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A visit to an amusement park is always a memorable time in any kid’s life. Every kid would not miss the chance to spend a day amidst endless rides and games to meet their heart’s desires. Of course, kids can’t just go there on their own so the whole endeavor becomes a family affair – an opportunity as well for parents to bond with their children and watch them having fun.

Thanks to Toy Town, families in Saudi Arabia have been granted a place to spend leisure time with their children for over 25 years now. They are considered as the pioneer in the Indoor Family Entertainment Center industry and have been in the forefront of developing family entertainment centers in the Middle East.

A couple of days ago, Janelle and I brought our kids (I’m kidding! Not yet wives. Not yet moms) errr…someone else’s kids with us for an all-day experience at Toy Town in Sahara Mall. The first branch of Toy Town in Riyadh was actually in Al Faisaliah Mall, however, it’s currently undergoing renovations. The Toy Town in Sahara Mall has recently been renovated as well and they just re-opened less than four weeks ago thus, we were treated to a refreshed look of this exciting and fun indoor amusement park.



We arrived there at past 12 noon, just in time as Dhuhr prayers were done. Janna, Jezzli Mae and Jay-C (the three Js) were giddy as we arrived, immediately running around to explore. The place wasn’t packed yet so we had a chance to take a good look at all the rides. The new layout of the place looks better than before, allowing good traffic flow for the guests who are in and out of the rides. The entire area is split in two with each half consisting of various rides, arcades, food stalls and other Toy Town amenities.


Thanks Mommy Jennie for lending us your kiddos for the day! 🙂

Once operations resumed after prayer, we got our golden tickets filled with credits and started to enjoy the day ahead. They had an ongoing promo for their credits where you “Pay Less and Get More Fun.” Here are the special rates for their ticket credits:


Now onto our afternoon of adventure! Let me break it down to you in different parts.

Main Attractions

The Crazy Surf!

The Crazy Surf!

The Crazy Surf proved to be a favorite amongst the kids giving them an exciting and shriek-worthy experience. It is definitely worth your buck and great for a good ol’ thrill. The three Js really enjoyed this and said they thought this was the best ride of all the rides they had that day.


The Fume Ride

This log ride over water (aka The Fume Ride) will take you up for a sweet splash down by the end. It’s one of the exhilarating rides for the kids who didn’t mind getting a little wet after. It’s an adventurous choice. For Filipinos, this will remind you of the Log Jam, only a less heart(or stomach-)-dropping version.


Classic fun of bumpin’ cars!

This was actually the first ride that the kids wanted to ride and it’s always the most interactive ride in any theme park. Of course, it’s not called “Bumper Cars” for nothing. Expect the shake and bolt from bumping one car with another in good spirits. I also realized that it is also the one place that (young) women would be able to drive a “car” in public. 😛

RDC Bumper Cars!

Check out this unique ride!

Now, right beside the Bumper Cars’ area was this unique looking version of what seems to be derived from the bumper car concept as well, but on what seems to be a floating device. I tried it myself and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to direct it but it ended up being really fun. They are called Bumper Boats by the way and it became my “something new” for the day.


Ahoy the Rockin’ Tug!

This giant boat called the Rockin’ Tug will have you riding the big waves of the ocean without having to be in the middle of an actual body of water. It simulates the feeling of being on the wavy seas having you rock back and forth til a tingle in your tummy comes. Great for a group ride! Janelle and the three J’s rode this one. Just be wary if you get easily dizzy.

The Ocean Swing

The Ocean Swing

Speaking of the ocean, here is a more serene alternative to the Rockin’ Tug. The Ocean Swing is somewhat a relaxing ride that will let you admire the view of the rest of the amusement park. This ride is also for those who likes to be less stressed from screaming from the more thrilling rides.


6D? Wow, this we ought to see.

One of the main attractions that we were intrigued to try out was this “6D Cinema“. It was a quaint room that could seat at least 15 people and we were not sure what to expect beyond the usual 3D experience that we have had in other amusement parks in other countries. Before entering, the operator let us choose which movie we wanted to experience and we tried three kinds: one that was for really young kids which was fairly fun (it was about being a ball), followed by a skiing adventure that’s probably good for kids aged 4 to 6 and then for the last and final show, we tried out the Panic House movie which was a horror show and the best value for your money in terms of maximizing the features of this so-called 6D Cinema. We were a bit underwhelmed with the hype of the 6D and considered it a 3D experience still. Nevertheless, I had a blast screaming my head off during the terrifying scenes! What a way to shock my senses.

We enjoyed it, nonetheless!

We enjoyed it, nonetheless!

Here are the other main attractions that we weren’t able to ride just because we arrived early in the day and the rest of the ride operators don’t arrive until after 2PM:


The Happy Lobster


The Spin Space

The Boomerang

The Boomerang

Last but not least for the major rides is this humongous rollercoaster on the other side of the theme park. It takes up about 50% of that area and is yet to be functional at the moment. We did learn from the staff that it is imported from Italy and that it will be operational in a month or so. It looks like it’s sure to be a crowd favorite in no time!

