Beauty Bets: Age Defying Face Wash by Olay

Let me cut to the chase, I am in lovvvve with this product. Fully recommended. Full stop. Article finished.

I’m kidding. ūüėČ

But no, I actually do love this product from the Olay Total Effects line. Let me tell you why:¬†for the longest time, I was a Neutrogena facial wash user just because my skin¬†has been used to it since high school. It was, shall we say, a force of habit. But lo and behold, I am reaching my 30’s soon and I seem to be scrambling for every anti-aging skin regimen out there (ladies, I hope you have my back on this! Haha!). Anyway, on my long trips along the toiletries’ aisles of groceries, I eyed on the Olay selection and prior to this, I thought anti-aging was only for the cream-types and it turns out, they’ve employed it on facial wash too! That, or this is a mere marketing ploy designed to give a woman like me¬†another reason why I should buy their facial wash.


While I know that I won’t be able to find out the effectivity of its anti-aging properties any time soon, (it’s about throwing the dice when it comes to these things anyway) what I really, really love about this product is its texture and aroma. I have been so used to gel-like consistencies of my past facial wash that the soft, almost-lotion like feel of the facial wash on my face was very soothing. It really felt like I was applying (washable) lotion on my face, and it smelled like it as well. I can’t help but feel that fresh after-bath feeling after you’ve applied lotion all over your body and you know you’re moisturized to a tee. I felt all that —¬†on my face.

Another aspect of it that I like was that the exfoliating beads in it weren’t that abrasive compared to other facial scrubs that I have tried before. The microbeads were evident and cleansing in a very subtle way and scrubbing my fingers through my cheeks didn’t make me feel like I was running a rock through my face. I feel very satisfied after using this product that I end up wanting to get my face dirty right away just so I can wash it with this again! Hope you’ll love washing your face with this too. ūüôā

Product Name: Olay Total Effects Age Defying Face Wash, 150 mL

Brand: Olay

Price: 36SR

Where To Buy: Danube, Hyperpanda Azizia, Euromarche and Lulu Supermarkets

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