Beauty Bets: Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

I probably have found the best brush set for my eyelids! They’re affordable, easy to use, works really good, and so convenient to bring! This is the Eye Enhancing Duo Set from Ecotools, a brand known for their passion for beauty and the environment. They’re famous for their soft brushes. For the longest time I have been using just one brush to put and blend eyeshadows! Imagine that haha! Let’s just say I got tired of my one eye brush arsenal. I made a good last minute decision to include an order of this double-sided brush set on my recent order at Irene’s Closet.

You'll be blending your shadows perfectly in no time!

You’ll be blending your shadows perfectly in no time!

I love this set because these are actually four brushes condensed into two bamboo handles! It eats up so little space in my brush container and it’s convenient to bring when I feel like an event calls for some major eye makeup or a change in eye makeup look is necessary. So easy to use because of its obvious brush names and labels. Haha! One brush is called Shade & Define Brush. Basically it’s used for applying the shadow all over the lid and then adding depth. The Blend & Smudge Brush does what it says effectively. It eliminates harsh lines and softens the eyeshadows making everything just blend smoothly together. The brushes pick up the right amount of makeup and they’re so comfy to use. The bristles are oh so soft.

If you’re looking for eyeshadow brushes but don’t like a lot of ’em sticks in your bag or in your dresser, then these 4 in 2 brushes will work really well for you. I love it and so far, I’ve been ignoring all the little eyeshadow brushes that my makeup sets come with in lieu of these brush heads. Did I mention that they come in cruelty-free bristles, recycled aluminum ferrules and sleek bamboo handles? Yes, pro-beauty and pro-earth in one. Haha! Miss Earth here I come!

Product Name: Eye Enhancing Duo Set

Brand: Ecotools

Price: 48 SR

Where To Buy: Irene’s Closet Riyadh KSA, Whites Pharmacy (they carry the Ecotools brand now)

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