Soon to excite!

Soon to excite!


Look at that steep rise.

The Arcades

Some kids like to stay with their video games and I made it a point to try most, if not all of the arcade games in Toy Town. Here are the more action packed arcade games you could choose from:


Shoot the aliens to save mankind.

Hunt down some ghosts.

Hunt down your enemies.


Maneuver your way into victory!

The Infinity Blade FX game was the most modern of them all, utilizing a smart screen and special sensors to let the gamer interact and participate in the game. In the photo above, Janna is seen doing martial like moves to defeat her opponent. It helps that Janna is also a Taekwondo Champion. 🙂

Now for those who like the classic race games, here are the other options under the Arcade category:


San Francisco Rush 2049


From all the race games in the arcade, I felt like this was the most complete package of them all. The steering wheel responded well to my intentions, it included sound effects to the side of my seat making the game more realistic and the graphics weren’t half bad. Definitely enjoyed this one and would love to play it again and again.


Sonic Sega All Stars Racing


Of course I chose the pink car and the pink character. 🙂

Janna and I tried the Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Arcade and she enjoyed it more than I did. I had a little struggle with the steering wheel and could get past one lap. Haha. But Janna did! This one though, did not come in with as an impactful sound system as did the SF Rush 2049.


H2O Overdrive



When it comes to graphics, this game called H2O Overdrive was definitely the best and latest of them all. It was in crisp HD and the controls were very manageable. It’s a race of super speedboat machines and could be just as exciting as a car race.

The next ones aren’t races or shooting games, but are still considered as arcades:



This game had a prominent presence in the play area and is one of the machines that can get the kids more chances at garnering tickets. The concept is basically having two opponents competing to be the first to get four colors in a row.


One of my favorite, classic arcade games.


The Retro Roll Tracker

The Harpoon Lagoon

The Harpoon Lagoon

The Harpoon Lagoon was one of our favorites during our visits because we managed to hit the jackpot twice! And each time we did, we won a hundred tickets! Yaaaaasssss. This got us screaming like crazy in the theme park like we just won a million bucks. It’s a multiplayer arcade that makes you have to capture sea creatures and aim for the treasure chest as the jackpot.





Meanwhile, if you are looking to frustrate yourself silly, I suggest the Submarine Arcade — where you have to position a mini-robotic device to pick up stuffed toys from. I had several failed attempts and in the mere moments that I thought I was about to succeed, the stuffed toys always ended up falling halfway its way up. Great for a build-up, suspense and drama amongst your companions should you fail to claim a prize. The kids groaned in agony at my foiled attempts. Haha!



This requires accuracy and patience. 🙂

Other Interactive Games

Roller Ball Time!

Roller Ball Time!

You can also try out the Roller Ball, which was a mini-bowling alley and lets you in on a longer interactive game with other kids (or your parents). We liked this one a lot because our 12 SR per game went a long way to playing 5 sets. 🙂

Who deosn't love a classic game of air hockey?

Who deosn’t love a classic game of air hockey?

Shoot some hoops!

Shoot some hoops!

Rides for the Little Ones

Of course, not all kids of all ages can ride and participate in all the activities but there are more than enough toddler-friendly rides for them to choose from. They are simple, safe and less risky than the rest. They are also good for capturing picture-perfect moments.

Wouldn't this be a cute photo if your baby were in it? :)

Wouldn’t this be a cute photo if your baby were in it? 🙂

For a more macho feel, try this little motorbike.

For a more macho feel, try this little motorbike.

The Train Ride

The Train Ride

Parents can join their kids on this train ride and opt for some good photos. Here’s Jezzli and Jay-C waving happily at the camera. 🙂

Classic Carousel.

Classic Carousel.

Every kid has to experience riding a carousel before they get old.


A multi-storey playground for kids aged 4 and above.

Just the place for kids to get rowdy and have some good ol’ fun!

What's a Saudi entertainment center without a camel?

What’s a Saudi entertainment center without a camel?

Surely you won’t let your kids climb on this on their own unless they could already, but this is one photo-worthy moment when visiting Toy Town.

After six hours of thrills, rides and back to back exhilaration, we were all exhausted! But definitely in a good way. It was great to see how the kids had enjoyed themselves and can’t stop saying how much fun they had. Since it’s summer time for most of the schools in Riyadh right now, I think spending it at Toy Town will do your kids’ summer some good and well-deserved fun.

Toy Town

2/F Sahara Mall

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Opening hours:

Saturday to Thursdays 10AM-12 NN, 2PM-10PM

Fridays: 4PM-12MN

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ToytownKSA

Twitter: @toytownksa

Instagram: @toytownksa

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