands? Don’t even start talking about the 6:00AM opening of shops because who wakes up at around 5:00AM to go shopping at 6:00AM and be ready for work at 7:00AM during a week day?! Seriously, does that even makes sense? I laughed at this news and infographic from Arab News. I wonder where they got their positive feedback? All I hear and read are the opposite. Oh well…
When physically going to the stores becomes challenging, online shopping enters and our problems seem to magically go away with a click of the “Buy” button. Retail therapy for The Pink Tarha ladies has been transferred online nowadays. And I’ve tried a few over the past few weeks. Try them too because their products are worth it and their ordering and shipping service are extra good!
Enhance Your Eyes With Candylens
I pretty much wear clear contact lenses these days. But once in a while, I want my eyes to pop and have that special effect brought about by the ever popular Circle Lens! If you’re Asian, you’ve probably heard and seen circle contact lenses. They’re the kind of lens that gives your eyes an effect that makes it look like a doll’s pair of eyes. It makes your eyes bigger and sparkling and everyone who see you will definitely take a double look.
There are no readily available circle lenses here in Riyadh. The choices for colored contact lenses are limited and expensive. Good thing, I chanced upon Candylens, an online shop that sells these circle lenses. Going through their catalog took me quite a while because I couldn’t decide.
Choose the right circle lens for you!
There are so many brands and kinds and effects to choose from! I tend to gravitate towards the lenses that will just slightly alter my eyes’ appearance. Nothing drastic like these crazy Halloween lens! Finally, after three days of going back and forth in the website, I ended up getting the Hana SPC Barbie Circle Brown Lens and the G&G Diamond Black. I also gifted my friend the G&G Diamond Brown. Both my lenses are graded -2.00. All lens come with a free animal case (cute!!!).
My eye companions. With their cute companions.
Shopping in Candylens is super easy and effortless. They offer popular brands like Geo Medical, EOS, and Dolly Wink. They also gathered the lenses in categories so it’s easier to look for lenses that suits your needs. If you have prescription like me, they offer lenses from -1.00 up to -10.00! Each pair costs around $20-$33. Sometimes, they also go on sale. When shopping, just add the lenses to your cart and proceed to checkout. You can pay through your credit card or Paypal. Candylens offers shipping to Saudi Arabia at a very reasonable rate. Only $5.00 for Global Mail (15-20 days) and $23 for FedEx (estimate for one pair).
Natural with a hint of enchantment
When my orders arrived via FedEx (took them 3 days to deliver it), I tried my contact lenses immediately! Despite their dimensions being bigger, they’re super comfy to wear. I also like that my choices enhanced my eyes instead of making them appear weird. My friend who wore her pair of circle lens almost every day received a lot of compliments. Truly, it’s a worthy purchase! Candylens also sells eye care products, false eyelashes, BB creams, and eye makeup. I love the Rohto C3 Cube Cool Moist Charge Eye Drops. It keeps my eyes and lens from getting dry.


Tired Eyes Be Gone
Speaking of the eyes, do you have dark circles under them? Or maybe your eyes just feel tired and stressed all the time? Well, worry no more because a Hollywood secret just came out of the open!
Eyes by ToGoSpa has been getting rave reviews online. These moisture-packed collagen gel pads provide instant cooling relief for eyes that suffer from dark circles, under-eye bags, fine lines, stress, and fatigue. Famous Hollywood celebrities have been using them; their praises for this instant wonder eye product are non-stop. We Riyadhizens can buy and try this eye pads too through Instagram shop, Cornelia KSA.
Cornelia KSA at your service
Cornelia KSA is an online IG shop that sells beauty products like popular nail lacquer brands Essie and Ciate and bestselling blush brand Tarte. They sell mostly American makeup brands. They ship  anywhere to Saudi Arabia via FedEx for SR 35 only.
One of their popular products is Eyes by ToGoSpa and I just have to try it! I got the Ice Water (Refreshing) variant and had it delivered via Fedex. Payment is via wire transfer. I had to get the package from their branch in Oruba. On to the product… Each pack of Ice Water Eyes includes three pairs of undereye patches. One use of one pair promises to soothe, moisturize, and de-puff tired eyes in just 15-20 minutes.
Instant eye pick-upper
When I tried one, I didn’t get to see and feel immediate results. And yup, there was no major changes but I felt that the delicate dermis below my eye improved its texture and appearance a bit. It also felt refreshed and hydrated. I would like to try the other Eyes variants next time. The coconut and green tea Eyes look interesting too.

Cornelia KSA



So while the shops are closed during Ramadan, we still can shop… online and on Instagram! Don’t let the situation limit you remember? Shop on, Riyadhizens! ~ Sundrenched


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