Crafty Saturdays: Gold Leafing

When Hubs and I decided to move into our new home, we wanted to fill it with decor that were either handmade or that represented something important to our lives. So I’ve been creating my own decor from scrap and one of my favorite materials is Gold Leaf.

Gold Leaf Craft 1

What’s my favorite color? Is gold a color? :))

I usually use gold leaf to add texture to acrylic paint or to monogram glass (I love monograms). Plus I love gold paint! So win. Haha. I bought my gold leaf kit at Jarir Bookstore for 49 SAR, it includes the leaf sheets, adhesive and sealant.

Gold Leaf Craft 2

You can get a Gold Leaf Kit at Jarir Bookstore.

Today I’ll show you what I usually do with empty bottles. In this project, I used an empty salsa bottle (with pretty chevron lines at the bottom) and some bright blue acrylic paint.

Step one: Fill the bottle with blue paint using a brush to coat the entire bottle.

Gold Leaf Craft 3Step two: Tape a stencil onto the bottle and brush a thin coat of adhesive to the glass. Wait for the glue to dry for about 30 minutes then apply the gold leaf. Pat it down with dry sponge and then let dry further. When it’s sufficiently dry, etch out the outline of the stencil so that the excess will be easier to pull out later.

Gold Leaf Craft 4

Step three: Carefully peel off the tape and stencil from the glass. Then apply the gold leaf sealant atop the gold leaf to protect it. I used metallic gold acrylic to paint the bottle cover. Dry the first coat before coating a second time.

Gold Leaf Craft 5

And then you’ll have something like this. A pretty jar you can add to your decor or to hold little knick knacks. You can also use spray paint instead of gold leaf if you want something smoother. I just like the irregular texture that gold leaf adds. 🙂

Gold Leaf Craft 6

Hope you like this project! Till next week, Lovelies!

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