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While out one night on a riyalin hopping adventure with my friends in Oruba Street, we stumbled on Nutrition Corner, an organic store sandwiched between two huge riyalin (2-riyal) stores in that area. I’m not exactly an organic food person but I know that there are some Riyadhizens who are looking for these so when I saw it, I went inside despite the near empty shelves of the store and took photos of the products that are available. So if you’re looking for particular items or brands, check this photo list and hoard! Haha!

Nutrition Corner 3

Different kinds of oils. Where’s VCO?!

Looking for a particular oil? I was not surprised to find Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil but Black Seed Oil, and… Cactus Oil? Wow, what is that for? Notice that the cactus oil said “for hair” while the blackseed oil is “for here”. I wonder what’s “for there”? Haha! I googled cactus oil and now I know that it is said to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, heal broken hair and split ends and promote shiny hair. I have to suggest this to my brothers who are worried about their hair loss problem. They said they’re losing hair at a faster rate now and blamed it on the harsh water of Saudi Arabia but I said they’re probably just aging. Hahaha!

Tired of the usual white sugar and brown sugar? Try organic sweeteners such as 100% pure and natural honey and natural date syrup. I’m curious with the latter but not enough for me to buy it. I have no idea what to use it for right now.

Nutrition Corner 5

100% pure and natural honey, SR 70 per jar

Nutrition Corner 2

As sweet as your date, SR 10 per bottle

If you’re ever in need of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, you can find Bragg, one of the most popular brands here. This is one product worth your SR 20. It has a lot of nutritional value and health benefits. It can lower glucose levels and is considered as a weight loss aid. It had me at weight loss. Haha! Apart from eating and drinking the vinegar, you can also use it as a cleaning spray absorbing odors and has antibacterial properties. I cannot believe I wrote “eating, drinking, and cleaning” to describe one product in one sentence. Anyway, this vinegar can also help in your hair and skin care. It can also serve as a deodorant! C’mon, best product to spend your SR 20 on right?!

Nutrition Corner 8

The multi-purpose liquid, SR 20 per bottle

Soymilk or soya milk, a plant milk produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them in water, can also be found in Nutrition Corner. And also a drink made of rice, presuming that’s what Rice&Rice Drink means. There’s also almond milk.

Nutrition Corner 4

Milk, milk, and milk

Numi Tea

Numi Tea, SR 35 per box

Various organic tea brands are also available starting with this Numi Organic Tea considered as the “Starbucks” of the tea-dom. Yah, I made that up. Nevertheless, this is organic and if you’re into organic stuff then might as well. What caught my attention though is this:

Nutrition Corner 6

Your baby’s tea! SR 15 per box

I’m not sure this works because I don’t think babies will like the taste of tea. When I was a baby, I’m sure it has always been milk that I wanted but they didn’t let me taste tea back then so who knows? Haha! But if you want your babies to start early, then this 100% biological tea might be the right fit.

The “miracle juices” are also here: Noni and Aloe Vera. They got pretty popular way back because they’re said to cure a lot of ailments when you drink them continuously.


Juices for your health

I remember a time that wheatgrass is all the rave in the Philippines. They prepare shots or put it in drinks. You can grow your own on little pots or you can just avail of this powder concentrate instead.

Nutrition Corner 24

Wheatgrass, SR 100 per jar

I also found some Japanese food stuff here like the Organic Japanese Brown Rice Miso and Japanese salt plums Umeboshi from Clearspring.

Your fave starter soup in Jap restos!

Your fave starter soup in Jap restos!

Nutrition Corner 9

No idea what is this for, haha. SR 75 per jar

Here are more stuff that you can find in the store:

Nutrition Corner 10

Dried fruits, etc.

Nutrition Corner 11

Grains and wheat, SR 16 per pack

Nutrition Corner 12

Nutritious oat bran, SR 16 per pack

There are some seeds considered as the healthiest things in the planet. Look at Chia seeds, or Salvia hispanica, for example. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which we always hear from commercial of “healthy” food on tv. For more of chia’s healthy benefits, you can check ’em HERE. The most important of them being Fiber.

Nutrition Corner 14

Chia seeds, SR 70 per pack

Nutrition Corner 16

Barley flakes, SR 16 per bag

Nutrition Corner 20

Oats for breakfast

There are also different kinds of pasta which are organic and all-wheat:

Nutrition Corner 13

Organic pasta

There’s wheat flour too.

Nutrition Corner 15

SR 17 per bag

If you’re too lazy to start from scratch, then try these ones:

Nutrition Corner 18

Gluten-free pancake and bread mixes, SR 20 up

Nutrition Corner 19

Pre-mixes, SR 13 up

But if you do not have any liking to the process that is baking, then buy it as breads already!

Nutrition Corner 22

There’s bread other than white?!? Haha!

I’ve been talking to a friend about gluten-free food and I cannot wrap around my brain on the fact that people can be allergic to gluten, a substance found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. Being a rice person (most Filipinos are btw), it’s hard to eliminate grains in my daily consumption so I salute those who can. The gluten-free diet is mainly used to treat celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine.

There’s also… uhmn what’s this?

Nutrition Corner 17

Rice cake and chocolates?

Nutrition Corner 25

More stuff only an organicaholic can understand

Nutrition Corner 23

I wonder if organic wax strips lessen the pain of waxing hehe!

Eating organic is a bit more expensive than the usual fare. However, there is nothing wrong with going all-organic or maybe mixing and matching stuff depending on your diet. I don’t have much experience in eating organic food that’s why you better check this article out for more information on organic foods and how they compare to food that are grown traditionally: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-living/nutrition-and-healthy-eating/in-depth/organic-food/art-20043880.

Nutrition Corner 

Oruba Street,

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

T: +966-11-4644342 / +966-11-4644743



From the Olaya Street with the Kingdom Centre in your left, turn right on Oruba and drive ahead. You’ll see the Hazazi Riyalin store on your right (sign is very pink). After a few stores, you’ll see Nutrition Corner.

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