Friday Finds: Of Handy Helpers

On my recent visit to SACO last week, not only was I able to churn out a feature out of it, but I was also able to spot some unique items that could be of interest, which I have separated for this week’s Friday Finds. Now as you have seen, it’s a hugggge store filled with thousands of products and I found a few surprising ideas that were quite ingenious. Check these out:


Sophisti-Clean. 12SR

I usually dust off my furniture with a rag at hand but it does irritate me when the dust that I am cleaning starts to stick to my fingers. So the only option would be to wear cleaning gloves first and then grab the rag and wipe away…now this product has combined that concept and voila! No need to worry about getting your hands dirty. Just slip it in your hand and sing away to a tune while dusting off your shelves.


The Scarfholder. 29.50 SR

So you have a tower hook for all your abayas and tarhas. But when it’s time to go out of the house, isn’t it a drag to lift everything up just to search for your tarha? Consider this very creative “hanger” that employs holes huge enough for you to store your numerous scarves. Such a smart idea!

Not a cup, but a measuring 'glass'. 11 SR.

Not a cup, but a measuring ‘glass’. 11 SR.

I’ve never seen a measuring glass before! At first it looked like a shot glass to me, but when I looked closer, I thought it was really cute (and fun-sizzed)!.

Foldable funnel. 27SR.

Foldable funnel. 27SR.

Funnels can take up a lot of space in your cabinet and in case you want to bring it out with you for some reason, then this funnel will help you then. It’s made of rubber and can be adjust to expand and otherwise for storage. Pretty neat!



Last but not least, I saw this super affordable version of one of my wishlist items, the Clairsonic. However, this Rotating Cleansing Brush from Grein goes for only 65 SR. It has interchangeable tops for whatever facial treatment you need and the brush’s texture wasn’t that bad. It’s worth a shot, I think.

And there you have it! I hope you found some of these intriguing enough to give it a try and maybe, you’ll find it useful in your own homes as well. Cheers!

Friday Finds

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