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Oh the things we’d do for a great lippie! I find it enjoyable to experiment with different brands from time to time that may prove to be a revelation to us lipstick lovers out there. 🙂 Revlon is one of the mainstream makeup brands that you can easily find in a drugstore or gift shop but for this particular lipstick, I got it online with J; thanks to a a gift voucher that needed some spending courtesy of

After much scrolling, I ended up choosing this peach tint “It Girl 061” over the rest as its been my go-to shade for quite some time now. I haven’t seen this line at the regular makeup places so I decided to give it a try. Granted that I got this online, it took a week or so until I received it (along with the other products we’ve ordered).


For a product name that capitalizes on the word “color stay”, I have my doubts on that after trying this product. Unlike the other Revlon lippies I’ve tried, it doesn’t seem to live up to the branding of it because longevity-wise, it didn’t stay as long as I’d want it to. It glides smoothly but the glittery ingredient is too pronounced for my liking and it stays behind my lips even after most of the tint has faded. Just so I won’t waste the product, I decided to mix it with my other lipsticks as an added sheer. Other than that, I don’t think I’ll be buying this line from Revlon again. Darn.

Product Name: ColorStay UltimateSuede

Brand: Revlon

Price: 62SR

Where To Buy:

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