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I just got back from a 20-day vacation in the Philippines and I must say it’s been one of the calmest holiday ever. I just lounged around our house and did nothing. By nothing I mean just reading and watching tv… you know, activities that grounds you to the couch all day long! Haha! I checked online once in a while to see how you folks are doing. I did a few errands too in the mall (where else? haha) but that’s it. No long road trips and no strenuous activities. However, my hands remained dry all throughout because I left my fave hand cream in Riyadh (and I didn’t even want to shell out my few precious pesos to buy a new one haha, what a cheapskate!).

Soft, light hand cream for every day use

Soft, light hand cream for every day use

I only started using Aveeno Active Naturals Hand Cream two weeks before I left for vacation but I can say that it really is one of the best I have tried. This hand cream has a subtle smell of oatmeal and glides on the hands effortlessly. It’s non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly. It feels light and thin but it moisturizes long enough to last through the day (more of like half day for me). It does live up to its claim that it lasts through hand washing! My hand feels soft and smooth when I use it. The price is a bit expensive at SR 60 but a tube containing 75ml lasts for months.

Aveeno Active Naturals skincare products have just arrived in Riyadh last June and they’re available in most popular pharmacies like Whites. Have a great Thursday, Riyadhizens!

Product Name: Hand Cream

Brand: Aveeno Active Naturals

Price: 60 SR

Where To Buy: Al Nahdi Pharmacy, Al Dawaa Pharmacy, Bayt Al Seha Pharmacy, Al Wasfa Pharmacy and Whites Pharmacy

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