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One of the signs that you’re a true shopaholic is even if you’re flying a thousand miles away from earth, you’re still shopping! Haha! That’s me during flights. Haha! One of my past times is to read the airlines in-flight magazines and the sky sales magazines. I can’t help it. I just like reading and looking at pretty things. The thing is, I also can’t help myself if I see something I like and part away with my hard earned cash to buy them. I’m sure it’s usually the dilemma of shopaholic ladies like me. Haha! Anyway, I grabbed the chance to get the Kate Moss lipsticks by Rimmel during my flight from Dubai to Riyadh last May. I got a cube with six lipsticks for SR 155. I think it’s a steal because one Rimmel lipstick is around SR 40 at pharmacies and hypermarkets in the Kingdom.

6 lipsticks for the price of 3. yey for Sky Sales!

6 lipsticks for the price of 3. Yey for Sky Sales!

Kate Moss’ first lipstick collection features high intensity color infused with black diamonds (wow right? lol) that promises to last up to eight hours and reflects light. I’m not a Kate Moss fan but I just like lipsticks. Haha! Not sure if Kate Moss worked in coming up with this lipsticks or the lipsticks are just inspired by her edginess and flair. Off the bat I liked all the colors included in the box. They’re colors that can be used every day or for special occasions, from day to night! There are just so many looks that can be done!  The colors gradually go from subtle to bold with a red tint that’s perfect for formal events (obviously this is the shade I use least because I’m not into formal events). My favorite is 08 which is a mauve that I can use for work every day. The lipstick glides effortlessly and it stays lustrous (naks, because of the black diamonds haha; it’s not shimmering) and smooth. However it doesn’t last a long time, especially not for 8 hours that it promised. I like the black packaging with Kate Moss signature on it. It would have been better if the signature is the same color as the shade of the lipstick inside so I don’t have to look at the bottom to determine which shade is which. Demanding, haha.

You can buy the Kate Moss lipstick separately but I suggest you buy them in the box when you’re in flight or in Duty Free shops because they’re more affordable.

Product Name: Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss

Brand: Rimmel

Price: 155 SR (a box of 6)

Where To Buy: Sky Sales (for the box) and Whites Pharmacy and beauty counters of department stores and hypermarkets (for individual lipstick)

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