Smashin’ at Smash Burger

I love burgers. Especially juicy, meaty, beef burgers. So once in a while, Hubby and I like will try different burger joints around the city. While getting our car’s oil changed, we decided to try Smash Burgers right next to Faisaliah Center. It seemed like a popular place among young locals.

Smash Burger 1

As the name implies, Smash burgers are smashed, seasoned and seared to give that distinctly smoky aroma and flavor. This seemed odd to me because I know from experience that when you smash patties the juice tend to leave the meat and you end up with dry burgers. Not so with these smashed burgers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my burger was juicy inside with a crunchy crust on the side.

Smash Burger 5

We ordered the Classic with cheese burger and the Mushroom Swiss burger with a side order of chili fries. The burgers came unwrapped and laid out on a wire basket. I liked this because I prefer to leave the pickles out of my burger. I really liked the way my patty was seared. Hubby thinks the Mushroom Swiss was tasty – this coming from someone who only orders mushroom burgers at every burger joint we visit! Overall mouth-watering, must be because of their never frozen 100% Angus Beef? 😀

Smash Burger 2

Original Smash Burger

Smash Burger 3

Mushroom Swiss

We also liked the fact that they offered unlimited drinks! Their soda dispenser was easily accessible so you can refill as much as you like. The chili fries was a bit of a letdown though. It wasn’t really as chili as I expected it to be as it tasted more like pimiento. Ah well, you can’t have everything. The restaurant itself was clean, though it was already showing some wear. The staff were friendly and helpful. They also have a kid’s play area too.

Smash Burger


Smash Burger Map


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